Bopp Thermal Lamination Film 25micro Popular

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1.Structure of Bopp Thermal Lamination Film Description

Comparing with traditional coating film, thermal lamination film is easier to operate, none solvent pollutions, and health for workers. It is glossier and can keep for a longer time, to protect the printing color from change. It is no wrinkles, bubbles, or desquamates, which is suitable for any ordinary hot lamination machines.

Bopp Thermal Lamination Film is Environmental friendly: non-hazardous to health and safe to use as no toxic gases or volatile content is emitted. Safe in laminating process as no solvent based adhesive is used.

2.Main Features of the Bopp Thermal Lamination Film

Excellent printability

Good dimensional

Stability flatness and strength

Good ink adhesion

3. Bopp Thermal Lamination Film Images


4. Bopp Thermal Lamination Film Specification


Specification & Parameter





30 Gloss

26 Matt

27 Matt

28 Matt

30 Matt


















































360;390;440;540;590;780;880;1080;1320;1400;1600;1800 (upon customer's requitement)


1000m-6000m (more or less 10% allowed)

Corona Treatment Side



AB(Both side)


 Less than 2

Tensile Strength

MD:2.4*106dyne/cm    CD:5.3*106dyne/cm

Peper Corelinter Dia




We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1. What is the application?

Coating on books and magazine, catalogs, pictures, promotional materials, paper bag;

Outside coating for wrapping box for food, medicine, cosmetic, gift, liquor Blueprint document, office files, advertisement paints, inject ink paintings, post, digital prints.

2. What is the advantage?

.With high transparency, and it can get a nice appearance, as well as protecting the

prints after laminating.

.It was no bubble, wrinkle or desquamate after laminating.

.Easy to operate the laminating machines, which can low down the cost

.Wide product application field, suitable for advertising prints, digital prints

.Meet the environmental requirements of the occident countries, it has been widely used

all over the world

.No solvent pollution during the production, it is environmental-friendly and healthy for the production and usage.

.Suitable for any ordinary hot laminating machines3.How about the delivery time

.The customer’s needs is delivering on time, rather than an excuse. We will make a

production plan before producing, and the sales will regular inform the production

schedule and process to the customer.



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Q:What is a process protective film and what is its use?
The process protective film, as its name suggests, is a protective film used in manufacturing
Q:What's the advantage of sticking a protective film on your cell phone?
Foil can effectively avoid some sharp objects on the screen into direct damage Cao, you can choose whether the film by personal preference. Specifically listed as:Part of the film can make the phone more beautiful;Part of frosted film can increase the feel of mobile phone;Can make the phone more transparent;Part of the film can also be anti fingerprint, antifouling and other functions.
Q:How to remove the mobile phone protection film?
I film generally has two film with a glue stick very tight not tear can be made of plastic plate hard cut with a tip from the top of the adhesive surface ladder in hand slowly slowly and gently pull easily tear a bad screen (do not use iron things on the screen is very easy to scratch if left) the glue in the above can erase the other one is the electrostatic film is now the mainstream of the light through the high rate of easy to tear tape on the edge pressing with a drag is generally not glue can be three years of experience and I hope to help you
Q:How to clean the keyboard protection film?How to wash the best?
Protect the film with a little water, add a little detergent, refresh it with a soft brush, and then dryA little more advanced, with organic solvents such as ethanol
Q:How to easily tear off the protective film on household appliance that is used for too long?
You can give electric hair drier a try. Try put the drier 15cm away the film and heat the cornor at first. If you find it easy to tear off, you can exend the area. Note: do NOT blow the main part of the film for too long.
Q:Laser cutting mirror stainless steel, do not tear off protective film, OK? What's the effect?
If it is an ordinary film, it can be torn off and attached to the laser special film. At present, most of the stainless steel plate on the market protection film for ordinary film, if it is laser cutting processing, it is recommended in order to plate when requiring manufacturers to stick laser special film. Laser film thickness is generally thicker, not easy to delimit wear, in addition, laser processing, the film will not be blown off, and always play a protective role.
Q:How many kinds of material are there in the decoration ground protection film?
Best answerDecoration ground protective film in accordance with the material commonly used:PE (polyethylene), PET (polyester film), CPP (polypropylene), PVC (PVC), OPP, etc.
Q:There are several labels on the toughened film, which are the protective films that need to be torn off
I hope my answer will help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask questions. Thank you!
Q:What to do when the protective film on stainless steel is used for too long and difficult to remove?
1. If the film is not too big, you can apply some lacquer thinner to it and then scrub it with cleaning ball. 2. Detergent used in textile industry will work (Bottled such detergent is called al). I've tried it. It really works well. 3. Use sulfuric acid. But you should mix it with water before use, otherwise the door will corrode. Immerge the door into the mixed sulfuric acid for a period of time and scrub it with cleaning ball. 4. Firstly, use electric hair drier to blow the film. And them slowly tear it off. 5. Do NOT use something hard (like cleaning ball)to scrub it if you are not sure whether the door is specular or brushed. Or the surface of the door will be damaged. You can wash it with hot water and scrub it with a stick coated with cotton cloth at the same time. It will work if you do it slowly. If it doesn't work. You can find someone specialized to do the surface processing. 6. Pour some gasoline on a piece of cloth and slowly wipe the door with it.
Q:The use of the protective film
It can cover a lot of products, like electronic products, plastics, mobile phone screens, etc.

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