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  MEET GB/T343 standards.
  1006、1008、1018、Q195 WIRE ROD.
size  (mm)
 tensile strength  (mpa)
  size (mm)
coil size
spool packing
big coil packing
6 cun
1—14㎏ axis
8 cun
1—100㎏ axis
11 cun
1—100㎏ axis

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Q:2004 monte carlo car stereo wiring?
2004 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Car Radio Wiring Diagram Car Radio Battery Constant 12v+ Wire: Orange Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v+ Wire: The radio harness does not provide a switched power source. Run a wire to the fusebox or ignition switch harness for switched power. Car Radio Ground Wire: Black Car Radio Illumination Wire: Gray Car Stereo Dimmer Wire: Brown Car Stereo Antenna Trigger Wire: White Car Stereo Amp Trigger Wire: White Left Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Tan Left Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Gray Right Front Speaker Positive Wire (+): Light Green Right Front Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Green Left Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue Left Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Yellow Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire (+): Blue Right Rear Speaker Negative Wire (-): Dark Blue Hope this helps.
Q:Twist-On Wire Connector wiring harness?
Professional installers never use twist-on wire nuts for car audio wiring. They're fine for connecting solid wires in home wiring, but they're not made for connecting multi-strand wires in an environment with as much vibration as a vehicle. Eventually they'll fall off and you'll have a short circuit. You can use crimp-on barrel connectors, crimp bell caps, or solder your connections and cover them with shrink tubing or high-quality electrical tape. (Never use cheap electrical tape to insulate a connection--it will turn brittle and fall off over time). I like to use crimp caps.
Q:Thermostat wiring help!?
Yeah it sounds like you have a heat pump and it is wired VERY basically. Your new thermostat will not work because it has no O terminal. You will have to buy a heat pump t-stat then wire it the same way your old one was and it should work fine. In other words Red to R and Rh if it has one, Green to G, Yellow to Y *AND* W, and White to O. Basically what's being done the way your old t-stat was wired is the compressor is being brought on in heat or cool and the white wire on O is switching your reversing valve for cooling mode. The way you have the new one wired is just going to switch the reversing valve and turn the fan on and won't bring the compressor on when the heat is called to run. If your system has backup heat, that extra blue wire could be used to bring the backup heat on if it is re-wired to do so. If your going to have it re-wired I would change the wiring so blue was the reversing valve and white was the backup heat. This would require re-wiring both indoor and outdoor units if it is a split system or re-wiring the package unit if it is that type. Or if you really want it done right have new thermostat wiring run and have it wired properly for a heat pump. If you don't want to go through all of that just buy a heat pump stat and wire it like your old stat.
Q:Peugeot Speedfight 2 Wiring ?
most bikes use the same wiring system... 50% anyway Black=Common Negative Red= Ignition Positive Grey= Ignition Kill Black+White=Ignition Kill (Ground) Green+Yellow=Ground Yellow= left indicator Yellow + Stripe= right indicator I recommend going on OKorder and asking a seller offering bike alarms for a wiring diagram for your bike, they will have them 99% of the time (it would be wrong if i sugested you tell them you bought an alarm from them in the past... as a reason for them to e-mail you a diagram - dont do that ;-)
Q:Net force on perpendicular wires?
I didn't read the question so I was carefully working out the force. The wire is perpendicular to the first wire, so using the right hand rule you discover that the field it creates is PARALLEL to the first wire at this left end. The magnetic force is caused by the component which is PERPENDICULAR to the wire which is in fact zero. So there is no magnetic force at this point. As you move along the wire you get a diminishing amount of magnetism caused by the wire which is going out of the page but that field has a component which is DOWN the page. Therefore that part of the wire experiences a force which is into the page. ( take your right hand, put the thumb along the wire pointing to the right, the fingers point down the page, the palm points into the page which is then the direction of the force) I would be surprised if you were required to work out the magnitude of the force in this context. You can't use F= ILB because both the magnitude and the direction of the field varies at different points along the wire. If the perpendicular wire had been directly below the middle of the other wire there would have been no net force. If you were of a level where working out the force was appropriate you would need to set up the formula for B at various points along the wire, taking the vertical component only and integrate this over the range from 0 to 5 cm. Not a trivial mathematical task.
Q:Are two wires of the same material but different in thickness and length? Are their young's modulus of elasticity the same?
Not necessarily. Young's modulus is related to microstructure so on
Q:How to wire a stereo without a harness.?
Q:Dimmer switch w/ 3 wires and only 2 wall wires?
If you don't know the basic rule of matching up the colors when wiring something, you may want to avoid doing anymore wiring projects in the future, for your own safety and to keep from destroying your stuff. First of all, turn off the power at the breaker or remove the fuse for that switch. Then: Black to Black, White to White, you can just let the green wire hang or, if you have a metal box, attach it to that. (that's your ground wire, no power goes thru it when things are working properly). Sometimes in older houses (or ones where amatures did the wiring the first time) the colors might not be correctly assigned (usually, black is hot and white is neutral) if your light only flips off and on instead of dimming like it should when you try it, you will have to switch the wires so that it is black to white and white to black (You probably won't need to do that though). Use wire nuts to connect the wires together, not just electrical tape. Good luck and be safe!
Q:Soldering multiple wires to 1 wire?
it will effect the voltage because it will split the power 10 defferent ways. i dont know any website that will tell you this but there is a tester that you can get to test the voltage. thats how i found out.
Q:wiring my amp up help?
The remote wire should be running from your amp, to your radio fuse. Just strip the wire and wrap it around the fuse and place it back in. That is the correct way to hook it up.

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