Brand New 14'Tft Lp140Wh2-Tlm1 For Acer LCD Monitor For Laptop

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Product Description:

Product Description:

Model No:   LP140WH2-TLM1  For Acer

BackLight: LCD
Resolution:  1366*768

Connector: 40pin  


After-sale Service:
1)warranty for 60 days, 7 days return for the non-working items,except broken, crashed cargo (Buyer pay for return shipping fee).

2)Pls make sure the item is compatible for your model before ordering. No return for incompatible issues.



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Q:Why is the LCD display so effective?
In general, your monitor looks virtual because your resolution is improperly configuredNow there is a liquid crystal display its best resolution, the best resolution such as the now popular 19 inch widescreen LCD is 1440X900, in this resolution the most clear (your estimate is 19 widescreen? If so, try this resolution estimation problem is solved;If you're looking at a small font, try 1280X768, and that's a good resolution19 inch widescreen monitor, 1440*900 resolution is best, because that is its best resolution; but 1280*768, you can also, and 1280*800, you try which good, hobbies?
Q:What are the components in a liquid crystal display?
1. The screen, also called panel, is the most expensive and critical part of the display. Own tube, high pressure board etc..Choose a big factory, two is to see high resolution, high brightness. This decision shows the effect.2. Drive board, also known as motherboard, this depends on the screen to choose, select and screen the same interface. Will this screen make the best use of the screen?.3. Built in power board or external power adapter, this is the highest failure rate components. The output voltage should be the same as the voltage required by the two boards. The current should be large and not small. Look at transformer size or current parameters of large manufacturers.4. Display shell, looking at pleasing to the eye, high hardness and not crisp as wellThese accessories can be used to assemble the monitor.
Q:LCD highlights
I also have, and next time I buy a liquid crystal, I would like to look on the spot, buy it on the spot. Do not allow merchants to send, ah, I have three points.
Q:Is the LCD with stripe line good?
That's the picture tube problemDivide it...Wired, there are spots are aging phenomenon
Q:How about the flash in the middle part of LCD?
Causes of flash in the middle part of lcd:First, the low screen refresh rate: open the display properties panel, click Advanced, and then select the monitor column and then to the inside of the "only display support maximum refresh rate" in the box next to the point right, then click the refresh rate of the marquee, the highest frequency can choose inside.Second, electromagnetic interference display: next to what is a large electrical appliances, or degaussing sound speakers, such electrical appliances will interfere with the electromagnetic display, so that the monitor away from this type of electrical interference can.Third, monitor aging fault: the two kinds of methods can not solve the case, the monitor may be aging or failure, the best repair.
Q:22 how much is the power consumption per hour for a LCD computer?
General LCD 20--30W, about 40 hours a kilowatt hour, old-fashioned CRT display 60--70W
Q:The LCD is black and bright
High pressure board costs, as long as 10 yuan or so, not more than 15. Charge you 150, do not know how much black.When you look at the monitor, when the screen is black, is the indicator light or black, and if the indicator goes black, it is not the problem of the high voltage board, there is a possible driver board. If the instructions do not follow the black, it may be the problem of high pressure plate.Now that it's all 150 dollars, look for it and keep it up until it's all right. Where can I earn such good money?.
Q:I turn on the LCD monitor for ten minutes and then turn off automatically
This is the problem of your monitor power supply. If it's an adapter, replace an external adapter. If it is built-in power, it may be the power 12V output filter capacitor deterioration, resulting in insufficient power supply. Another possibility is that the 5V filter capacitor on the main driver board will cause the same problem.
Q:What is the difference between LCD and printed color difference?
There must be a difference in color. Generally, the printed items are slightly redder than what is seen on the LCD screen. Generally, the color in the print attribute is adjusted to the color in the display property, and the color difference is very small.
Q:What does "LCD" LCD stand against?
Since it means that the point is not guaranteed, then it must not be replaced

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