BR624 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine

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$10,000.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
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10 unit/month

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Product Description:

1. Description of BR624 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine:

This machine, PLC controlled and a touch screen operated is highly automatic with an automatic oiling system, a continuous alcoholic dampening system and a pneumatic impression on/off control to run up to 12000sph. With its operator-oriented design the plate register is automatically set and the dampening is regulated all via the touch screen, greatly reducing its make-ready time.
BR624 four-color Sheet-fed Press is ideally applicable to high level and color jobs like catalogs, pictorials, posters and book covers, etc.


2. Main Features BR624 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine:

1. Cylinder
One common double-diameter impression cylinder for two printing units, and the printing units are connected with two double-diameter transfer cylinders and one triple-diameter transfer cylinder Larger cylinder curvature for less paper deformation and transfer but higher registration and reduced setting off or ink marks.
2. Pneumatic Impression on/off Control
Its pneumatic impression on/off control works smoothly during impression on/off at high speeds, safe and convenient in operation.
3. Cylinder Bearers
Cylinder bearers are in contact for smooth cylinder running eliminating vibration and ink marks for better printing result and dot reproduction.Safety bars are set at nips between cylinders, and between cylinder and inking rollers to ensure operator safety.
4. Touch Screen
Equipped with a man-machine interface, PLC controls and two touch screens for its control operation and display, its remote settings for the plate, the quantity of dampening solution, oiling intervals and the increments of its feeder pile, etc. are all controllable via the touch screen with its working status and troubleshooting displayed at the same time for operation ease.
5. Alcoholic Dampening System
Its continuous alcoholic dampening system offers quick ink-water balance, fresh color hues and sharp dots.
6. Dampening and inking can be connected by its bridge roller for an integrated printing
7. Quick-act Plate
The front clamp bar of the plate cylinder has two setting pins for quick-act plate clamping with the rear clamp fitted with a quick-act plate tensioning device to reduce makeready time for a plate mounting.
8. Automatic Lubrication System
Its automatic lubrication system is set for automatic oiling at fixed points with set quantity of lubrication.
Its automatic alarming control in case of inadequate oil pressure of the oil pump, both reliable and economic at use.
9. CPC Ink Color Remote Control System(SELECTIVE)
CPC ink color remote control system can make accurate control for ink quantily of each zone so that to make print matters much more fine.
It is able to store job datas,so that the ink can be used at any moment, make ready time be considerably reduced, with higher efficiency and cost efficiency.
10. Running Smoothly
Precision gears and bearings keep the machine running smoothly at higher accuracy.


3. BR624 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine Photos:




4. BR624 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine Specification:

Number Of Colors4

Max.Printing Speed(sph)12,000

Max.Sheet Size(mm2)450×620

Min.Sheet Size(mm2)100×150

Thickness Of Sheet(mm)0.040.40

Max.Printing Area(mm2)440×610

Plate Size(mm3)510×620×0.3

Blanket Size(mm3)515×640×1.9

Paper FeedingStream Feeder

Dampening SolutionAlcoholic Dampening

Total Power(Kw)15

Net Weight(kg)7,000Overall 



 5.FAQ of BR624 Four-Color Sheet-Fed Offset Press Machine:

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