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Packaging Detail:1.Box packing:Our brand box or yours. 2.Outer packing: ten sets of brake pads in one carton box.
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Bull Brake has four different types of brake pads that are semi-metallic,ceramic,taxi and scorched brake pads



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Q:Jinlong motorcycle ordinary fuel tank how much money one?
The original car is more expensive, but are all fake, generally more than 100.
Q:Electric cars and motorcycles
Battery car in addition to a serious lack of battery life, there are operational ills of instability, because the battery car itself is light weight, suspension system is generally some unknown small factory assembly, tires and bicycles almost narrow, serious lack of grip, plus On the brake system is also very rubbish, personally think, would rather not ride do not ride a battery car, that stuff is basically to the West of the express car
Q:Bicycle lap and brake system?
Line disc brakes and V brake universal, no longer repeat that. Oil disc brakes are often part of the brake itself, can not be replaced, so the oil dish can not be like a disc as free to replace the brake, but to the oil dish this grade, the brake itself is not bad, so do not need Deliberately pursue. The disc is an important part of the disc brake, the advantages of a good disc is a light weight, the other is the surface smoothness is very high, such as XTR discs, it seems to be attached to the brake pads, but that is not rub disc , And the poor brake discs ride up often will be unnecessary consumption of a lot of power. Finally talk about V brake and disc brake choice. In fact, disc brakes and V brake is not a distinction between grades, but have their own characteristics: V brake light weight, easy to adjust, brake power, but in a water environment, greatly reduced performance, and there may be overheating failure (but Very rare, because the long downhill is not where there is), in the intense bumps when the feel is not very good; and disc brake, although a little heavier, maintenance adjustment is more complicated, but in any weather have a good brake Performance, not afraid of overheating, in the violent environment can also be mastered. Therefore, in the low-intensity XC, V brake is still a very good choice for large-intensity off-road is generally the world of oil dish, in fact, many professional mountain bike players in the sunny day when the game or choose V brake, in the rain Match the disc when the game is selected. Personal advice, if you love mountain riding, and the budget is sufficient, you can directly select the oil dish, if the budget is more tense, you can first use V brake, and then directly on the oil dish, after all, is still a tandem of tandem.
Q:Motorcycle brake system
have help the disc brake is hydraulic brake
Q:Motorcycle riding technique: Braking in turns?
You are correct, every time you ride you will encounter some new situation. But the advice from the instructors is one to heed. If you over-brake in a corner you will be in trouble! Janice gave some good reasons and advice, as many did. Do not ride with the tip of your nose, ride with your eyes. 2-10 seconds is the minimum safe riding area you should be scanning constantly. Turns have blind areas, plus, obstacles: sand, gravel, metal, ect. These are some of the main reasons that you are told not to brake in corners. No matter how long or how skilled a rider is traction can be taken away at any moment, by a number of causes. It may take time to stand up your bike, but it will be able to stop faster(bigger tire footprint means more stopping power!) I took the MSF course after I had been riding for a time and I did it to save money on my insurance, but I have found traveling these ribbons of asphalt that the techniques and information passed along at these classes is time proven. Take everything they told you and apply it and you will probably ride for years without sudden impact, which is a very good thing indeed, Ride Safe and God Bless You-bty it will take sometime to understand motorcycles, but never stop respecting them!
Q:Is there an ABS system on a motorcycle?
Car ABS can not be copied to the motorcycle, because the motorcycle space is extremely limited, so ABS also "do as the Romans", to change the volume and structure to meet the needs of motorcycles. Take the ABS device of Yamaha motorcycle as an example. (The engine next to the side); two sets of sensor components placed in parallel on both sides of the wheel, responsible for monitoring and feedback wheel rotation of the subtle changes; ABS electronic control unit (the engine is the most important parts of the hydraulic control valve ECU) placed in the rear (under the seat cushion), responsible for handling the sensor feedback information and issued a command signal, control the hydraulic control valve to increase or decrease the brake hydraulic pressure. When the ECU found that the wheel has been locked (slip) phenomenon, immediately react, so that the hydraulic control valve solenoid valve open, so that brake fluid reflux storage room, wheel brake pressure drop; when the wheel rotation is accelerated, ECU And instructed to re-close the hydraulic control valve, forcing the brake fluid out of the reserve room back to the brake clamp cylinder, the wheel brake pressure increases, the wheel rotation slows down. Its hydraulic changes can be completed in a tenth of a second, that is, instant wheel brake repeatedly retractable, will not be locked.
Q:motorcycle back brake stopped working. what could it be?
you may have a worn out master cylinder just above the brake pedal somtimes the seal fails and fluid diverts around seals
Q:Gear Ratios & Braking on motorcycles?
Bike transmissions are sequential, meaning that you have to go thru the numbers to get wherever you're going. E.g. only gears available from 4th are 5th and third. You can only change one gear at a time as I'm sure you've seen. So to go from 5th to first you have to downshift 4 times. Whether you release the clutch and allow the transmission to slow you down in each gear is a riding decision you make when you know what you're doing. Sometimes you need to stop too fast to mess with the gears and you just pull in the clutch and hit the brakes. RPM range to shift is totally dependent on the bike and your riding style. If you're in a hurry, you shift at the redline. If not, you shift when you feel like the bike needs to shift. Many beginner motorcycles (and some big 'cycles) don't even have a tachometer, so getting the feel is more important than reading the gauge. Not sure where you are, but around here you have to take your own bike to take the rider's test OR you can get a waiver for the rider's test if you pass a authorized course on their bikes.
Q:Why do Motorcycle disc brakes have holes in them?
All the reasons stated are correct: cooling:more surface area friction:more change in grip when braking water drain:serves as tread weight:an obvious desirable side effect Here is something they missed out: The holes are spaced in such a way that the calipers used in the brake wear out uniformly, to ensure maximum longevity.
Q:New motorcycle to buy in 2000 km to change the machine base oil 3?
New car running-in period of 500 km within the recommended speed of not more than 40 km per hour, 500 to 1200 km do not exceed 50 km per hour, 1200 to 3000 km do not exceed 60 km per hour, the replacement of oil generally recommended 500 km first, 1200 km Second, 3000 km for the third time, after the run-in period can be based on their own car frequency change the number of oil, the car more than a long way to recommend a change of oil per month, less cars can be 3 months or a change of oil. General motorcycle maintenance is the main note is the brake system, chain, gear, tires, bearings, there is to check whether the loose nuts are loose, found loose and timely reinforcement, in order to avoid traffic safety. Such as the need for detailed advice can add my QQ contact.

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