BOP Stretched Netting

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  • Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)

  • color:red,yellow,blue,green....

  • material:PE

  • size:0.7X30m 1.0X50m 1.2X30m

  • weight:200g 300g 320g 400g 450g

  • mesh size:2X2mm 3X3mm 6X6mm...

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:general packing or according to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail:7 days after receiving 30%T/T


protect young trees from destruction in rural areas and forest
protect trees full growth
increase tree growth rate

Square mesh can protect young trees from animal’s destruction in rural areas and forest, if installed at the time of planting, square mesh can protect them entirely till their full growth and increase their growth rate.

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Q:Toxic plastic food and drink containers?
There has been research done recently exploring the reason for certain carcinogens showing up in almost everyone's blood that's tested for them. The research has shown that these carcinogens seem to result from chemicals used to make packages leak-proof to oils - even when heated. This is obviously an advantage to all those packaged foods (dinners, popcorn, etc) that we heat up to eat. So far the amounts are small the threat is not definitely great. Further research is planned.
Q:plastic molding?
Methaline Chloride will work to repair your plastic. It dissolves the material and lets it reform as new. This should be available from a place such as Fischer Scientific. I really think that you should be going back to the manufacturer for replacement parts. This unit is defective and needs help.
Q:When did plastic surgery begin?
plastic surgery was first tested in WW1 to soldiers who had severe facial wounds, towards the end of ww2 more people were being killed due to infection than were being saved. however it was not until the 21st century that cosmetic surgery has become a normal thing
Q:Do rabbits/bunnies chew through plastic mesh?
yum yum yum nice snack for the rabbits but yeah they can chew through the mesh quite easily and cats and fox's would get through it easily with one swipe at it
Q:What is plastic cheese?
Cheaply made processed cheese slices are refered to as 'plastic cheese' simply because there is very little nutritive value in them. They are generally the lesser brands like 'no name' brands. They are not really made of plastic but they are about as nutritious as plastic, hence the name.
Q:Plastic Surgery: Savior or destruction?
Depends on whether you are talking about reconstructive surgery, where disfigurements such as burn scars, cleft plate/lip and other deformaties are healed to improve the qualify of life for the patient; or the more popular definition - botox and other treatments to help someone become more like the rigid definition of beauty that society has. I don't see any benefit in 'plastic' surgery, because it only feeds the idea that you aren't acceptable as you are, not to mention the surgeon's pocketbook. As for the former, I'm sure you can find examples online of how people's lives have been changed by reconstructive surgery.
Q:what happens to plastic?
it usually ends up killing a fish or two, why?
Q:Plastic vs Polycabornate Lenses?
Plastic will be a little thicker. This will matter less if you chose a small frame or one that is a little thicker. You probably should get scratch resistant coating and UV protection. These are both included with polycarbonate but need to be added to regular plastic. At our office adding both of these options to plastic pushes the price above polycarbonate.
Q:Solution to Plastic carry bags...?
Currently in South Australia our plastic bags have change consistency. The bags now disintegrate at a much faster rate. Or we now can use material bags (green bags) which are washable and can be reused many times before needing to recycle them and buy new. I have been using reusable bags (20 years or so) even before they were brought in for the general public to use. The shops charge 10c for every plastic bag you buy to take your groceries home. Has that had an impact on their use - I don't know. It took quite a while for people to change their ways. There are now more people using the green bags' than plastic. But still the plastic is around. I don't know what was wrong with the original paper bags that we had when I was a child. They were reusable and bio-degradable. What will happen in the future? Only time will tell.
Q:project on biodegradable plastic?
problematic aspect. research over a search engine. it may help!

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