Bluetooth Speaker Plastic Steel 3W iHS08

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$10.08 / pc
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300pcs pc
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20000 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Bluetooth Speaker Plastic Steel 3W iHS081,360 degree rotation volume adjustment
2, with a speakerphone, echo processing
3, high-quality audio processing A2DP V1.2 4, stereo output, built-in bass cone, bass good 5, 6 or more transmission distance 10M, support LINE IN function
7, support TF card to play music

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Q:speakers - help with choosing?
Marantz builds a good quality amplifier and has a nice warm sound to it. So you want to choose speakers that will work well both electrically and be complemented sonically by the amplifier. Do they have to be bookshelf speakers ? Of course with small bookshelf speakers they will be somewhat limited in bass output (which isn't a bad thing) its just a limitation due to size. Sure you can make up for that with a subwoofer, but that introduces a whole other set of concerns. If they didn't have to be bookshelf I would recommend looking into Magnepan, or Vandersteen as they are making the best budget speakers out there right now, and would work nicely with your Marantz amplifier. They would also produce a nice full sound without the need of buying and dealing with placement and calibration concerns of using a subwoofer with the bookshelf speakers. As for bookshelf speakers, Tannoy, Kef, Aerial Acoustics, BW, all make nice sounding bookshelf speakers. There are also many others, but all will be found at the better audio stores. Or simply go and discover your local independent high end audio video store as they carry the better brands of speakers. The salesmen at these stores also have years of experience designing higher quality systems so they can best help you find the right speakers for how you like to listen, the room it will be played in, and that matches with your amplifier correctly. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist
Q:Blown audio amplifier or speakers?
Your prayer replaced into replied however the respond replaced into no. whilst a speaker burns out it fairly is merely like whilst a easy burns out. merely like that. No scream. No wimper. warm and quiet. there's a glimmer of desire; The little cord braid that connects the terminal to the voice coil is somehwat fragile. they do injury sometimes. sometimes you are able to very heavily solder the fracture mutually, yet do no longer enable the braid suck up alot of solder. It would desire to stay as versatile as available. To be thorough, examine the fuses. If it fairly is the only problem, you be conscious of how loud to no longer advance it next time.
Q:Speakers wont work in my truck?
The tech guys at aspen sound are complete idiots. A speaker CANNOT send a signal back to the HU regardless if it's blown or not. Your problem can happen for many reasons: Bad solder joint in the HU Loose harness connection malfunctioning thermo-coupler
Q:How can I connect Hdmi to speakers?
You can not use an HDMI cable to connect a speaker. The HDMI cable carries the audio and video in one cable. The wires used for this is small and not ideal for connecting speakers. Wires for speaker use normal would be a 16 gauge wire. You connect your receiver video output to the projector input by using HDMI cable. You connect a speaker wire from the receiver to the speakers. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Still no sound from my speakers?
Are these internal speakers or external speakers? Are you sure your speakers work? Go to start-control panel and double click on Sounds and Audio Devices Then check if the volume is on. Or double click on the Volume control icon and make sure no output is muted. Speakers have no drivers, but your audio card needs one. make sure your audio card's driver is installed properly.
Q:Speakers Size?
The front door speakers are a 7 speaker with a Chrysler-style 3-tab mounting setup. Most after-market 6 1/2 speakers will fit, but some may require an adapter. Some models are also equipped with 3 1/2 dash speakers.
Q:Guitar amp speaker replacement?
I have a Crate tube amp from the 90s, and has amazing tone, designed by Lee Jackson. lucas is thinking in narrow-minded terms, and if he would invest in an amp over $100, he just may well find a good sounding one.
Q:the front speakers is not working?
get a multimeter. check the speakers, check the wires, check the head unit, try the fade adjustment? fade to rear will set only the rear speakers to on. if thats the problem tell all your friends it was a wire problem ;-) if your car has a built in amplifier which i'm assuming it does because with 6 speakers that would be considered 'premium sound' check that in my 96 mercury grand marquis i had to yank out the factory amp because it interfered with my stereo and wouldn't allow signal to pass through it take your time and remember it will work in the end as long as you're patient
Q:someone help with my speakers :(?
You could have popped one of the speakers, by playing music at an excessive volume, I have done this many times before, just be more careful with how hard you push the speakers.
Q:New speakers void Nissan warranty?
Speakers are warrantied for 3 years 36,000 miles. Only very high voloume and bass setting can shake the stock speakers apart. Make sure the headliner above the rear speakers is not rattleing. Also speakers will not void your warranty. As a Nissan technician I have to prove any modification caused the failure that voids warranty.
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Location Shenzhen,China
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China; Mid East;Western Europe
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