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HZ-S221 is a kind of copper and zinc brazing alloy, and available for gaseous flame brazing, high frequency brazing, furnace brazing, resistance welding etc. HZ-S221 has good welding performance, and it is widely used for brazing of copper and copper alloy, steel, copper nickel alloy, gray cast iron, cemented carbide etc. It could replace H62 filler metal and be used as wire of brazing brass. HZ-S221 is a special brass brazing filler metal that contains tin and silicon. While tin improves fluidity, silicon controls evaporation of zinc, and eliminates gas hole to get an excellent welding process. Because of good corrosive and toughness, HZ-S221 is often used by surface welding worn parts of metal, such as bearing valve sealing surface, propeller. HZ-S221 brass wire should work together with copper gas welding flux when oxyacetylene gas brazing.


Item Number:HZ-S221

Chemical Composition (%):Cu 59-61, Sn 0.8-1.2, Si 0.15-0.35, Zn Remain,

Melting Point:890-905°C

Recommended Temp.:910-945°C

Advantages and Usage:For brazing copper and copper alloy, steel and cast iron in the method of flame brazing, furnace brazing and induction welding


Caution:1.The surface of oil and oxide on the work pieces should be cleansed carefully before brazing .

2. Preheat the work piece to 400 to 500°Cbefore brazing.

3. Matching flux should be used together when brazing.

4.Neutral flame or slight oxidizing flame could be used when flame welding. Appropriate decrease welding temperature, increase welding speed, reduce residence time of molten pool in high temperature to lessen the evaporation and oxidation of zinc.

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Q:Want to know what equipment will be needed for copper production, how much money does it cost?
Drawing, because of the molecular structure of the metal, under the friction and external force will be outside the slope, the middle of the fire should be returned several times, so that molecules rearrange. Generally, vacuum (plus nitrogen as protective gas) annealing, small cable, multi strand wire, also using conductive annealing.
Q:Can copper wire be used as fuse?
The purpose of using a fuse is when the circuit is overloadedIf the short circuit causes the instantaneous high temperature, fuses fuses, breaks the circuit power supply,So as to protect the load and the people.
Q:What is the function of the copper coil in the appliance?
Inductor: (Inductor) a component that can store electrical energy into magnetic energy. The inductor is similar in structure to the transformer, but has only one winding. An inductor has a definite inductance, which only blocks the change of current. If the inductor is in the state of no current passing through the circuit, it will attempt to block the current flowing through it; if the inductor is disconnected when the current is current, it will attempt to maintain the current. Inductor, also called choke, reactor, dynamic reactor.
Q:After a wire has been stripped off the insulating layer, there are a number of thin copper wires inside. Is this a single core or multicore cable? Are these copper wires insulated from each other?
AC three-phase balance requires multi-core cable, single core armoured cable only for direct current circuit.Even if the cross-sectional area of the single core, carrying capacity is not the same, because of better heat dissipation of single core cable, so the carrying capacity is slightly larger than that of multi core cable.
Q:How can tin plated copper wire be checked for tin plating quality?
Appearance, visual observation or magnifying glass observation, the wire surface is bright and clean, without black spots, spots, burrs, tin particles, yellow, cracks, copper leakage and so on. 2, aging resistance, drying the product in 200 + 5 degrees, bake an hour out, not yellow, black, blue observation. 3, solderability, wetting degree or by hot dip tin test to do, try to reach more than 95% pieces of immersion part for qualified tin dipping 3S after the cover area; combined with the continuity and the 4, coating by sodium polysulfide test for three cycles, the same black, gray, allow, plating no cracking; 5, the thickness of the coating by weighing method or chemical stripping method test, the general requirements in 3-7um
Q:How about the difference between iron wire and copper wire?
Put into dilute hydrochloric acid, the bubble is wire, the reaction is copper wire
Q:What kind of flux welding is used between nickel chromium wire and copper wire?
While brazing can be more flexible with a soldering iron, soldering iron wire according to the thickness of 45W-100W power to select the power of the size, and then with WEWELDING 88C-F welding flux, completely rely on the parent heat conduction melting welding wire forming
Q:What is the "Kang copper wire" on the circuit board of the induction cooker?
1. Detect the change of the main circuit current through the current transformer, obtain the change voltage signal from the secondary of the current transformer, obtain the pulsating voltage signal through the rectifier and filter, and send it to the single chip microcomputer for testing.2, with sampling resistance of a series resistance of minimal resistance in 1GBT of the triode (here will change the constantan wire) potential of the operational amplifier into the microcontroller. This method has the advantages of low cost, is the main day after.
Q:4 square meters of wire, copper wire or copper bar good?
Copper is good, and now appliances are much higher power, safety is important
Q:Why the flame with a platinum wire or copper wire, no
Strictly speaking, iron wire is not allowed, but in many cases, iron wires are used when conditions are not allowed or when they are not required

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