Black color 500w remote control 6 In 1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner with virtual wall

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Product Description:

dry and wet robot vacuum cleaner:
wireless docking charging station
Wireless remote control
Low noise
UV lamp


robot vacuum cleaner

Product Name:   robot vacuum cleaner                                                        

Product Description                                                                                         


1.Item Name

robot vacuum cleaner


Custom, OEM acceptable


32cm diameter


Each one in color box, 4pcs in one carton


10-25 days






Within 2 days if it is in stock


Try our best to meet your business requirement


1)The price depends on the item you demand(shape, size, quantity)

2)Best quotation offer after receiving full description of the item you want



1 .thin body, available to the bottom of furnitures such as sofa,bed,tea table,etc;

2. ultra low noise<50db;< span="">

3. auto absorbing,cleaning, mopping the dust, dirt, partical, animal hair or other leavings synchronously;

4. computer guided system, auto planing the cleaning route, no manualintervene;

5. preset cleaning scheduals,working by itself;

6. auto recharging;

7. anti-fall and anti-collision, protecting the wall paper and furniture and itself;

8. virtual wall,limite the cleaning area of the robot;

9. changeable operating speed;


Individual packing inculdes:

Robot x1,Remote control x 1, Docking station x 1, Adaptor x1,Side brushes x1, Clean brush x1,User Manual x1,Mop Set x1


Terms and Warranty:

1.Warranty:One-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Laborer Robot as well as Rechargeable Battery;
2.Price Terms: Our offer is based on exchange rate if change rate over 2.5% change, we have to change the price;
3.Payment Terms: 40% deposit by T/T,60% balancebefore shipment, irrevocable L/C at sight with enough quantity;
4.Price Valid: Our offer is subject to our final confirmation.
5.Sample charge: The sample charge will be refunded to you after order confirmation depending on  your order qty;
6.The price is based on our normal color box package;
7.Color available need check out stock;
8.OEM & ODM are acceptable.

Black color 500w remote control 6 In 1 Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner with virtual wall


1. How long is the lifetime of machine? How long the battery can be used? How long we can use after one charge?

Answer: Please be assured that the life of V-BOT could be 5 years, as materials are very durable, generally will not bad, unless one day you are in a bad mood, kick it, it is estimated that will leave scars. 
Battery can be used from 800 to 1000 times, an average of once a day can also be used for more than 2 years. Here we have all the accessories for machine, there is need to call us, ready supply! Machine filled with battery, you can use about one hour or so, if you use mopping mode alone, using time will be longer.


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Q:Hoover VS Kirby vacuum?
Definitely the Rainbow, The Kirby used Bags which even though it uses Hepa Filtered bags, it still leaves dust behind. I know because I own the newest one right now. and in the process of getting a Rainbow. My parents had a Rainbow and I got so used to using the Rainbow that when I got the Kirby thinking it was better Vacuum I quickly found out that it was not. I get burning eyes and nose from the the air that it blows out. Also, it you were to vacuum over a wet spot you would need to quickly change the bag, cause mold grows in the bag and leaves a horrible smell. I have kids, who are constantly spilling things on my carpet so that's my problem. But when using the attachments on the Kirby they easily come apart while using them so they get stuck under beds and furniture where you have to crawl under to fish them out. Also when using it as a shampooer, you immediately have to change the bag and it leaves your carpet very wet. and doesn't do a good shampoo job. Rainbow is so, so, so much worth the cost. No paying $16 a month on bags just dump the water out. I am in the process of getting a Rainbow and dumping my Kirby!
Q:Does anyone like the sound of vacuum cleaners (hair dryers, etc.) ?
Nope, not me! I find that wierd! I'm wierd too i guess any insect buzz makes me itchy
Q:Other than the over-hyped & over-priced Dyson and Kirby what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market?
I would just look for another Dirt Devil. Cheap and reliable.
Q:Vacuum bags or bagless vacuum cleaners?
Hi Lonely- bagless vac. Or brush-lol. lv Jo xx
Q:Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners any good?
i bought a kirby back in the 60's and still have it. it works great and i like that i can get parts for it when needed. expensive but worth every dollar i spent for it
Q:which are the best vacuum cleaners?
killed 3 dysons had a henry for the last 4 years and cant fault it for £90,
Q:Any unintended consequences of Vacuum Cleaners?
I noticed you brought that up on Patient PAws question about this. I am confused though, is it for SELLING 50 dogs, or BREEDING 50 dogs (as in 50 b*tches or a mix). WOuld you be OK with the cap on a number of dogs you can own, or not counting co-ownership (though that could mean that puppy mills would just have 100 owners of the dogs and they could be called boarding facilities) The laws already on the books are too vague and expensive to enforce, and while I will admit I don't know specifics about the laws we have it seems like capping the number of dogs is an easy way to monitor things other than specific laws about conditions that can be more easily avoided. I think that a reaonable cap is a good idea, though like you point out what is reasonable is up for discussion. How many puppies can a responsible breeder be connected to in a year? 100? 150? FInd some number less than the worst of the worst puppy mills but above the good breeders. It isn't a magic cure, just a start. I think the real answer to stopping puppy mills is for people to stop buying, but laws certainly would speed up the process. I was just thinking about all the arguments for laws with animals. People say we need to fucus on our problems but with animals the sad part is they have easy solutions! If people would only get pets they could afford and leave breeding to the people who know what they are doing, there would be no need for shelters and those resources coudld be put to work on arguably more important but much more complicated problems! I would like to see something done, I know that nothing will make this just go away but I think SOME step is necessary. And if nothing else, talking about this law is helping educate people about puppy mills, so be thankful for that part of it at least. Pets are a luxury, why do we even need to waste money on these issues!? It sickenss me that people are so irresponsible we need to be baysat like that.
Q:How do I repair the motor of the vacuum cleaner?
If you suspect that there is a problem with the motor, you can check the motor brush with an on-off detector or a multimeter
Q:What do you think of Dyson vacuum cleaners.?
I just bought the Infinity by Shark. It has a lot of the same features and was loads cheaper. I've been really happy with it so far. We're hard on vacs so I was hesitant to pony up $500 bucks. The Infinity (have no interest here--promise) was under $200--got it at Linens and Things and used my 20% coupon--in the Sunday paper almost every week.
Q:I need a good pet vacuum?
Check into a bissle

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