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1.Surface:100% Polypropylene


3.Pile Height: 3mm

4.Pile Weight:270g/m2

5.Total Weight:1000g/m2

6.Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm


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Q:Can i put a big rug over carpet?
Sure you can, my daughter just did exactly this. She found a rug, that matched all her furnishing, and had a bit of the color of the existing carpet color so it flowed well and it looks really nice. It can take alot of searching. I dont know where you live, in some areas people sell rugs on the side of the road type people or at swap meets, have the best prices and seem to have the most interesting types. IKEA has rugs that are pretty reasonable too if you have one near you. To simply get carpet laid over your carpet can be done, but, pretty much when you move and pull it up the carpet below for some reason gets really damaged this way. Having a huge rug that you can occassionally pull back and vacuum under is better. Happy hunting!!!!!
Q:need help with the rug!!!!?
Red !!!!
Q:How do you wash a large bathroom rug?
I have one I think is very similar to yours (from Crate and Barrel?). It's a big black rug that almost looks shaggy, only it has no rubber backing, and it sits under the coffee table. I have several with rubber backings too, but the weave on them is very fine. When they need cleaning, I just take them outside, set them on the deck and hose them off with the power sprayer. It's kind of gross how much dirt comes out of a rug. After I've given them a good bath, I throw them up over the deck railing and let them air dry. It doesn't seem to hurt them, and it's the only way I have ever figured out to clean rugs. I made the horrible mistake of putting a rubber backed bath mat in the washer/dryer once. The washer creased the rubber backing really bad, and the dryer made the corners curl under and melted some of the rubber. I had to toss a perfectly good bathmat out, and I will never make the same mistake. Now the non-backed rug that sits under my parrots cage goes in the industrial washer at the laundromat and air dries. It's pretty beat up from that, and inhale had to patch it, but it also stained and gross from having a bird on top of it flinging food, so I don't really care, it isn't decorative. So ya, no washer/dryer, but the hose seems very effective.
Q:How to clean the paint on the carpet?
Wash with paint thinner
Q:best carpet cleaning method?
It depends on the type or kind of carpet being cleaned. Dry rug cleaning strategies may function admirably for most carpet made from natural fibers that can't withstand much moisture. Conventional carpet cleaning methods include hot water, steam cleaning or rug shampooing and work best for carpets made from man-made fibers such as polyester or Teflon-coated fibers. It is additionally imperative to consider whether you will be doing the cleaning yourself or hiring a professional to do the job. There are a number of machines available all guaranteeing to clean your rug. The effectiveness of these machines relies on upon the consumers' carpet cleaning needs.
Q:Handtufted 100% wool rugs. Do they all have a smell? Is it normal to find twigs or seeds woven into the wool?
If your supplier is buying from village producers, then yes, there will be twigs and seeds in the wool. In a handmade rug, the wool is sheared from sheep that are wandering about and getting dirty. Although the wool will be combed/carded and probably scoured a little, it will not become 100% clean. Textile machinery and harsh chemicals are required to remove every bit of debris from the wool. A 100% wool rug with no debris in it will invariably be machine made. The smell is one of sheep..... again, if you buy heavily scoured, bleached wool the smell is not so strong. A good example of this that can be seen in most yarn stores is the Japanese-produced Noro yarn. It is moderately expensive but small twigs and grasses can still be found in the yarn.
Q:Should I get blue curtains or a blue rug?
Well: Go with the BLUE !!! I LOVE BLUE TOO !!! I mostly like GOLD to go with blue !!! MOST of the time !!! No`matter what !! Try getting just the right shade of blue to go with each shade of: G O L D !!!! not red to sub for gold in some or certain instances !! i guess if you do'nt mind ORANGE or YELLOW has been called gold in certain situations !!!.... I lost concentration !!! I' just better stop now !!! G/L~!!! r R r
Q:Chewing gum stuck into carpet?
Pro At least call for an estimate. Do not use gasoline as it is highly flammable and dangerous.
Q:My cat keeps licking the carpet?
Have you used anything new on the carpet? She may just like the feeling of it on her tongue. I know it sounds pretty funny but its true. Does she lick any particular place? Just investigate, and watch your cat. If it really bothers you, try calling up your vet.
Q:why does this island have no zebra print rugs?
Don't ... They have various styles of zebra rugs in 8 x 11

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