Building Structure Adhesive

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                                                               Building Structure Adhesive


1.excellent strengthening rate
2.acidproof alkali,cold resistant
3.good heat-resistance ,no creep in room temperature

Product characteristics

  1. Excellent strengthening rate and high construction efficiency.

  2. Acidproof alkali, low temperature resistant and aging resistant.

  3. Good heat-resistance and no creep in room temperature.

  4. Great welding-resistance and fire-resistance.

  5. Favorable shock-resistance.

Range of application

  1. reinforcement of building structure

  2. bar-implanting of building frame

  3. reinforcement of bridge extension

  4. repairing of concrete road

  5. fastening of tunnel lines

  6. bar-implanting of shear wall

Gelation time

Temperature of base material(°C)

Gelation time(min)

Installation time(min)

Solidification time(h)

















Technical parameters

Rebar diameter(mm)

Drilling diameter(mm)

Drilling depth(mm)

Holes of one kg adhesive

Designed tensile force(KN)

Average tensile force(KN)





































Note: the base material is C30 and the rebar material is standard threaded rebar.

Performance index


Compressive strength

Shearing strength

Adhesive strength

Vibration fatigue

Storage period(<25°C)

Adaptive temperature




to concrete>7MPa

8 million times

6 months


to threaded rebar>16MPa

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The key to negotiate with the supervision unit

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