Building Structure Adhesive

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                                                               Building Structure Adhesive


1.excellent strengthening rate
2.acidproof alkali,cold resistant
3.good heat-resistance ,no creep in room temperature

Product characteristics

  1. Excellent strengthening rate and high construction efficiency.

  2. Acidproof alkali, low temperature resistant and aging resistant.

  3. Good heat-resistance and no creep in room temperature.

  4. Great welding-resistance and fire-resistance.

  5. Favorable shock-resistance.

Range of application

  1. reinforcement of building structure

  2. bar-implanting of building frame

  3. reinforcement of bridge extension

  4. repairing of concrete road

  5. fastening of tunnel lines

  6. bar-implanting of shear wall

Gelation time

Temperature of base material(°C)

Gelation time(min)

Installation time(min)

Solidification time(h)

















Technical parameters

Rebar diameter(mm)

Drilling diameter(mm)

Drilling depth(mm)

Holes of one kg adhesive

Designed tensile force(KN)

Average tensile force(KN)





































Note: the base material is C30 and the rebar material is standard threaded rebar.

Performance index


Compressive strength

Shearing strength

Adhesive strength

Vibration fatigue

Storage period(<25°C)

Adaptive temperature




to concrete>7MPa

8 million times

6 months


to threaded rebar>16MPa

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Q:Sticky benzene board with mortar for each square about how many kilograms ah?
sticky benzene board with mortar per square meter with about 0
Q:What are the specific specifications of the external wall insulation material re-examination?
External wall insulation re-test work to meet the "GB-2007 building energy efficiency construction quality acceptance norms" requirements. Test items and their re-test items . glass wool insulation board: thermal conductivity, density, compressive strength or compressive strength. . polymer bonded mortar: bond strength. . alkali-resistant mesh cloth: mechanical properties, corrosion resistance. . the scene energy-saving drill heart test: at least three groups of sampling. . the scene pull test: at least three groups of samples.
Q:Is there any special material for tiles? Or only cement mortar?
Tile adhesives are widely used as essential materials for home furnishings. They are made of polymer-based cement-based adhesives, and special formulations can be used in almost all types of tiles. So that the kitchen, bathroom decoration has the following advantages: good water retention, easy to produce hollowing; high bond strength, do not fall off; reduce the load bearing, from the traditional paving per square meter of cement to 11 ~ 18KG Reduce the thickness of the ceramic tile to 4 ~ 5KG, thereby reducing the building settlement and cracking; tile adhesive coating thickness is much smaller than the traditional cement, saving valuable space position; on-site construction environment clean; Mixed materials; Tile adhesive construction is very convenient; no need to immerse brick wet wall; use of porcelain twitch to usurp the deductive gambling gambling Sibi single brick binding adhesive construction bond strength than cement more than 2 times, cement mortar bonding Strength in the 0.2MPA or so, the strength of ceramic adhesive for more than 0.5MPA, especially for the external walls of ceramic tiles and polished tiles.
Q:Insulation putty can be used alone as an external wall insulation material? Whether the external wall insulation putty can replace the external wall mortar
First of all, you can not replace the insulation material insulation, and many products in the development process slowly with the time will reflect their own shortcomings, insulation board has now been recognized by the state, and Insulation putty is not able to achieve the quality of the real ability to quantify. Insulation board normal life can reach 20 years, up to 30 years, the life of insulation putty is also 20 years, high water resistance can reach 30 years. Insulation putty can not be too thick construction, too thick easy to crack off, large area with the visual plane effect is poor. And the insulation board in the thickness of the greater arbitrariness, the insulation board in the construction of Ji Ji reclamation killing the old ghost tame handmade foam can make a large area of ​​the wall is more smooth, of course, relatively heat putty, the construction cost is higher. But the two are complementary in the building, a small area more difficult to build the edge of the construction site, available insulation putty, large selection of insulation board, of course, for some of the insulation requirements are not high can also use insulation putty. The insulation requirements of a little more choice of insulation board. Insulation putty can replace the mortar, the premise is not to do other work above the putty. I hope my answer will help you!
Q:1: 8 cement ceramic particles to find how to set the amount of slope set
1: 8 cement ceramic particles to find slope layer, according to the amount of 1: 8 cement vermiculite with the amount of vermiculite in the calculation (that is, each cubic 1: 8 cement ceramsite, cement 0.175t, ceramic 1.02 cubic). 1: 8 cement ceramsite to find slope layer cover roof insulation layer quota, and then adjust the material spread, or the preparation of supplementary quotas.
Q:Need to do moisture treatment of the basement brick wall, masonry should choose what materials
Need to do moisture treatment of the basement brick wall, masonry should use cement mortar. In the ground below the wall masonry mortar must use cement mortar, because the cement mortar is a hydraulic material, you can masonry the location of moisture. And mixed mortar can not be used in the ground below, because it belongs to the gas hard material, with moisture, it will lose strength. Specific reference to the "masonry structure design specifications" only ± 0.000 below the provisions should be used cement mortar masonry. In addition, the strength of the sintered brick masonry has a note that the strength of the cement mortar masonry should be reduced. Masonry mortar using the type and strength level is specified in the design drawings.
Q:Are those materials in the construction project required to be tested?
Concrete, cement, sand, stone, backfill, construction mix ratio: concrete, mortar; concrete test block, mortar test block, the main rebound; decoration stage: raw material testing; cement, sand, Such as pipe, pipe, pipe, wire, switch socket, distribution box, etc .; In addition, there are: external wall insulation drawing Experiment, external wall drawing test, external wall insulation test core, indoor air testing, insulation resistance test, lightning protection test.
Q:What is good for roof waterproofing? Coil or waterproof paint ah?
At present, the use of waterproof or better use of the coil, the use of the length of the membrane is generally longer than the paint time of 2-5 years to cut the light orange speculation cut from the corpses, of course, the price of paint must be cheaper. The specific brand of words to distinguish your local material.
Q:The external walls of the mortar in the insulation mortar need to do what anti-test materials? Can you provide detailed check-in format, please send to my mailbox
. tensile bond strength (with cement mortar) children powder Jujiao mad fried fur . tensile bond strength (with insulation material) . invasive water tensile bond strength (with cement mortar) . (With insulation material) . press the ratio of . after freezing and thawing tensile bond strength . the operating time
Q:Promise insulation mortar and hollow glass beads non-polar insulation mortar What is the difference
Products from the selection of special size of the ore, in the electric furnace heating method of expansion, through the temperature and raw material blanking time of the precise control of the product surface melting, stomatal closed, irregular spherical particles, the internal porous cavity structure, The product can be used as a new building materials industry, lightweight aggregate;

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