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1)BS4504 101  105  103 112  113  111,

2)the material can be S235JR,A105,P250GH,P245GH.

3)the dimension will be from DN15-DN2000

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Q:Flanges of different sizes
If the outer diameter is not big, the bolt hole, the middle diameter and the bore diameter can be unified. If the specifications are different and can not be directly connected, you can use the big head as an excessive.
Q:Flange gasket RF600-6. What does this 6 mean?
Flange gasket RF600-6 in this representation method, several letters and data are defined as:RF corresponds to the form of the normal half surface, and belongs to the RF face flange600: nominal diameter is 6006 representative: this flange pressure rating is 6Bar
Q:Introduction of flange
Add a gasket between the two flanges and secure with bolts. Different pressure flange thickness is different, they use the bolt is also different. Water pump and valve, and in the pipe connection, these equipment parts of the equipment also made corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection. Any connecting parts that are bolted and closed in the vicinity of the two planes are generally referred to as flanges, such as the connections of the ventilation ducts, which can be called flanges". However, this connection is only part of a device, such as flanges and pumps connected, it is not good to call the water pump flange parts". Relatively small, such as valves, can be called flanges". Reducer flange for motor and reducer connection, as well as reducer and other equipment between the connection.
Q:In the heat exchanger calculation, the actual bolt section area of the cylinder flange is smaller than the required cross-sectional area. What's the matter?
2, increase the number of bolts3. Increase the bolt diameter without increasing the number of bolts, such as changing from M20 to M24...4, both increase the number of bolts, and increase the number of bolts...
Q:How to go from the city to the flange Akailufacun?
You're asking for magic, huh?Go out of the east gate and go to IL village, then go to the right side of the deposit to see a captain, and talk to him,Inside right away, there will be 2 NPC in a note to see one is to Akailufa,.
Q:Inside and outside the plastic coated steel plastic composite pipe to flange connection
In a shell of an electron tube, there are more than two electrode systems, each of which is independent of the electron flow to achieve its respective functions. This tube is called a composite tube. A composite tube is a combination of two or more transistors in accordance with a certain law, which is equivalent to a triode, and the compound tube is also called a Darlington tube.Composite pipes are divided into two categories: one is an ordinary composite pipe, and the inner no protection circuit; the middle and small power composite pipes like 2W are mostly such; and another kind of internal protective circuit is such a kind of high-power composite pipe. The following table shows the main characteristic parameters of the silicon NPN type high-power composite tube.
Q:SolidWorks why can't the side flange be gray?
The other is modeled by a general model, and then converted into sheet metal using "insert bending.".
Q:One side is flat plate and side hubbed flange can be connected to it
The same standards, the same pressure, the same caliber, with these three points can be connected
Q:What are the advantages of a flanged plunger valve?
Advantages of flanged plunger valves:In 1, the flange valve in the plunger and the seal ring used between the interference fit, by adjusting the gland in the flange bolts, the lateral force and the valve body sealing ring compression product in cylindrical hole surface and the plunger seal, thus ensuring the sealing performance of the valve, to prevent the internal leakage, and valve opening moments small, can realize the rapid opening and closing the valve;2, because the sealing ring adopts the strong rebound resistance and the abrasion resistance of the non-toxic new sealing material, has a long-term high temperature, high pressure without losing elasticity, so the sealing performance is reliable and durable.Extension of knowledge point:Flange plunger valve by the valve body, valve cover, stem, plunger, hole frame, ring, hand wheel and other components. When the hand wheel rotates, the plunger is driven to move up and down in the middle of the hole frame through the valve stem to complete the opening and closing function of the valve. Currently, flanged valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, chemical, gas, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, HVAC and general industries
Q:Can you have a more general idea?
Is the distance from the lens mount flange from to the photosensitive element between the interchangeable lens camera. In the design at the beginning of the fixed bayonet flange from each lens, for later design can be achieved after installation to bayonet infinity focus.

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