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1Product Description

The special steel wire for blasting is made of high strength steel, which has the characteristics

 of high strength, high tensile strength and so on. General specification for blasting line: special

steel wire with 0.7mm- diameter 0.15mm.

  MEET GB/T343 standards.



  1006、1008、1018、Q195 WIRE ROD.

Ammonium nitrate explosive

Emulsion explosive

Expanded rock explosive

Lead explosive cable

Fire cap

Transient generator

Millisecond electric copper cap



size  (mm)

 tensile strength  (mpa)







  size (mm)

coil size

spool packing

big coil packing




6 cun

1—14㎏ axis


8 cun

1—100㎏ axis


11 cun

1—100㎏ axis








Material: Q195

Cross section shape: round

Cross section size: 0.13-5.5 (mm)

Length: 20000 (m)

Weight: 2 (kg/km)

Tensile strength: 400-500 (MPa)


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Q:where can i get thin insulated wire?
It is called enamelled copper wire or copper winding wire. You will find it at Digi-key and other electronics retailers. Check OKorder as well. It comes in different gauges (thicknesses), the higher the number, the thinner the wire. I'd say the stuff he uses in the video is about 30 gauge.
Q:How do i wire the remote wire to my amp?
The red wire off of the wiring harness for the radio is the remote wire. You need to run atleast a 16g wire(a 12 gauge wire would be best) from that red wire on the radio to the remote power input on the amp. I do not know what kind of setup and amp you have so I can not give further info, sorry.
Q:2G Mitsubishi Eclipse spark plug wires?
The stock ones are made by Mopar. They fit and work.
Q:Amp Wiring?
your uncle obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. You can tell him I said that. If you want to get a lot of water to your garden, you use a bigger hose. If you want to get a lot of power to your amp, you use a bigger wire.
Q:3 wire bilge pump not 2?
Good after I used to be within the navy, electrical energy was once three phase. There was once no original. Considering the fact that its is a pump, my recommendation is disconnecting the pump out of your load. Go ahead and wire up your pump inserting the 3 wires on any terminal. If the pump rotates in reverse, stop the power and swtch any 2 wires and you are good to move.
Q:best spark plug wire?
NGK wires are the best bang for your buck as far as aftermarket wires go
Q:What silk is fine as hair, soft as wool, strong as steel?
Characteristics of molybdenum wire:Ultra high tensile strength;It has high surface finish, good stability and high cutting accuracy;Elongation rate is small, tight silk is small;The winding rate is large, the wire diameter is uniform, it is difficult to break the wire, and the service life is long;Increase the high frequency power and improve the rough machining efficiency;The accurate measurement, vacuum packaging, prevent oxidation mildew, can be stored for a long time.Remember, the smallest one is only half a millimeter. It's very, very thin. One second you can cut down 1 trees. Of course, it depends on whether the equipment supports it!
Q:Connnecting wires in a splice case?
In (but not that big), then no, the wires do not need be stripped, just forced between the tines, the process of which nicks the insulation so the wire is in contact with the terminal. A pro uses a punchdown tool, but you can simulate the effect with a finger on one side and some needle nose pliers on the other. Be sure to seat it well to the back, and don't put more than one wire in a clip. The horizontal rows of 3 or 4 tines are connected together.
Q:how to wire an emergency residential boiler switch?
Hello there George, It has become common over the past few years that non-residential boilers are wired with EPO (emergency, power off) switches just outside each door to the boiler room. This is similar to having fire alarm pull boxes by the exits. I do not know of any jurisdiction that requires it for a residence. On occassion I've seen the 24 volt circuit for the thermostat being switched, which is a bit sketchy. Normally the 120 volt circuit for the controller is switched. The switches used are of the pushbutton type.
Q:How do I wire my Phone Lines?
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