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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1.plastic inside and hessian bag outside2.plastic inside and weave bag outside3.according to customer's request
Delivery Detail:10-20 days after receive your deposit


1.Black Annealed Wire
2.Black Annealed Iron Wire
3.Black Annealed Binding Wire

Black Annealed Binding Wire Black Annealed Iron Wire Black Annealed Wire        

1.Black Annealed Wire
2.Black Annealed Iron Wire
3.Black Annealed Binding Wire

Product Description

Material: low carbon steel wire

Process:  wire drawing---acid washing---rust removing---annealing---coiling

Black Annealed Wire/Soft Annealed Wire

Wire Gauge


Tensile Strength


Elongation Rate





Plastic inside and hessian woven outside

Plastic inside and nylon woven outside

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Q:Ps3 wired controller?
It sounds like the wire is loose. To fix this, you'll have to open up the controller and reattach/secure it. If the wire is exposed and is frayed, you'll probably have to get a new controller. This is very broad because you didn't specify the model of the controller. Some of the wired controllers use the normal Ps3-USB wire, while others do not. So, trying opening it up and securing the wire. If you're lucky and it's a Ps3-USB wire, replace it with a new wire. Otherwise, you'll have to get a new controller if you can't fix it.
Q:ok my coil wont fire everyone keeps saying trace the wires all the wires are gone?
+ wire is power wire the other small wire from the coil go's into the distributor (the metal part not the cap) the big wire to the cap.. sometimes the power wire comes from a resistor that reduces the voltage
Q:i need someone who knows wires?
You could try solder. I usually just twist them together and then cover them with electrical tape, although, I guess that's not the proper way.
Q:what are the colored wires to wire up a trailer harness?r=1259029257?
What kind of connector? How many wires? There are several different types of trailer plus out there. The most common is the four wire flat connector. The wiring for those is: yellow = left turn/brake green = right turn/brake brown = taillights white = ground Easy way to remember that is that green and right both have an R in it, as in Right turn. Yellow and left both have an L in it as in Left turn. There are also 6 wire round connectors and 7 wire round connectors. Totally different wiring for those.
Q:What gauge wire do i need?
Selecting the wire gauge is the easiest part : AWG 12 for a 20 amp receptacle or AWG 14 for 15 amps. Solid wiring is standard for receptacles ( stranded is used in applications where flexibility during or after installation is required). Where will you take power from? Can the circuit you tap carry the additional load? 3 conductor (L1,L0,Ground) BX is the most desirable for indoor wiring at 120v or220v. Will your receptacle be in a kitchen, a bathroom, or near a good ground? If so it should be a GFCI.Will you be able to identify the the circuit's polarity, and verify ground contiuity? Even with three conductor BX, you will want to be sure to use bushings between the conductors and the rough edges of the BX, and to connect the fittings securely at the junction boxes. The actual details and skills required to install a receptacle take years to learn. Take the time to browse through a how- to book or hire a licensed electrician if you want safe reliable work.
Q:why do thicker wires change a circuit?
It depends on what the resistance of the rest of the circuit was. The resistance of relatively short lengths of really thin wire would be less than 2 ohms, probably less than 1 ohm. Thicker wire would be maybe 1/4 ohm. So only if the circuit's components were in the neighborhood of 25 ohms or less, would the difference in thin and thick wires have a real significant affect on the circuit.
Q:12/3 wire to 14/2 wire?
No, that is against code. Splicing is not allowed nor can you use a lesser gauge on a circuit. To clarify: splicing exposes otherwise insulated wire. The splice has to be done properly such that no wire is exposed, the splice is hardened and this is achieved using a junction box of NEMA appropriate to the installation conditions. A 20A circuit for a bathroom means there is an exhaust fan since a couple of lamps and receptacles do not normally call for that much. That means the circuit has to be able to support 20A and that means the entire circuit. If you extend the circuit using lesser gauge wire than you downgrade the circuit's ability to handle current. This is a fire risk and is a strict no-no.
Q:What is a jumper wire?
Speaker wire is speaker wire. There's no difference between positive and negative wire except the markings on the jacket. If you're talking about the bridge wire when wiring a dual voice coil subwoofer in series, just use any piece of wire that's the same gauge as the wires between the other subwoofer terminals and the box terminals.
Q:how to connect a speaker wire to speaker?
Just get some speaker wire its not that expensive ; go to Wal Mart where they have the TV's and ask for speaker wire or go to the hardwear store and ask for speaker wire or lamp cord thats polorized for the wire you have twist the two golden wires together at both ends and twist the blu and green together at both ends now use the golden for positive and the other for negative.....
Q:can I wire a 4 wire device to a 3 wire circuit?
Yes, but don't listen to these other answers (scary,lol). The bare copper wire is always the ground wire and it is usually a green wire on the switch (timer), so connect those together. There will be 2 wires in the electrical box (probably both black, but one might be white depending on how it was wired), either way they are both black wires and if you touched them together the fan would turn on. One of them will be a constant power from the panel and the other will go to the fan. Now, you will have to look at the instructions that came with the switch, to see which of the 3 wires goes to the fan and which 2 wires get hooked to constant power. You will have to determine which of the 2 wires in the box is constant power and if you have a tester it's easy, if not you have to touch the wire (I'm kidding). Electrical is quite simple, you just have to do it systematically one wire at a time. I hope I didn't confuse you, but the reason I explained all of this is it's the only way because of different circumstances. Also, if you don't have a tester and there is one black wire and one white wire in the box (not counting the white wires connected together with a marette) then the black wire is the constant power and the white goes to the fan.

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