Brake Pads for Honda Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda etc

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Model NO.:WVA29090


Type:Brake Pads




Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.


Packing:Color Boxes, Outer Carton, Pallet


Origin:Qingdao Shandong

HS Code:87083010

Production Capacity:100, 000 PCS/Month

Product Description

Semi-metallic brake pads for bus and truck 
1. Stable coefficient friction 
2. No noise 
3. Small wear rate and dual wear 
4. Good performance of heat 
Make for Benz, MAN, Renault, DAF, Ford, BPW, RABA, Volvo brake pads: 
800 items for your choice. 
15days for new moulding. 












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Q:Do motorcycle front brake reservoirs have to be elevated above the master cylinder?
The reservoir must be above the master cylinder.
Q:Gear Ratios & Braking on motorcycles?
For a beginner,it would be best to shift ans release beach gear,1 At a time, more increaes the chanc3 ofskidding the tire.You can shift and brake at the same time, shift/brake stays applied,shift,shift,stop,putfeet down. NEUTRAL is designed to shift thru, it s possible tohit N by accident,, but usually not. THE rp is variable,best if you LISTEN tothengine than looking at looking at th3 tach, whenDOWNSHIFTING the RPM jumps up so don t downshift near the REDLINE. The bike class provides the bike,for the reason you mentioned. AFTER CLASS buy a small Used bike, ride itfor a year then sell it to another beginner,dents and dings don t matter,condition does. Be SAFE and rride happy.
Q:There are several brakes in the motorcycle, respectively, where the tube?
Your car if it is a scooter, the line on the left and right sides of the handle or left and left foot.
Q:How are the motorcycles running together?
Ride up smooth, then even if the run out, Suzuki heavy light, then one hundred and one more than no problem,
Q:Yamaha 110 motorcycle brake failure
Yamaha motorcycle brakes very good Yeah, is not used for a long time, replace the brake pads first, to that repair to others professional inspection Caixing. The faster the brake is impossible, that is, a little faster to stop, and slow to stop, you will not happen to the situation you?
Q:Why won't my motorcycle brake lights work when I brake?
The electricity flows from a switch. For the brakes, front and rear, you should be able to activate the switches independent of the levers. Test and see what you can learn. The brake switches should be completely independent of the starter switch, but since the front brake switch and starter switch are on the same harness, check the connection. It may simple come slightly unplugged. My guess is that you have a short in a wire somewhere, or simply a bad ground. Tracking electrical gremlins is the worst pain there is on a bike.
Q:constant brake light on motorcycle?
You should let a mechanic check that. DOnt play with things like that can be dangerouse.
Q:Motorcycle correct braking method
) Let the engine heat up. Before the start of the hot and cold engine, before the load or operation is applied, let the engine have sufficient idle time, which will allow the lubricating oil to flow to all the important parts of the engine. (2) when the engine is idle, first lift the clutch grip, pedal shift plate, the shift lever into the first file. (3) so that the speed gradually increased, slowly release the clutch grip. Let these two operations together to ensure a steady start. (4) When the motorcycle into a smooth forward, the engine speed slows down, hold the clutch grip, and press the variable speed pedal, so that it into the second gear. Branch change other speed also in the same way. (5) so that the throttle and brake close together, steadily slow down the speed. (6) front wheel brake and rear wheel brake to operate at the same time, do not force too much so that the wheel brake is too tight, this will reduce the braking performance, difficult to control the motorcycle.
Q:why do we use disc brakes @ the front & drum brakes @ the rear in a motorcycle?
perform the comparable a brake is a brake disc brakes are frequently on all new automobiles and motorcycles in basic terms the decrease powered autos have drum brakes presently you will do advantageous in case you in basic terms remember what has been in the previous stated by potential of the folk in the previous me
Q:how do u change motorcycle brake fluid?
Go Cover you bike with plastic or an old raincoat to keep brake fluid off your paint. Remove the top of the reservoir and the float inside it. Use the Mity Vac to remove the old fluid. Clean out the reservoir and replace the fluid. Attach the hose of the Mity Vac to the bleeder valve on your brake caliper. Draw a vacuum and turn the bleeder to the left. Fluid should be drawn out the valve and into the cup. (keep an eye on the reservoir and don't let the fluid run out or you will get air bubbles in the brake line). When you start seeing clean brake fluid being drawn out, your're done. Tighten the bleeder , top off the reservoir, clean up and reinstall the float and reinstall the cover. It takes about as long to do as it did for me to type this.

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