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HZ-S221 is a kind of copper and zinc brazing alloy, and available for gaseous flame brazing, high frequency brazing, furnace brazing, resistance welding etc. HZ-S221 has good welding performance, and it is widely used for brazing of copper and copper alloy, steel, copper nickel alloy, gray cast iron, cemented carbide etc. It could replace H62 filler metal and be used as wire of brazing brass. HZ-S221 is a special brass brazing filler metal that contains tin and silicon. While tin improves fluidity, silicon controls evaporation of zinc, and eliminates gas hole to get an excellent welding process. Because of good corrosive and toughness, HZ-S221 is often used by surface welding worn parts of metal, such as bearing valve sealing surface, propeller. HZ-S221 brass wire should work together with copper gas welding flux when oxyacetylene gas brazing.


Item Number:HZ-S221

Chemical Composition (%):Cu 59-61, Sn 0.8-1.2, Si 0.15-0.35, Zn Remain,

Melting Point:890-905°C

Recommended Temp.:910-945°C

Advantages and Usage:For brazing copper and copper alloy, steel and cast iron in the method of flame brazing, furnace brazing and induction welding


Caution:1.The surface of oil and oxide on the work pieces should be cleansed carefully before brazing .

2. Preheat the work piece to 400 to 500°Cbefore brazing.

3. Matching flux should be used together when brazing.

4.Neutral flame or slight oxidizing flame could be used when flame welding. Appropriate decrease welding temperature, increase welding speed, reduce residence time of molten pool in high temperature to lessen the evaporation and oxidation of zinc.

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Q:What bending copper wire?
Bending machine is a machine capable of bending of thin plate, the structure mainly comprises a bracket, table and the clamping plate, the worktable is arranged on the supporting table, which comprises a base and a pressing plate, a hinge is connected with the clamping plate through the base by a shell, a coil and a cover plate, the hollow coil in a shell sag, top cover.
Q:Wire, copper wire, why some copper wire can be easily twisted together, and some twisted together and bounced back to the original state?
You don't agree by default. Model letters are subject to national standards and are not optional. Such as BV, BVR, ZR-YJV, NH-YJV, and so on. RX is a rubber insulated wire and is now seldom used.
Q:Is it safe to use copper wire instead of electric leakage protector?
The number of household electrical appliances and electrical equipment (such as power supply) most of the metal wire used in tubular fuse is made of copper wire. On the contrary, lead and antimony in the circuit of the fuse if the normal operating current selection circuit of the maximum rated current than the much larger, but it is not safe. Based on the above, I think this sentence seems to be so: the conductor in the lighting circuit do not rated working current and maximum fuse current in the circuit is much larger than to replace the fuse, otherwise will not be able to play the role of insurance,
Q:The fan motor is burned, the motor is turned on, and the copper wires are turned round and round, but no break is found! What the hell was that?
Don't use it. As long as the coil of the motor was burned. The destruction of the coil insulation will. No repair. Only rewinding coil.
Q:The net is inserted into the crystal head. Do you want to leak the copper wire first?
I think your question seems to do is stripping the line before the problem, if it is stripping problem, so I tell you the 8 wire in the wire cut can be set aside as long as. Because when inserted into the crystal head when using crimping pliers wire inside a small sheet of copper crystal head, will direct pressure to the skin and contact wire line, so there is no need to advance stripping.
Q:Measuring the diameter of wire copper wire, which instrument has higher accuracy, what are the characteristics?
High accuracy: highest linearity 5um;Measuring range is wide: 500mm diameter can be measured objects (according to the actual situation to customize a larger diameter model);Support simultaneous acquisition of multiple sensors (to ensure high precision differential measurement on line);
Q:Is there a black spot on the copper core of the Far East copper wire?
This is not copper oxidation. The color of copper oxide is green, not black.
Q:Why not use copper wire and iron wire instead of fuse?
According to the thermal effect of current (Q=I^2Rt), if the current is too large, the lead antimony alloy has a large resistance, so the heat generated is too much, and the lead antimony alloy with low melting point will fuse, thus protecting the circuit and the appliance.
Q:Seek expert advice, in the production of copper wire painting process, whether it is on the board or glass glued copper wire, what is the best adhesive?
But you mentioned above the glass bonded copper wire, 502 is cyanoacrylate adhesive (Yi Ji), this type of adhesive in the weatherability of glass surface.
Q:The resistance is made of copper wire around the laps, electricity resistance with magnetic coil, can be said is the resistance?
A resistor made of wire, called a wire wound resistor, does have this resistance, but it is not common because of its high cost. Wire wound resistors are generally used in precision benchmark circuits because of their good stability. Some high power resistors are wound resistors as well.

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