BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine

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Product Description:

1. Description of BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine:

BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press is suitable for printing kinds of quality prints and especially for package printing


2. Main Features BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine:

1. Touch screen
The plate, water-flowing interval, and feed table can be remote controlled via touch screen by setting a man-machine interface, using the PLC, double touch screen meanwhile an easy operation can be provided through a running status and troubleshooting diaplayed by the touch screen.
2. Remote control of plate
The plate can be micro-adjusted by a touch screen circumferentially ,axially, and diagonally with a precision of 0.01mm.
The circumferential correction is ranged ±1mm, axial ±2mm, and diagonal ±0.20mm.
3. Pneumatic impression on/off
Its pneumatic impression on/off control works smoothy during engaged and disengaged for parts of machine at high speed meanwhile safe and convenient in operation.
4. Alcoholic damping system
Its continuous alcoholic damping system offers quick ink-water balance, fresh color hue and sharp dots.
Combined printing for both dampening and inking can be done through a bridge roller.
5. Cylinder arrangement
It has a double-sized impression cylinder with the design of swing grippers closing at high dwell of the cam. With bigger radius of curvature of the cylinder, it can reduce the paper deformation and running noise, and a better register will be fulfilled by less sheet joining meanwhile lessen the smearing and roller marks.
6. Automatic lubrication system
Its automatic lubrication system adopts oiling positioning, oil volume fixing, and oil centralization.
Its automatic alarming control will actuate in case of inadequate oil pressure in the oil pump, so provides a reliability and a cost saving.
7. Running smoothly
Precision gears and bearings keep the machine running smoothly at higher accuracy.
8. Semi-auto quick-act plate mounting
The machine is equipped with a mechanism of semi-auto quick-act plate mounting , which reduces largely the make-ready time.
9. Cylinder bearers
Cylinder bears in contact ensures a smooth running of cylinder and eliminates vibration and ink marks for better printing result and dot reproduction.
Safety bars are set at nips between cylinders and cylinders and inking rollers to ensure safety of both operator and machine.
10. A ultrasonic double sheet detector ensures a reliable detection to prevent some broken-down papers from entering the cylinder and plays the role of extra-insurance together with the mechanical double sheet detector.


3. BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine Photos:




4. BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine Specification:

Number Of Colors4

Max.Printing Speed(sph)12,00

0Max.Sheet Size(mm2)520×750

Min.Sheet Size(mm2)210×285

Thickness Of Sheet(mm)0.040.40

Max.Printing Area(mm2)510×720

Plate Size(mm3)570×730×0.3

Delivery Pile Height(mm)900

Feeder Pile Height(mm)800



Net Weight(kg)20,000


 5.FAQ of BR754 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine:

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How long can we receive the product after purchase?

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