Bs_6346 Xlpe Power Cable 95Mm2 0.6/1Kv

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Product Description:

XLPE power cable: XLPE insulated 5 core Copper Cable 95mm2   0.6/1KV


 XLPE power cable Standard:  GB/T12706-2002 IEC60502-1997  IEC60840-1999


The brief introduction of the structure of cable

The conductor

The conductor of cable is mode up of pure copper and pure aluminum. The conductor of 3.6/6 kv and single core and multi cores cable is inter twisted to decrease the outer diameter of cable. The conductor can be made with the function of vertical waterproof.

The  conductor screen

The cable which rated voltage is 3.6/6kv or above should have screen layer, the screen layer is extrude with semi conductor material to get rid of the electric field at the surface of conductor.


The insulation is extruded with XLPE. The cable which rated voltage is 35KV and above should be extruded with super pure XLPE material, the insulation is extruded at the outside of the screen layer. The thickness of insulation is against the standard.

Insulation Screen

The screen layer of insulation is extruded with semi conductor material to equality electric field. The material of insulation screen extruded at the cable of 12/20 KV or under can be peel off.

Metal Screen

Screen of metal is made of copper belt or copper wire with the function of grounding screening, leading the current of capacitance and short circuit. The metal screen of 


The multi cores cable is made with cores and stuffing to made the cable round. The metal scteen of the cores of the cable should touched with each other, the cores of the finished cable should be packed with bundle belt.

Metal sheath

The cable of 35KV or above should packed with metal sheath as screen layer and waterproof layer.

Integrate waterproof layer

The outer sheath make up of vertical packed compound belt of aluminum and plastic and extruded with rubber has the function of waterproof instead of metal sheath.

Metal armor

The armor of multi cores cable is made up of double layer steel belts or tinned steel wires. If the AC single core cable needs to be armored, the armor should be non-magnetic material or special treated steel wire. If the metal screened or metal sheathed cable need to be armored, the PVC OR PE should be extruded inside the metal armor as interlayer.

Outer sheath.

The outer sheath of cable is PVC or PE, The color of sheath is black exclude special requested. The cable of 35kv or above have conductive coat so that the pressure test can be made to the outer sheath.

Sign of finished cable.

The surface of the finished cable is printed with type, rated pressure, manufacturer etc.

 The type of cable and applying bound




Applying bound


Copper XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

Mainly laid at indoor, cable slot, tube and other places which do not endured heavy pressure


Aluminum XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable


Copper XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable


Aluminum XLPE insulated PE sheathed power cable


Copper XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable

Mainly laid at indoor, cable slot, tube and other places which endured heavy pressure


Aluminum XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable


Copper XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE sheathed power cable


Aluminum XLPE insulated steel tape armored PE sheathed power cable


Copper XLPE insulated fine steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable

Be laid vertically and could endure heavy pressure


Aluminum XLPE insulated fine steel wire armored PVC sheathed power cable


Copper XLPE insulated fine steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable


Aluminum XLPE insulated fine steel wire armored PE sheathed power cable


Copper conductor XLPE insulated integrate waterproof sheathed power cable

Mainly laid at indoor, cable slot, tube and moisture place which  do not endure heavy pressure


Aluminum conductor XLPE insulated integrate waterproof sheathed power cable


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