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AWS Classification: A.5.1:E6013
Contains 50% natural rutile and high quality of other materials to made dry mixed flux.
Specially for hydraulic pressure machine.


We also provide :

 flux E6011 and E7018, E7018-1, E7016, E6010 ETC


E6013 is the most popular mild steel welding rod.It is able to provide excellent welding preformance and satisfactory weld can be obtained in all position welding.


Application: It is widely used in ordinary strength mild steel structures especially suitable for intermittent welding to sheet steel and small work pieces as well as cosmetic welding with smooth and shiny appearance.


We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely 


How about your BLENDED COATING POWDER AWS E6013 E6011

One of the most biggest manufacturer & supplier of BLENDED COATING POWDER AWS E6013 E6011is a large-scale professional UAE Market BLENDED COATING POWDER AWS E6013 E6011factory in China. Annually more than 10000 tons BLENDED COATING POWDER AWS E6013 E6011 are exported to markets all over the world. Different kinds of BLENDED COATING POWDER AWS E6013 E6011are available according to customer’s requirements. 


How long can we receive the product after payment?

In the purchase of BLENDED COATING POWDER AWS E6013 E6011within three working days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible. The pacific time of receiving is related to the state and position of customers. Commonly 15 to 20 working days can be served.


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Q:What's the use of soldering flux?
Flux (flux): a chemical that helps and promotes welding processes and has a protective effect and prevents oxidation reactions in welding processes. Flux can be divided into solid, liquid and gas. The main auxiliary heat conduction, removing the oxide, reduce the surface tension of welding material, welding material removal is surface oil, increase the welding area, prevent oxidation and other aspects, in several aspects of the key role of the two is: "to remove oxides and" to reduce the surface tension of welding material".Soldering flux is usually a mixture of rosin as the main component. It is an auxiliary material to ensure the smooth progress of welding process. Welding is the main process in electronics assembly process, flux is used in welding materials, the main role is to remove the solder and flux of materials to be welded on the surface of the oxide, the metal surface to achieve the necessary cleanliness. It again to prevent surface oxidation during welding, reduce the surface tension of welding material, improve the welding performance of flux. The quality directly affects the quality of the electronic products.
Q:What soldering flux is used for manual welding of SMT components?
You say transparent latex flux, colorless transparent type, not welded, is not the oxidation of the solder joints?Xin Tai solder as better rosin flux for welding
Q:Can aluminum solder be used without soldering flux?
May not。 Aluminum and tin are not fused. Welding aluminium material with aluminium welding wire
Q:Why is flux etching copper plate?
The use of flux is:1. auxiliary heat conduction2. remove the oxide. Reduce the surface tension of the welded material3. remove the oil on the surface of the welding material and increase the welding area4. prevent reoxidation
Q:How does solder paste blanch after soldering?!
Because the flux in the solder paste melts at high temperature and volatilize. When the solder paste reaches a certain temperature, the solder paste will melt and become liquid, and the flux will break down and diffuse on the surface and periphery of the tin bath. When the temperature drops, the tin liquid solidifies into tin, and the flux does not decompose and volatilize, and remains. The residue is usually yellow or white.
Q:The refrigerator with aluminum aluminum welding flux? I wire is solid core!
The aluminum tube and the aluminum pipe welding can be welded with ALCU-Q303, and can search the "copper aluminum welding video" in the Baidu net ALCU-Q303 how to weld the copper aluminum pipe joint
Q:How to choose welding rod, welding wire and flux
Selection of fluxSelection of flux must be carried out simultaneously with the choice of welding wire, because of the different combinations of flux and wire, it is possible to obtain different properties or different chemical composition of deposited metal. Flux and wire used for submerged arc welding are usually selected according to the material of the metal being welded and the performance requirements of the weld metal. The general said on structural steel (including high strength carbon steel and low alloy steel) welding, is used to match the strength of base metal wire; welding of heat resistant steel, stainless steel, is used to match with the composition of base metal wire; welding should be according to the requirements of surfacing technology, using the properties of selected alloys system and similar components of welding wire. Then choose the welding flux which is suitable for the product structure and can be well matched with the welding wire. In addition to the steel grades, the welding technology requirements and welding process factors should be taken into account when selecting the flux. Because of the different types of flux process performance, crack resistance and anti porosity performance is different. For example: welding of low alloy steel and high strength low temperature toughness good, it should be selected with high basicity flux, narrow groove butt welding thick multi-layer welds, should choose the good performance of the slag removal flux.
Q:Is the flux poisonous?
Very responsible to tell you, toxic,Halogen containing toxic, halogen free, relatively environmentally friendly,Our company is the first company to do soldering in china,So I still know better
Q:How do you clean the soldering flux when you are not careful with it?
Conditional first washed with alcohol, and then wash with soap, no alcohol around, direct cleaning with soap can also be
Q:What are the commonly used fluxes?
To help dry flux, rosin rosin alcohol. 15 grams of 70 grams of bromide anhydrous alcohol salicylic acid 15 grams...Neutral flux, Vaseline 100 grams, triethanolamine 10 grams, anhydrous alcohol 40 grams. Water 10 grams of acid...Acid is not suitable for welding circuit boards, this can be usedThe most commonly used are rosin, solder paste,

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