Brush aluminium composite panels( Globond)

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GLOBOND Polyester ACP consists of aluminium cover sheets; front side stove-lacquered with a high quality multi-applied polyester lacquering system; reverse side mill-finish or stove-lacquered with a high quality polyester lacquering system(back painting), sandwiching the mineral core of polyethylene hardly inflammable.

This series has the advantages to avoid the scratches caused by the traditional physical scrap-pulling technology, which brings dirt accumulation and is hard to clean away. The colorized brushes, with fluent brush lines, un-dream –of colors, and be economical for Polyester coating, have been xidely used for high-class buildings and decoration; the PVDF Brush series has the same endurance property no less than normal Kynar 500 PVDF coatings.









Colorized Brushes





Regular colors listed on this chart, both PE and PVDF coatings


  1. Total thickness 2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm available;

  2. PE (Polyester) coating ranges 0.12mm and 0.20mm;

  3. PVDF coatings ranges from 0.20~0.50mm aluminium thickness.

GLOBOND Figure Coatings Technical Data



Test Item

Standard Index

PE Coating

PVDF Coating

Reference Standard

Coating Thickness

GB/T 17748-2008



BS 5411

Gloss tolerance

GB/T 17748-2008

≤5 (gloss≥70)

≤5 (gloss≥70)


Pencil hardness

GB/T 17748-2008



ASTM D 3363-..

Coating flexibility

GB/T 17748-2008




Coating adhesive

GB/T 17748-2008

≤Class 1

≤Class 1


Impact resistance

GB/T 17748-2008 no crack no crack

ASTM D 2794-93

Boiling water resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

No changes for 2 Hs

No changes for 2 Hs


Acid resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

2%HCL 24 hours

5%HCL 48 hours

ASTM D 2794-93

Alkaline resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

2%NaOH 24 hours

5% NaOH 48 hours


Special Solvents

GB/T 17748-2008

≥100 Ts (1kg/c㎡) in Xylene

≥100 Ts (1kg/c㎡) in Butanone

ASTM D1308

Brushing resistance

GB/T 17748-2008

≥1000 Ts (1kg/c㎡)

≥1000 Ts (1kg/c㎡)

ASTM D 968

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Q:How to separate the aluminum alloy on the aluminum plate
Are there any aluminum alloy on aluminum? If so, is also sticky, cut it! If the whole, or destroyed the aluminum-plastic plate, or destroyed the aluminum!
Q:Ask the aluminum composite panel 40 wire 1220 * 2440 * 4 price
Price, 40 silk Fluorocarbon aluminum plate market price is generally 150 yuan / square meters. According to the coating material and coating film thickness, of course, according to different brand manufacturers.
Q:What are the folds of aluminum
Aluminum-plastic composite board slot can generally open V-groove, U-slot, etc., several typical slotted as shown in Figure 1. Aluminum-plastic composite panel plate in the cutting board to take into account the size of the fold , Generally add about 25mm on each side. Cut the composite board needs four sides of the planing slot, that is cut to a certain width of the inner layer of aluminum and plastic layer, slot depth must be strictly controlled in the front aluminum plate at least 0.3mm thick plastic core To ensure that the aluminum-plastic composite panels have sufficient toughness to prevent the fold at the aluminum skin fracture, and then folded into a 90 ° angle, so the board surface weight and curtain wall at any time will be positive and negative wind load pressure by the four sides 0.5mm aluminum plate to bear, therefore, slotting is the aluminum-plastic composite panel panel of the weakest link, but also under the wind load under the first destruction of the site
Q:Is the aluminum production process toxic?
Consumers who have stayed in the aluminum-plastic panel know that the taste is very pungent when the PVDF is a fluorocarbon coated sheet.
Q:How much is the bigger the better
The thickness of the aluminum-plastic plate is a popular domestic saying, such as 3 mm called 3%, such as 4 mm thick aluminum plate called 4 PCT board.
Q:Want to collect OKorder aluminum veneer aluminum curtain wall more curtain wall company!
This information is no longer a secret matter.
Q:How to produce aluminum-plastic plate
The current factory feel awkward to find a small factory OEM, just now, the industry situation is the lack of rice is not the lack of pot cooking utensils, no customers and orders the most trouble friends.
Q:Which company can print the production of large snow Fu board, iron, aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate billboards?
OKorder Shengzhi Government Printing Co., Ltd. can print large-scale Chevette board, iron plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate billboards, their prices are very cheap, many well-known world 500 companies are looking for their printing products, they are the only OKorder A large and small screen printing machine manufacturers, can print 2 * 4 meters of products. I was a trading company in Ningbo, I began to print a number of them in the aluminum-plastic plate billboards, they helped me print out the best results, their company's gold learns forever is a business and technology is very professional people, I made a reasonable proposal for the use of materials and technology, to meet the quality requirements of our foreign customers at the same time also saved me the cost and increased our company's profit margins, so I have a screen printing orders are very willing to find OKorder Sheng Zhicheng Government do.
Q:Chengdu sales of aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum veneer, aluminum dealers
Chengdu Xing Jimei curtain wall materials Co., Ltd. mainly sell aluminum, aluminum-plastic plate, aluminum veneer (the company has a number of agents such as Guangzhou Gold and well-known brands)
Q:By the radiator, affixed to the wall of the aluminum-plastic plate afraid of high temperature by radiator
Hello, aluminum-plastic plate with high temperature, corrosion-resistant advantages, but a long time baking, will be relatively reduced service life. Hope can help you.

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