Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Bluetooth HiFi stereo Mini USB speaker with different colors, and logo print support

1. Easy to link with Bluetooth Player, Mobile Phone, PDA, Tablet, PC & Laptop
2. Support TF card, support MP3 file format
3. Support Mobile phone hand-free function
4. LED indicator for status indicating, bring you a vogue and technological feel
5. Use as an external speaker with a line-in audio/AUX cable
6. Digital audio amplifier, full frequence speaker, pleases your ear with transparent sound effect
7. High capacity rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, for longer music play
8. Mini 5P USB connector, for both power supply and data transfer
9. Volume control
10. On/Off switch.

Built-in Li-ion battery, 3.7V/500mAh
USB charging voltage: DC 5V
Speaker: 40mm 2.6ohm 3W
Frequency range: 60Hz~18kHz
S/N: ≥ 96dB
Distortion≤ 0.5%
Size: 60*60*53mm

Bluetooth Speaker, Portable Speaker, Wireless Speaker, Mini Speaker

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Q:Do I need a specific size speaker stand?
Speaker stands should bring the speakers up so that the tweeter is at ear level when seatedif they do that they should work.and should be right for those speakers.the size of the platform is sufficient.
Q:1990 Toyota Supra Speakers?
i've got no longer seen many head-gaskets circulate out except somebody has boosted the swifter with the help of messing with the waste-gate. while it is going out it is going to initiate overheating and in undesirable circumstances, steaming out of tailpipe. in case you will enhance the swifter i might circulate with upgraded steel overall performance head-gaskets. to initiate out circulate to a Toyota broker that sells TRD (Toyota Racing progression) factors and check out what bolt-on upload-ons are made extremely for the Supra. The supply many recommendations like chilly air consumption, low restrict air filters and cat-returned exhaust. those products will greater healthful and carry out plenty greater acceptable than aftermarket.
Q:What door speakers are the best?
Speakers range in price to thousands of dollars. If I were you and want some way above average look at focals speakers
Q:Jobs as Motivational Speaker?
Q:Guitar amp speaker replacement?
you should get the same speaker the marshall speakers are good it is very easy to replace all you have to do is take the screws out of the front or back of the amp however it is set up unplug the positive and negative wire from the back of the speaker and put the new one in the same way you took the old one out it is only too wires red and black
Q:Where can i find custom cables for my Sony speakers?
Sony speakers don't require custom wire. Some speakers use proprietary connectors to actually attach the speaker wire to the speaker but most do not. Even if your Sony speakers did you could get them from the Sony store. As to wire, any speaker wire will do (Home Depot, radio Shack, etc).
Q:bestbuy/installing speakers/will it fit?
im not sure which package your jeep is but heres all the sizes you will need for it: STANDARD The standard equipment speaker system includes speakers in six locations. One 6.4 centimeter (2.50 inch) diameter tweeter is installed on each end of the instrument panel top pad. One 15.2 by 22.9 centimeter (6 by 9 inch) full-range speaker is located in each front door. There is also one full-range 16.5 centimeter (6.5 inch) diameter full-range speaker located in each rear door. PREMIUM The optional premium speaker system features six Infinity model speakers in six locations. Each of the standard speakers is replaced with Infinity model speakers. One 6.4 centimeter (2.50 inch) diameter Infinity tweeter is installed on each end of the instrument panel top pad. One 15.2 by 22.9 centimeter (6 by 9 inch) Infinity woofer is located in each front door. There is also one full-range 16.5 centimeter (6.5 inch) diameter Infinity full-range speaker located in each rear door. The premium speaker system also includes an additional Infinity power amplifier. The total available power of the premium speaker system is about 180 watts. And yes Best buy will install your speakers even if you dont buy them off best buy its roughly 40$ an hour i believe they usually do 40$ per pair. Component Speaker Driver + A Seperated Tweeter usually placed in the pillars Coax Speaker Driver + Tweeter built in to speakers these can be 2 way or 3 way I prefer Coax myself, but to each their own, i would say get 3 way for the front, and two way for the rears, the rear is just a filler right so you dont need to be too sophisticated in the back uinless you really want to be.
Q:mipro speakers?
They are not meant for home theater. Mipro makes commercial public address speakers and wireless mics - as the other answer said wouldn't you be better off looking for speakers that are designed for home theater?
Q:someone help with my speakers :(?
Usually speakers are plug and play, so without disassembling the speakers (to make sure the wires are all connected), you cannot fix them.
Q:speaker converters?
I don't know

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