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SBS modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is made by saturating the base in bitumen, or thermoplastic elastomer (such as styrene butadiene-SBS), reinforced with polyester or fiberglass, finishing the upward face with fine sands, mineral slates(or grains)or polythene membrane etc.


a)Good impermeability

b)Possess good tensile strength, elongation rate and size stability which could be well suited the substrate distortion and crack.

c)SBS modified bitumen membrane is specially being applied in the cold area with low temperature ,
d)Good performance in anti-puncture, anti-broker, anti-resistance, anti-erosion, anti-mildew, anti-weathering

Applicable scope

Suitable for civil building roofing, underground, bridge, parking, pool, tunnel in the line of waterproofing and dampproof, especially for the building under high temperature. According the roofing engineering stipulation, APP modified bitumen membrane could be used in the Grade I civil building and industrial building which has special waterproofing requirement


1.We have a professional control process, management process

2.No hurm to invironment passed ISO9001

3.Exported to more than 20 countries in Europe and America

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Q:how to get paint off carpet?
Do you have a wet vac? I'm not sure what emulsion is but if it is latex (water based) To get all the paint out of the carpet you need to keep soaking it with water if latex and keep sopping it up. You need 2-3 buckets of water and keep doing this until you see almost no paint color in your dirty water. Suck up all the excess water with the wet vac and put a fan or 2 on it to dry. I would even recommend pulling up the carpet and vacuuming the pad if it is wall to wall. This will also help the air get at the pad and dry it faster. If the paint is dry you should just throw out the carpet.
Q:ways to clean carpet without chemicals?
if you're worried about your kitten, try an all natural cleaner to get the dirt out. i use Simple Solutions because my puppy still has accidents on the carpet so I use that to clean it up (it removes his urine odor, cleans the carpet, and is safe if he were to sniff or lick it), there are other options at your local pet store too. as for the cat hair, try a broom or a bristle brush, it should collect all the hair into little clumps so you can just pick those up.
Q:I want to buy some Oriental Rug and Kilim for my new place. Anybody know of carpet or tapis store in Montreal?
Ikea for customer service and return policy. good luck
Q:How big is a 8 x 12 rug?
Rugs, like lumber are dimensional. They can run in sizes from 7 foot 6 inches to 8foot on one side to 11 ft 6 inches on the long side. They are not always a true 8 foot by 12 foot. Each company will have different sizes but can say it 8x12. You ll have to pick a rug and measure to be sure. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
Q:How to clean reptile carpet?
My little brother has a leopard gecko and of course I get stuck cleaning its cage what i I do is I take every thing out of the cage and then I pick up the carpet so nothing comes out and take it out side and shake it out then I wash it out in the tub or out side if the weather is nice then I ring it out and let it dry you could prolly use a washing machine but set it to delicate
Q:cooler rugs?! 10 points!!
Can be used under other rugs to keep a horse warmer. No, they cant be left out in the field, the rug would get wrecked and the horse would get filthy, you need a lightweight turnout rug. No, an anti sweat rug is that, a cooler helps cool a horse down after veigrous exersize. Yes, it could be used as a travel rug in hot weather to keep the flies off in the box/trailer. It depends, if you are leaving it on in the day, i suppose it could be but you couldnt leave it on during the night, the horse would roll and it would come off and get all tangled up in the horses feet.
Q:Base Moulding...Before or after carpeting?
either way is acceptable. if you put the base on first, space it up about 3/8 to 1/2 inch so the carpet will tuck under. Carpet installers like to have the base on after because it's easier for them and covers a rough edge.Carpenters like to do it ahead of time so they can be done and can cut in the house without carpet in place. that saves them a lot of steps. from the homeowners point of view, being able to paint the trim without danger to the carpet is a plus, but realize that the carpet installers will bang up the new trim some, since the stretcher usually pushes against the trim. So You'll end up touching up the trim anyway.
Q:is there a laundry with big boy washers to wash a rug?
no she has wall to wall carpet and has washed all her laundry her house is very clean
Q:Will this rug go with my furniture?
Yes, it would look nice, and would not get as dirty looking as a cream color rug. And with the solid furniture it will add interest as well. I would add some bright colors in your accessories, just about any color you like will look good. I personally love lighter blues with brown, sage green and brown is a hot combo right now, or warm tones like red or orange would spice it up. Add your choice in pillows, throws, table decor, whatever you love.
Q:I want to buy area rugs?details please.?
Custom woven rugs. I found this place when visiting in New Orleans. I saw Sir Anthony Hopkins in there and was amazed by what they do. Their rugs are not exactly cheap but are labors of love. I never knew what it took to make a rug like the ones they offer. Custom color combinations and a variety of dimensions. They ship too.

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