BSMJ series self-healing LV Shunt capacitors

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It is used in an AC power system with rated voltage less than 1.2kV to increase power factor to reduce reative loss and to improve voltage quality.

Main Features

a. Novel in structure,light in weight
It is produced with Zinc-and-aluminum metallized polypropylene film as the medium so the dimension and the weight is respectively only the 1/4 and 1/5 of the old.
b. Low loss
Because the actual value is less then 0.12%,energy loss of the capacitor itself is few,the raised temperature is low,operation life is long and it has outstanding saving energy result.
c. Good self-healing performance
Medium partial impulse caused by the over voltage can healed by itself to operate as before.
d. Safety
It is very reliable because the discharge and insurance devies are installed in it.
e. No omitted oil
Its main immersed agent is the micro-crystal wax,which is solid at normal temperature,its drop-pot and dissoluble-pot are both above 70℃ and it won'omit operating,so it won't pollute the surroundings.

Main Technical Parameter

a、Usage environment:surrounding temperaturt is -25℃~+50℃the humidity is less than 85% the altitude is below 2000m.
b、Rated voltage:0.23~1.2kV,AC.
c、Rated capacity:1~60kvar.
d、Capacity deviation:0~+10%.
e、Tangent of the dielectric loss angle:In the power frequency rated voltage,20℃is less than 0.2%.
f、Withstand voltage between the poles:the rated voltage is 5s if the voltage between the poles is 2.15.
g、Maximum permitted over-voltage:it is 1.10 as the rated voltage.
h、Permitted over-current:it is 1.30 as the rated current.
i、Automatically discharge:It is less than 50V in 3min after power broke down when the Dc is ?Un as the before increased by the capacitors.
j、It conforms to the standards GB12747-1991 and IEC60831-1996.

Table of The Main Specification And the Overall Dimension

The overall dimension of the single-phase products and the products installed impedance coil is equal to the three-phase ones.Order by the contract if the other specification is needed.

Note: the above overall size is for your reference only, we accept special orders of other specifications, and the sizes are subject to change in improved design.

The installation and size of shape

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Q:I have a 97 ford explorer. Niether the AC or fan are working at all. Will coolant work?
Fan motor could be effected by a fruse/relay. If you have this working but still no cold air then you need to recharge your system.
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It is a fuse stop looking and start testing. Everything in the car except the alternator will survive hooking up the battery wrong.
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the speaker wires may be corroded,too long,or shorted when pos neg are inserted into speaker wire clips,the net needs to allow a refined search so one can find the device itself,maybe the patent prohibits repair people from showing pics schematics,can you post/upload a pic of the thing? one of front,rear,speakers,and aux components?
Q:what is the fuse in the back of a head unit for?
A fuse's purpose is to protect the electrical source of the head unit. If too much current goes through a fuse, it blows but saves other electrical components from damage.
Q:Wiring, electrical component testing trying to find a parasitic drain on battery. 2002 Ford Escape help?
No it's not the alternator causing the drain. I'd get it to an electrical shop and pay a professional to start pulling fuses to determine the source of the draw.
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Whilst I don't know anything about THAT bike, I will let you know that I commute on a bike with a similar spec. It's fine - go with it! I agree with the first poster, in that a groupset upgrade would outweigh the cost of the bike. Stick with it and just tweak a few bits n bobs, as and when required(tyres,etc) If I assume that you intend to join the world of 'roadies' then in 18 months or so upgrade your bike and you will notice a big difference and improved performance. Best of luck. .
Q:How to calculate the value of a FUSE which is to be employed in a circuit?
weight of a wire has nothing to do with the fuse size. After all, the same weight could describe a very long thin wire that could only handle a low current, or a short thick wire that could handle a lot more current. You can look up the wire's current capability in wire tables. Or consult your local wire codes, for house wiring. For example, AWG 14 wire should be fused for 15 amps, AWG 12 for 20 amps. If the fuse is to protect the wire, size it via the wire tables. But often the fuse is to protect electronic components, and it that case, other rules apply. .
Q:Hi im working on a 2002 hyundia senata i replaced fuel pump, pump relay under stereo consle?
did you check the pump before fitting it, if not get some cable and go from battery to relay and see if the pump runs,if not check by placing temporary wires from pump relay to the pump and trying Again,if still not working temp cable from battery to pump relay then from pump relay to the pump if it works its a short circuit in the cars wiring loom,if it doesn't work then its the relay or pump, if you checked the pump earlier then its the relay at fault,also check the earths (grounding cables) if these are loose of broken then no return means no power,,just to be sure try a fuse that's working another component,of the same rating,in other words just swop the fuses over if they are same rating, and try again,hope this helps and be careful fuel pumps and fuel and sparks can cause fires
Q:sony xplod cdx-gt35uw radio quit working while driving. All known fuses are good. Now What?
Did you check the fuse in the back of it? and have you checked all the good connections? Sometimes components just die especially cheap ones.

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