Box packaging in aluminium foil/aluminum foil cutter box/foil box

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China (Mainland)

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Disposable aluminum foil lunch box/Aluminum foil box for food packaging

Are you feel headache when there are more than 200 or even 1000 kind of products in your purchasing list?

Are you deppressed when don't know where can get unsual restaurant supplies ? 


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Box packaging in aluminium foil/aluminum foil cutter box/foil box

Box packaging in aluminium foil/aluminum foil cutter box/foil box

Box packaging in aluminium foil/aluminum foil cutter box/foil box

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Q:Can aluminum foil be used in a microwave oven?
Aluminum foil in microwave function should not be used, because microwave is not metal material, easy to fire
Q:Is the aluminum foil used for fresh keeping the better the heat preservation?
To overcome the ordinary styrofoam brittle deformation, recovery of the shortcomings of the poor. The utility model has the advantages of water separation, moisture proof, shock proof, sound insulation, heat preservation, good plasticity and strong toughness.
Q:What are the characteristics of aluminium foil waterproof coiled material?
Most of the foil is shiny on one side and the other dull. Aluminum foil for food can be wrapped on both sides, and it is generally recommended to enhance the heat transfer effect with bright bread wrap
Q:Aluminum foil will be pervious to light, super light?
Boxed milk is a lot of paper boxes, there is a layer of aluminum, there is a layer of plastic, this box visible light, I'm afraid it is not easy to pass through, X ray should be able to.
Q:The foil can work in 430 degree heat?
A white powder, a covalent compound, having a melting point of 2050 DEG C and a boiling point of 3000 DEG C. Therefore, it can be inferred that if oxidized, the final result may not be aluminum foil, but also alumina. A touch may be powdery...
Q:For use in solar water heaters / air conditioners for thermal insulation and heat insulation
All those selling refrigeration parts and central air-conditioning are available
Q:What are the areas in which aluminum foil is applied?
Preparation of polyaluminium chloride from waste aluminium foilPolyaluminium chloride is a common inorganic polymer flocculant. The wide range of raw materials for the production of polymeric aluminum chloride sets the foundation for its development. Especially, the production process is various, which provides convenience for the development of polyaluminium chloride.
Q:Aluminum foil waterproof material, how much is a square?
Our 16 piece is mainly insulated and waterproof. Aluminized about 5-8 pieces
Q:Can foil work at 430 degrees high temperature?
In a word, can not withstand 430 degrees, do not say the reason, practice
Q:The self sealing bag is made of pure aluminium foil or kraft paper. How about the tightness?
Now the standard of living has improved, basically the pure aluminum bag. This will improve the product's shelf life, preservation time is longer, more conducive to product sales.

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