black/blue/galvanized steel packing strip

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Product Description:

[Sort of steel packing strips]:
(1) White steel packing strips
(2) Blue steel packing strips
(3) Paintbaked steel packing strips(black,green,gray,yellow etc.)

[Mechanical properties]:
(1)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥58-78Kg/mm2(580-780Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(2)Ordinary steel strips():
tensile strengthσb≥78-90Kg/mm2(780-900Mpa),elongation3%-5%.
(3)High quality steel strips:
high high intesity,good capability,bearing impact.tensile strength: 90-100Kg/mm2 (900-1000Mpa) , elongation5%-10%.


BWG28×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   ( 0.36mm×9.5mm ,12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG27×3/8'' , 1/2''  ,5/8''   (0.40mm×9.5mm , 12.7mm ,16mm)
BWG26×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.45mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG25×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.50mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG24×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.55mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG23×1/2'' , 5/8'' , 3/4''  (0.60mm×12.7mm , 16mm ,  19mm)
BWG22×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''   ( 0.70mm×19mm , 25.4mm, 32mm)
BWG21×3/4'' ,  1''   , 5/4''  (0.80mm×19mm  ,  25.4mm,  32mm)
BWG20×3/4'' ,  1''  ,5/4 '' , (0.90mm×19mm ,  25.4mm ,  32mm)
BWG19×3/4'' , 1''  , 5/4''   (1.0mm×19mm ,     25.4mm,   32mm)

We can produce special specification as per customers request,and we can make the edge smoother of the steel packing strips.


steel packing strip
Black or galvanized
Material:Q195 or Q235
Package:50kgs/coil,or as customer request

The steel packing strip has the following advantage:

Surface treatment

Black painted wax,Blue or Galvanized surface


thickness:0.3mm-1.0 mm,width:12.7-32mm or any width as your request.


Ribbon & Oscillated,50kgs/coil,or as customers requirements

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Q:The difference between iron and wrought ironDon't say one is raw, the other is ripe
Generally less than 0.2% carbon content that wrought iron or iron, the content of 0.2-1.7% in the steel, content of more than 1.7% is iron. Iron soft, good plasticity, easy deformation, strength and hardness were lower, not widely used; iron carbon, hard and brittle, almost no plastic.In addition to talk about discrimination: the distinction between pig iron and wrought iron with carbon content of course can not distinguish in life, because you can't see it. So we can only watch and ear differentiation:1, see: Iron fracture is rough, showing a bead (for the sake of coarse grain iron), and wrought iron fracture is generally more smooth; if this is a new fracture, but also to see the dark and shiny born iron wrought iron lighter; iron fracture is generally irregular, because it is very crisp, mostly to be interrupted, (which is processed, it is very flat and wrought iron) must not be interrupted, mostly by certain way processed separately, so the fracture is generally neat fracture; if it is cutting, that is cooked pig iron is iron. Can not be cutting; iron surface will not have pores, familiar iron porosity; if a piece of iron is a significant deformation (bending) that is wrought iron because of poor plasticity, not so true to the deformation, bending, or broken or obvious The crack will not be very large and there are some details which can not be made clear. It is necessary to have some experience2, listen: Pig beating sound boring, beating sound loud. Wrought iron3, if you have a file in the hand, can be used to file to see finish can also make a judgment from the file down the iron can also be seen, but this is beyond your request, it can be done in the factory.4, if placed in the grinder grinding, see iron spark from a judge or iron wrought iron, but this is to be in the factory in order to do it.About it, may not be full, but through these methods, generally can distinguish pig iron or wrought iron.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of the contrast between cast iron and carbon?
The tensile strength, plasticity and toughness of cast iron are lower than those of mild steel. Although the mechanical properties of cast iron are inferior to that of steel, the presence of graphite gives cast iron much less than steel. For example, good wear resistance, high vibration resistance, low notch sensitivity and excellent cutting performance. The low melting point of iron, is about 1200 degrees Celsius, the molten iron flow, due to the volume of expanded graphite crystal, so transfer shrinkage is small, its performance is better than that of cast steel, which is usually made of casting casting method;
Q:What is ball cast iron?
It should be ductile iron.Ductile iron is a kind of high strength cast iron material developed in 50s twentieth Century, its comprehensive performance is close to the steel, it is based on its excellent performance, has been successfully used in casting complex stress, strength, toughness and wear resistance requirements of the higher parts. Nodular cast iron has developed rapidly to be second only to grey cast iron and widely used as cast iron material. The so-called "iron instead of steel", mainly refers to ductile iron.
Q:Who knows the proportion of pig iron and coke used in cupola?
Auxiliary material input: auxiliary material for foundry industry, mainly coke. Ordinary casting (except dryer) 1 tons to 5 tons cupola, each investment 1 tons of coke, according to the situation can be 4.5 tons to 5.5 tons. Ordinary blank (special pieces extra), 5 tons to 10 tons per 1 tons of coke in cupola furnace about 6.5 tons to 7.5 tons of blank (waste products re melted are calculated according to the above method).There is a doubt: rough parts output is too low, is abnormal.
Q:Are pig iron and steel synthetic materials?
Not belong to synthetic materials, metal materials. It belongs to the alloy is an alloy of iron and carbon, iron carbon content is 2%--4.3%, the carbon content of steel is 0.03%-2%. except carbon, iron also contains silicon, manganese, chromium and nickel in steel containing
Q:What is the difference between wok iron and cast iron?
All non stick pans and smokeless pans are alloy and do not use iron. The reason is that the iron is not very good for heat conduction and soot. As long as it is called non stick or no smoke, it is alloy pot.
Q:What are the mechanical properties of low carbon steel and cast iron in torsion?
Low carbon steel high elongation, under compressive load, initial deformation is small, the size of the force along the straight line rise, further increase the load when the specimen is compressed into a drum and finally pressed into pie without damage, so the ultimate strength cannot be determined. That is to say, when the low carbon steel is compressed, the elastic modulus E and the yield limit S are the same as those in the tensile, and there is no compressive strength limit.
Q:Are nodular cast iron and pig iron the same material?
Ductile iron is a kind of iron carbon alloy with more than 2% carbon content, which is obtained by smelting iron with pig iron and carbon. The refining of molten iron by "flat" converter "oxygen decarburization" is produced by steel. Therefore, "pig iron" is "steelmaking, iron smelting" of raw materials. Ductile iron is widely used, and large machine tool beds and some engine bodies are available. For reference!
Q:The pot is pig iron or wrought iron?
Pig iron is generally referred to as an alloy of iron containing carbon in 2~4.3%. Also called cast iron. In addition to containing carbon, pig iron also contains silicon, manganese and a small amount of sulfur, phosphorus and so on, it can be cast can not be forged. According to the different form of carbon in pig iron, it can be divided into several kinds, such as steelmaking pig iron, casting pig iron and nodular cast iron. Carbon steel-making pig iron mainly exists in the form of iron carbide, the white section, usually called white iron. The pig iron is hard and brittle, and is generally used as raw material for steelmaking. Cast iron in carbon flake graphite form exists, its fracture is gray, usually known as gray iron.
Q:How did the old cast iron pipe crack?
With marble glue (marble stone special glue bonding repair).Welding repair with cast iron welding rod.With leak proof Wang can solve the problem, with aluminum rivets riveting the best, such as sand hole small, can be riveted with aluminum wire. There is a simple way: in the sand hole at the glass water (building materials stores have bought), and then sprinkle with dry cement; and then put on a glass of water, and then sprinkle a layer of dry cement can.

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