Brake pads OEM auto parts for Car and bus Volvo

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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
Delivery Detail:30days after receive deposit payment.


Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:Why is my motorcycle brake invalid?
Open too fast baby
Q:How do you brake a motorcycle?
Yes, you have to downshift to first. If you don't have the braking and shifting part of riding figured out yet, you should find a big parking lot (preferably an empty one) and practice braking and shifting. If you go out on the road or trails before you know what your doing the results could be extremely fatal. Take it from someone who knows. I'm not trying to sound like a know it all, I just don't want you to get hurt. Ride safe!!!
Q:Motorcycle brake light?
Does it work with either the front OR rear brake? If not, the problem is most likely the wiring to the light itself. Get someone to mash the brake pedal or pull the front brake and back probe the wire (brake light circut) from the tail light assembly. If it lights on the wires, it is a bad socket or bulb. You can also remove the bulb and check the contact in the socket with a volt meter or test light. Be careful to not push the probe all the way through the wire though because it will pop the fuse.
Q:Why is the motorcycle brake discs better than the drums
Now cars are used front wheel disc brake! Rear wheel disc brake Is the parking brake with the rear wheel drum brake! Driving brake on the use of disc brake
Q:how do you brake on a motorcycle?
You get approx 75% of your braking power using your front brake. But if you pull too hard on the front brake, you can slide your front tire and crash. Same goes for braking on the rear only. So, go to a parking lot and practice emergency stops. Feel how hard you can brake with the front before it feels unstable. Feel how hard you have to step on the rear brake to make you stop. Next, feel how fast you can stop using a combination of the front and rear. Practice, practice. and practice some more.
Q:how to bleed motorcycle brakes when previous type is unknown?
Always give year, make, engine size and model # when asking questions. We need all of that info to give an informed answer. If the manual says to use DOT 4 - use DOT 4. Usually the fluid type is written on the master cylinder cap. Keep bleeding the system until the color of the new fluid comes out.
Q:How to properly engine brake on motorcycle?
when you downshift, you are probably feeling the jerk because you are at one RPM and the engine runs at a higher RPM in a lower gear at the same speed. What you need to do is just before you start letting out the clutch, blip the throttle a bit to give it gas and boost the RPM's, then release the clutch. You have to be quick so the RPM's don't fall again. If you do this right, the engine speed and the gear speed will be roughly the same and it'll neutralize the jerkiness, then just left off the throttle and let the engine slow down the bike. make sure if you have someone following you to tap the brakes so show you are slowing down, otherwise they might hit you. i use the rear brake a little if i have enough room to slow down, and the front brake while blipping to slow down quicker.
Q:Motorcycle rear wheel brakes are butterfly brakes, brakes will be frightened immediately
The intensity can be adjusted, according to the amount of brake fluid
Q:The reason of the motorcycle brake shoe
The reason is that aluminum parts with special glue to stick up the brakes in the high temperature after half an hour heating
Q:Pedal motorcycle which side is the front brake which is the rear brake
First; to see what car, pedal motorcycle left rear brake, right front brake

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