Blue and White Color Chenille Polyester Jacquard Floor Carpets and Rugs

Ref Price:
$11.50 - 15.50 / m²
Loading Port:
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1000 m²
Supply Capability:
20000 m²/month

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Product Description:

 Specification of Chenille Polyester Jacquard Carpet 

Style name:

Polyester Jacquard Carpet 
Raw Material:

Polyester chenille yarn

Use:Bathroom, bedroom, parlor, toilet, decoration, movie house, outdoor etc
Restaurant, hotel, restaurant
Weight: Top:600 - 750 g/m2  Bottom: 400-450g/m2
Size:25*75 / 40*60 / 50*80 / 60*90 / 70*140 / 70*120 / 70*180 /  80*120 / 80*100 / 90*90 / 90*14 / 90*150 / 120*170
Pattern:As customer's requirements  
Packing: Each rug packed with a OPP bag .
Technics:Needle punchded/non woven
Productivity:40000 square meters per month . 
Place of origin: China
Standard quantity: 2800-3000 M2 in 1x20'GP container , 6500-7000 M2 in 1x20'GP container 
MOQ:500 piece( Our company design )    2000 piece ( The client's design )
Delivery time: Within10-15 working days after receiving your advance money
Payment term: T/T, L/C
Port: China Main Port


Pictures of Chenille Polyester Jacquard Carpet 


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Q:what do you do if your cat pees on the rugs in the bathroom that are right by his litter box?
easy get rid of the rugs. he must not like something about it. If you dont remove it eventually he will be peeing else where in the house
Q:Carpet protectors for heavy recliner sofas?
Chair Carpet Protector
Q:How do i get my cat to stop peeing on the bathroom rug?
hmm is it a rug around the toliet? if you have males in the house who miss their intended target it could be the cat pickin up on that scent and marking thinking there is another cat around.
Q:carpet stain, help walked in automotive grease?
first off, i gotta say this: you are a brave woman having beige carpets and a mechanic in the same house! i avoid buying anything light colored for that very reason. to remove the grease though: Dawn dish soap. it is great stuff! just take the Dawn, mix a tablespoon or so in you sink and add like 1/2 an inch of water. swish it around with your hand to get it super bubbly. take a damp sponge and scoop it through the bubbles. rub the bubbles into the stain really good getting more bubbles periodically. let them sit for about 20 minutes, get your carpet shampooer out if you have one, and use that to rinse the spot. if not, use a rag and warm water. you might have to do it a few times, but that has gotten grease out of my carpets on more than one occasion. Gojo works pretty good too, or fast orange, or whatever he scrubs up with at work, but the pumice is hard to get out of the carpet, so look for one with no grit. the Gojo works great on greasy work clothes though, with or without the grit. (with grit works great on denim.)
Q:Why does my carpet now stink after shampooing it just for stain removal?
once a carpet gets wet, all you smell are the odors that have accumulated ,wether you shampood spots or not... my suggestion is to have the entire carpet steam cleaned by a professional... 3 rooms usually undre 200 dollars , servicemaster is a great company to use... also stanley steamer. ask if they can put a deodorizer in while steaming also, harmless to the carpet, but very customer appealing because it makes your house smell fresh while the carpet is wet... it takes a t minimum of 12 hours for the carpet to dry, so make sure you can get around the house after this is done... and after it dries, all you do is vacuum and its like brand new carpet... god luck
Q:How to remove a very long silica gel stained on the carpet?
Milk, use cleaning agent after the stain to be soften. Use banana water or paint thinner to wash if shoe polish smear the carpet. Brushing the corresponding coffee spot rugs glycerin. coated cream carpet with dry cloth first sucked the booty, vinegar, finally use the wet towel clean, the stains soaked repeatedly scrub with brush ink, dirty carpet should rub with rice milk, and then the neutral carpet cleaning agent. 005 on the old ink stains on the carpet, and finally clean with water, and then clean with neutral detergent. 002 spot rugs spotted by fruit stains can be repeatedly scrub by 8% ammonia water 1 soy sauce. 007 tea stain, wash it with neutral detergent . 4 immediately use of alcohol paint red ink stained carpet, and then wash with alcohol again. 6 paint. 3 The part is stained by ink, and then clean it with carpet cleaning agent
Q:Why is there so much chromatism when producing multi color carpet
So different batches, because dyeing is ralated with the temperature and humidity of the air, the higher the humidity, the darker the color, the lower the temperature, the brighter the color
Q:how can I clean a sisal rug?
Hey,i happen to have a sisal rug myself!! Firstly, it depends on the kind of sisal rug you have. There are two types: synthetic fiber, which may contain nylon or wool-blend materials; and natural fiber, made of plant products such as sea grass, paper, or coconut fibers. To safely clean synthetic-fiber sisals, follow the manufacturer's directions, which may recommend hot-water extraction or a dry-cleaning method. Manufacturers of natural-fiber sisals suggest only a dry-cleaning method. Do not steam-clean or wet-shampoo; liquids or excessive dampness may cause these rugs to shrink or pucker. For spot-cleaning a stain, lightly mist the area with the manufacturer's recommended cleaning solution (do not pour or heavily apply any cleanser directly onto the rug). Then blot the damp area with a white towel and continue blotting until the stain is removed. A fabric protectant may be applied to both types of sisal rugs during the manufacturing process or by the consumer. But regular wear and tear and cleaning can decrease its effectiveness; it may need to be reapplied.=] thx,
Q:A spot on my sons rug smells like skunk! why? and how do I get rid of the smell?? 10 points best answer?
It could be spilled milk...or some other decaying food item...those can really stink. I would try undiluted white vinegar. Pour it on the spot and let it soak in for a while (put a towel under the rug so it doesn't soak through to the floor beneath). Blot it up and allow to dry. Pour baking soda powder on it overnight and then vacuum. If that doesn't work and you have direct sun where you are located...sit the rug out in the sun for the day. Sometimes the UV light from the son will kill any bacteria if the stain is some food item decaying. If you get the smell to decrease but not go away entirely....febreeze it at the end.
Q:What kind of carpet do you have at the bathroom and kitchen?
1., according to the use can be divided into: outdoor mats, indoor mats, location pads, elevator mats, etc..2., according to the functions are: sand scraping, dust removal, water absorption, anti-skid and other functions. [1-2]3., according to the appearance of the shape can be divided into: Ring silk type, Z font, modular, aluminum alloy floor mats, carpet mats.4. according to the material types: tufting Mendian, acrylic, polypropylene, Aluminum Alloy doormat doormat doormat, rubber mats, door mats, doormat, polyester fabric.

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