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Simply supported two-lane prestressed prefabricated box girder iswidely used in the construction of passenger dedicated railways and highwaybridges. The static and stability is very important to the transportationsecurity. The rational designed simply supported two-lane prestressedprefabricated box girder is the guarantee of producing box girders quickly. Thesafe and reliable structure which meets the deformation amount while using, isthe premise to make sure the security of fabricated box girders.

  Simply supported two-laneprestressed prefabricated box girder consists of hydraulic outer modelcomponents such as outer model, end model, inner model traverse carriage, outermodel traverse carriage, the outer model track, and the bottom model; andhydraulic inner model components. The hydraulic inner model is controlled byhydraulic, which doesn’t need a human strip the model, so as to realize thestripping automatically. It has the advantages of template installationaccurate, fast and good steel structure. The outer model also works highlyautomatically and it is convenient strip the model, which helps thetransportation of formed girders, the storage and arrangement of the girderfield, and helps the inner model track get out of the girder chamber easily.

Jing-Jin Intercity Passenger Line is theearliest finished passenger dedicated railway of China with high standards, thelength of which is of 120km, connecting the two municipalities Beijing(Capital) and Tianjin. The Jing-Jin Intercity Railway uses the whole set of900tons and 32m simply supported box girder, the length of which is of 32.6m,the width of bottom is of 5.5m, the width of top is of 13.4m, the girder’sheight is of 3.05m. Started the construction on July 4, 2005 and terminatedwith success on December 15, 2007, and began the operation on August 1 of 2008.The Girder Field #5 for Jing-Jin Intercity Passenger Line locates in WuqingDistrict of Tianjin City, occupying a area of 180 acres, prefabricating 379sets of girders (370 sets of 32m, 9 sets of 24m), undertaken by China RailwayBureau 11. They had to finish supplying the girders by the middle of Februaryof 2007, customizing 20 sets of custom girder templates, one of which is thegeneric template for both 24m and 32m.

Wu-Huang IntercityRailway is the express railway inside the Wuhan City, which connects Wuhan,Huangshi, and Huanggang City. The railway starts from Wuchang (Wuhan) Station,terminates in Huangshi Daye North Station, the length of which is of 97km, thebridges and tunnels occupying 71%. The design speed for vehicles on thisrailway is of 200km/h or higher. The prefabricated box girder is of thesingle-box and two-chamber, having two kinds of lengths: 24m and 32m. The widthis of 12.2m and the height is of 2.7m. The 24m box girder weights 500 tons and32m 700 tons. The Huangshi Girder field locates in Daye North Station of WuqiaoVillage, Dongyue Street, Daye City, undertaken by China Railway Bureau 18, thefirst company, supplying especially girders for the 5 railway bridges of theWu-Huang Intercity Railway’s Huangshi Section. The total demand is of 168pieces: 11 pieces of 24m, 157 pieces of 32m, 15 sets of costume templates, oneof which is generic template for both 24m and 32m.

Hang-Chang Passenger Line is one of themain backbone of China’s “Four vertical and four horizontal" PassengerNetwork----one part of Hu-Kun Railway. The length of this line is of 927km,design speed is 350km/h, using the whole set of 900 tons and 32m simplysupported box girder. The construction of Hang-Chang Passenger Line Xiaoshangirder field was undertaken by China Railway 17th Bureau, the sixthcompany. They made 310 sets of prefabricated girders and 16 sets of boxgirder’s templates.

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