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Boiler Feed Pump  Brief

This pump is horizontal sectional multistage centrifugal pump,due to high pressure and big flow ,widely application for boiler feed industrial,mining,water supply for high bulding,water circulation system,oil field ,etc

Because of different design,it can be divided into five type pumps:

1.D series pump:the medium temperature is not exceed 80°C, applicate to supply and discharge water for high buildings, resident,mine,fire fighting, pressure boosting and refrigeration water circulation for air conditioning, etc.

2.DG series boiler water feed pump:medium temperature is not exceed 160°C, applicate to transport hot water, such as water feed to bolier, municipal and industrial heating system.

3.DY multi-stage centrifugal oil pump: transport oil and oil product without solid at temp range -20—105°C, viscosity is less than 120.C.S.T

4.DF series stainless steel anti-corrosive multi-stage centrifugal pump: transport corrosive liquids without solid at -20—105 °C

5.DM series wearable mining multi-stage centrifugal pump: applicate to transport mining water with particles <1.5%,size<1mm, -20--105°C..

Boiler Feed Pump  Parameter range:

Rated flowrate: 6-1000m3/h

Rated head: 40-2000m

Rotate speed: 3500r/min,2900r/min, 1750r/min,1450r/min


Bearing Specification

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Bearing specification













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Boiler Feed Pump  Structure Introduce

1.This series multi-stage pump have two bearings on begin and end shaft, flexible pin coupling coupled between pump and motor,.the rotating direction seen from the motor is clockwise

2.Horizontal suction and vertical discharge,but the DG pump are both vertical.Multi-stage pump 3.The bearing is lubricated by butter.

4.Shaft seal:Gland packing seal /mechnical seal

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Q:Question on water pump?
I do not know the kind of pump you are referring to. I will give my personal expertise. If it is a pump taking water from a tank, the piping might be loose, the knocking may be corrected with some air ventilation pipe. If it is pumping from a water tank: I suggest you look at a submersible pump capable of supplying water to 3rd floor. This kind of pump is less noisy. The noise at start, is the electric starter, and the noise at the end is when water returns and seals the stop valve. Also some air may be in the pipe, you need to purge the pump, as often as needed, try this first, and then the others. Good luck
Q:Water pump on 98 dodge caravan....??
Water pumps arent too bad to change. Just follow the hoses to the pump, should be connected to the sepentine belt. Your diagnosis seems to be correct,
Q:My water pump circuit breaker keeps tripping?
Water Pump Trips Circuit Breaker
Q:Acura 1.7 EL Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement?
Never get a dealership to work on your car unless you're not paying for it. Get a good garage to do it for you instead. If you're mechanically inclined you might be able to do it yourself, but im not sure how hard it is since it sounds like your timing belt powers your waterpump (just makes it more difficult, whereas my car has a separate belt that powers my WP). Otherwise you got a honda engine in there it sounds like, so it's not going to be insanely complicated.
Q:Do I need to replace my water pump?
If it is your water pump, just keep driving the car and you will soon know. The pump will lock up, you get towed in, then get to have the pump repaired. By what you said, my guess is the water pump needs replaced.
Q:Pump flow 6M3/H is an hour, how many tons of water?
Flow 6M3/H, that is, an hour can smoke 6 tons of water. But according to the power, head and flow calculated by formula, the water pump efficiency is 98%, can it be achieved?
Q:wheel came off..serpentine belt came water pump?
to make it simple what it sound like that they are saying is that the water pump is broken and when this happens in some case one can not turn the pulley of the water pump so the belt would slip on it so long until it overheats and melts leading it to rip. if u don't trust your mechanic have another mechanic look at it and if they tell you the exact same thing chances are they are both right.
Q:hooking two water pumps together?
That's an interesting question and it raises quite a few complicated hydro-engineering questions. If you used two pumps with the same output pressure, sequenced to switch on together, I do not believe you would increase the final output pressure over using just one pump. I'd think you'd need to have the first pump run to a pressure tank with a check valve and then use a booster pump to raise the pressure from that tank to the house meaning you'd need another pressure tank and check valve in the house. Have you looked at the air bladder diaphragm tanks that allow you to set the pressure by regulating the air pressure behind the bladder? This might be a better option than 2 pumps. Look at a company called Well-X-Trol.
Q:Yang Chengtai big, the pump power is too small, the water pump will be bad?
No, only when the operation of the low lift point is super power (burning motor), high lift point operation, low efficiency, small amount of water, or even no water. For example, a nominal 10 meters pump, flow rate of 10 square / hour. The actual lift 15 meters, the water pump is small or no water. The actual head is 5 meters, traffic may 20 square / hour, this time may exceed current, the motor may burn.
Q:Does the IP55 indicate the lift on the water pump nameplate?
IP is INGRESS PROTECTION, that is, protection level,IP protection class is composed of two numbers, first numbers, from the lighting level to prevent intrusion of foreign objects, second numbers represent the tightness of anti moisture, waterproof lamp intrusion, the larger the number the higher the level of protection.Therefore, the pump IP refers to the pump with its own motor dust and waterproof level

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