Brake Pads for Nissan Qashqai, Tiida, X-Trail, Teana Hyundai. Renault (44060-8H385)

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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Toyota HIACE

Certification:TS16949, ISO9001, ISO9002

Type:Brake Pads










Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:According to the customers′ requirements

Packing:Neutral Packing/Genuine Packing/Customer′s Request

Origin:Dezhou, Shandong, China

HS Code:8708301000

Production Capacity:200, 000 Sets/Month

Product Description

We promise to provide the highest quality products for every customers! 

You give me a chance, I'll give you a satisfactory service

Our Advantage

1> We have rich friction material formula system for every car series. 

2> Most of our raw material are imported from Japan, German, France and Netherlands. 

3> We have all the craft, process and technology in brake pads producing line in the world. 

4> We have big bench test instrument to promise the braking performance of our products. 

And every our new formula are tested by installing on our local taxi. 

5> We can produce as your samples. 

6> We can supply you with OE quality brake pads. 

Detailed Specification

1. Non-asbestos disc brake pad

2. Material: Semi-metalic/ceramic

3. Certification: TS16949/ISO9001

4. Packing detail: Inner packing: Heat shrink bags/boxes; Outer packing: Cartons

5. Comfortable braking performance: No noise, no dust, less wear loss, less fade, better recovery

6. Minimum order quantity: 200sets

7. Port of shipment: Qingdao or Tianjin

8. Supply ability: 30000sets per month

9. Delivery time: 7 working days after receive the deposit

10. Payment terms: T/T




















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Q:Why the motorcycle brakes always like loose, how to repair
If the rear brake shoe is obviously worn too fast, it is usually caused by poor quality of the brake shoe or the rear brake is too tight. The motorcycle is running, because the center of gravity of the inertia is moving forward, so it can not be used only when using the brake After the brakes, should be used before and after the rational distribution of the proportion of braking force, and the faster the speed of the role of the brakes will be faster, faster speed if the use of rear brake after the risk of flick, the front wheel of the brake need to constantly groping To master, can not stop at once, according to the speed to determine the size of the braking force, at the same time with the rear brake, in order to the fastest speed and the shortest braking distance to reduce the speed. You can look at the large displacement of the imported motorcycle front wheel brakes are large diameter two discs, the rear wheel is a small diameter single platter, the car is the same, the use of the front dish or the front wheel rear wheel Small dish design, so the key is on their own master.
Q:Gear Ratios & Braking on motorcycles?
Bike transmissions are sequential, meaning that you have to go thru the numbers to get wherever you're going. E.g. only gears available from 4th are 5th and third. You can only change one gear at a time as I'm sure you've seen. So to go from 5th to first you have to downshift 4 times. Whether you release the clutch and allow the transmission to slow you down in each gear is a riding decision you make when you know what you're doing. Sometimes you need to stop too fast to mess with the gears and you just pull in the clutch and hit the brakes. RPM range to shift is totally dependent on the bike and your riding style. If you're in a hurry, you shift at the redline. If not, you shift when you feel like the bike needs to shift. Many beginner motorcycles (and some big 'cycles) don't even have a tachometer, so getting the feel is more important than reading the gauge. Not sure where you are, but around here you have to take your own bike to take the rider's test OR you can get a waiver for the rider's test if you pass a authorized course on their bikes.
Q:Can I use Large Medical syringes for my motorcycles brake/clutch resorvoirs?
There's all different kinds of plastics and each has its own properties. As ? said, the brake fluid may react adversely and you end up spilling fluid all over your tank. For taking it out it may work ok as a one shot deal, but there's no way I'd use one to fill the reservoir. Brake fluid will cause ordinary rubber to swell up a considerable amount and a plastic syringe has a rubber tip on the plunger. I could just see you sucking the syringe full of new fluid, the rubber tip swells and in an attempt to put the fluid in the reservoir, you squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and all of a sudden it sprays fluid all over everything. If you wish to use a syringe, an all glass one like used in laboratories would work.
Q:ABS brake system in what motor?
What do you have on the motorcycle?
Q:How do you bleed motorcycle brakes?
First of all, what is the make, model and year of your bike? When you say the reservoir is full, are you talking about the one on the handlbars? Or the one located behind the brake pedal under your right foot? Are you using a hand pump to bleed the brakes or a Mityvac style bleeder that attaches to a compressed air hose? If using a hand pump, are you sure you've got it hooked up correctly to your brake system so that you're sucking fluid down from the reservoir, not blowing air up into the reservoir? Do you have the cover off the reservoir while you're trying to pump fluid?
Q:Bicycle lap and brake system?
Line disc brakes and V brake universal, no longer repeat that. Oil disc brakes are often part of the brake itself, can not be replaced, so the oil dish can not be like a disc as free to replace the brake, but to the oil dish this grade, the brake itself is not bad, so do not need Deliberately pursue. The disc is an important part of the disc brake, the advantages of a good disc is a light weight, the other is the surface smoothness is very high, such as XTR discs, it seems to be attached to the brake pads, but that is not rub disc , And the poor brake discs ride up often will be unnecessary consumption of a lot of power. Finally talk about V brake and disc brake choice. In fact, disc brakes and V brake is not a distinction between grades, but have their own characteristics: V brake light weight, easy to adjust, brake power, but in a water environment, greatly reduced performance, and there may be overheating failure (but Very rare, because the long downhill is not where there is), in the intense bumps when the feel is not very good; and disc brake, although a little heavier, maintenance adjustment is more complicated, but in any weather have a good brake Performance, not afraid of overheating, in the violent environment can also be mastered. Therefore, in the low-intensity XC, V brake is still a very good choice for large-intensity off-road is generally the world of oil dish, in fact, many professional mountain bike players in the sunny day when the game or choose V brake, in the rain Match the disc when the game is selected. Personal advice, if you love mountain riding, and the budget is sufficient, you can directly select the oil dish, if the budget is more tense, you can first use V brake, and then directly on the oil dish, after all, is still a tandem of tandem.
Q:Motorcycle Brake Skills?
In general, the brakes should be timely, not with the tight. When the brake, the first brake two, in the dead.
Q:how should my motorcycle brake lever feel when activating my front brakes?
Remember that motorcycles are not like push bikes. That front break has to stop quite a bit of weight travelling at speed. My bike weights a quarter of a ton, so it has to be good. You'll get used to the sensitivity of it. Don't forget the back break too. In this weather it's a good idea to use both as the wet conditions will reduce grip. If you are concerned, take it to motorcycle garage and ask them to have a look at it.
Q:Yellow motorcycle brake fluid?
brake fluid absorbes moisture so do not use it if the container has been open do not mix types as is dot 3 dot dot4 or dot5 i always change mine at the begining of every season its cheap to do there are many different tints and colors there is some dot 5 that is purple just make sure you use all the same brand and rating use what is on the res. cap
Q:Motorcycle disc brake locked! Will Bleeding free the piston?
Provided A shop manual will save you lots of time and confusion. EDIT: Yes, the piston will stay in place. As long as you do not give the brake lever a squeeze. It should not take that much pressure to push them back in. Do not put the clamp on the brake pad, as it may become warped. Remove the pad first. A piece of steel or block of wood are advised to keep from damaging the piston. Old discarded brake pad backers are best. But since you are working on the brakes, have a look at the pads. See if they are in specs. And if the brake fluid is brown, it may be time to just replace it anyway. Use the add details button on the bottom of the question.

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