Bladeless Fan with 14 Floor and Cool Air

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Product Description:

  • 14 Inch

  • No Blades

  • No Buffeting

  • Touch tilt, 90 degree oscillation

  •   Safe and easy to clean

  • Colour White/Silver/gray

Bladeless fan is an air cooling machine adopts advanced technologand novel design.It has not only elegant appearance,simple shape,besides:


1.Bladeless fan,inoffensive air current,more comfortable and more healthy.
2.Safe,without high speed rotating blade;it will not hurt any part of our need to worry about injuring children's fingers.
3.Easy to clean,no shield or blade,no need to dismantle or clean it.
4.Brushless electric engine.
5.Mixed flow impeller
6.Rotary air volume knob
7.90°Rotary airflow knob
8.Adjust wind direction by finger touch
9.Low center of gravity,more stable



1.) Bladeless electrical fan is also called hidden blade fan which can produce natural and  persistent   cool air.without blade,it won’t be covered by dust or injure curious children’s fingers.what’s more ,it has vagarious shape and novel appearance,giving incomparable visual effect.


2) The inspiration of this invention comes from air hand drier.the principle of air hand drier is to force the air to go through a small hole and dry the water of our hands.air amplifier make the air to go through a 1.0mm wide hole,and come out from the kerf of the ring shaped amplifier,the volume of the air comes out maybe 15 times of original,and its speed may reach 35km/hr.the air flow produ- ced by hidden blade fan is more stable than that of traditional fan.the air volume produced by it equals to the best normal fan in the market.for it has no blade to”cut”the air,the user won’t feel periodical attack or wave shaped makes you feel natural cool by persistent airflow.


3) Like most table fans,hidden blade fan may change the air direction in 90°.it may also change its depression and elevation is easy to operate and more humanistic.this product has novel and fashionable design.without blade,it meets smaller resistance and makes no is more energy-efficient,environment friendly,lowcarbon and more safe.




floor bladeless fan

Size & Type:

12inch Stand bladeless fan
Voltage / Power:110 / 220V-240V / 50W
Motor SpeedBrushless Motor, 4000~8000rpm
Speed Setting:Continuously Variable
Body Material:Plastic (ABS)
AC power cord:VDE 180.0cm
Product Height:120.0cm~140.0cm(Adjustable)
Base Type:Round Base
Product Colour:Blue ,Silver,white




Container Size: 1 x 20’GP 1 x 40’GP 1 x 40’HQ  
Quantity (Unit): 450Sets 950Sets 1080Sets

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Q:Why does the fan seem to spin backwards when it spins?
Because the human eye to object displacement to distinguish between 0.1s, and 0.1s when the fan turn fast may turn 350 degrees, looks like reversal of 10 degrees, so add up, like upside down
Q:Which brand of industrial electric fans is good?
Kunshan cool wind environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ventilation and cooling equipment manufacturers
Q:Does the fan blow the door open or closed?
Open the door, because opening the door helps the air circulate.
Q:What is the principle of an automatic fan head swing back and forth?
The first is through the rotor shaft above the worm and the formation of supporting turbine bite, the turbine has an eccentric shaft, eccentric shaft to drive the front and back movement of the connecting rod, fan head to do the left and right swing
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the vaneless fan?
The vaneless fan must have blades, but the blade is in the base where you can't see it. Breathe in the air from the bottom and blow it out of the upper circle slit
Q:The electric fan is moving all the time. Why is there a lot of ash on the leaves? Ash won't fall when you blow it?
When the fan rotates, it drives the surrounding air to flow, and the ash doesn't float up.
Q:How much electricity does the ordinary fan use in a day?
How much electricity does the electric fan use in one day, mainly the power?. The average fan power in the market is usually 40 watts / hour, -150 watts / hour
Q:When did the electric fan start to appear?
25 years later, Ecclestone engine and electrical company in the United States, and developed the world's first electric fan gear driven around the head
Q:How to make the electric fan in the house to achieve the best results?
If the fan doesn't get into the wind outside the window, it doesn't seem very good to follow the direction of the wind.
Q:How to pick an electric fan?
The fan leaves of a bamboo, streamlined appearance.

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