Black silt fence with wood stack

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Product Description:

Specification :

   - Material-Polypropylene

   - Weight : from 50/ 60/ 70gr/sq.m to 200gr/sq.m

   - Weaving condition: 10x10/sq.inch, 12x12/sq.inch, 18x11/sq.inch, 24x12/sq.inch

   - Black color with colored identification thread at each salvage

   - UV treated

Application :

  1) Silt Fence:

     - Water-run off and sediment control

  2) Weed Control Mat :

     - Inhibits weed growth

    - Allow soil to breath/Water to permeate

  3) Other application (Ground cover/ Geotextile sheet etc.) of PP woven fabric also available

Roll Size :

 - Width : 0.91m(3feet), 1,82m (6feet)       Maximum 4.5m (14.76feet)

 - Length : 10m,50m,100m

 - Various roll size available according to customer’s request

Packing : Export standard roll packing with paper core

Our products have been exported to all over the world. We have been committed to providing customers with quality products and good service, we sincerely hope that we can have a long-term cooperation with you.

All of different specifications of PP/PE tarpaulin are available.

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I don't know so much about the gas but what I can relate it to the pollution of the ocean. Most kinds of plastic never fully bio-degrade. The simply become smaller and smaller, being eaten by smaller and smaller sea creatures. As these plastics float through the ocean they collect small of amounts of toxic chemicals that are normally present in the water. These elements, when concentrated in larger amounts, become deadly to whatever consumes it. Additional these bits of plastic remain in the stomach essentially fooling the animal into thinking it does not need food, starving it to death. The plastic can become so small that it can be consumed by plankton. When the plankton die it has a ripple effect on the rest of the ecosystem similar to breaking the leg off of a chair; it will still stand but it is shaky and it you take out one more leg it completely collapses. Oh yeah, when plastic bags are not reused or recycled they end up in landfills still not biodegrading. Plastic is extremely useful but you should activley think about the amount of plastic you use and where it will eventually end up.
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tricky problem. query at yahoo or google. that will will help!
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The best option would be to sell them off. Guys who buys them knows what to do with them and how to utilize them correctly. You get money and make world a healthy place to live. Go do it now.
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This question gets asked a LOT. Look it up on Google and you'll find a dozen methods. A pure solution of Simple Green will work and some people use acetone-free nail polish remover (don't use acetone based!!) but I haven't tried that myself.

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