Black Annealed Wire Binding Wire High Quality Construction iron Cut Binding Tie

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Product Description:

1.Black Annealed Iron Wire Description

Black Annealed Iron Wire is very good for Chain link fence, fencing mesh, gabion mesh box production and for construction business as tire wire, binding wire and galvanized wire raw material production.

Black annealed wire is also named as soft annealed wire with excellent flexibility.

It is made of high quality of iron wire, which can be produced to customers'requirements. Our factory owns anvanced anaerobic

annealed line. We can produce high quality annealed wire of all specifications and strength

Black Annealed Iron Wire and steel wire mainly used in construction, mining, chemical, mesh welding, welding hanger, re

processing etc.. After the process of annealing wire become soft, pliable degree increase, do construction tie wire, binding

reinforcement effect more.

2.Main Features of Black Annealed Iron Wire:

  • Low Costs&economy

  • Easy to handle&install

  • Continuous coils and uniform diameters

  • Various size and packages available upon request

  • Ideal for binding or mesh making

3. Black Annealed Iron Wire Images

Black Annealed Wire Binding Wire High Quality Construction iron Cut Binding Tie

Black Annealed Wire Binding Wire High Quality Construction iron Cut Binding Tie

4.Black Annealed Iron Wire Specification

Wire sizesSWG(mm0BWG(mm)Metric(mm)


①Are you a factory?

Yes, We are a professional manufacturer of wire in China. The Mainly product is electro galvanized iron wire, black annealed iron wire, wire nail. Our company is built by two boss, one own a black annealed wire factory,the other own a galvanized wire factory.

②Is your company offer the sample?

Of course, our factory could supply the sample for free. Also we could OEM the quality as your requirement.

③What does the material of your wire?

The mainly material is Q195 wire rod, based on its good performance in drawing and widely using specification. And also we could change the material as your requirement.

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Q:wire used to bridge subs?
14-18 gauge
Q:do i need a differnt wire?
If you are installing in-wall wire, look for wire with CL3 or in-wall insulation. The wire is not the issue, but the CL3 means the plastic insulation around the wire is fire-resistant and wont act like a fuse to spread a fire. Many fire codes require this. Some of the Carol brand from Home Depot is CL3 rated or buy a spool of 12 ga from PartsExpress.
Q:2002 Impala radio wiring?
If you are going to replace wire by wire , you can do that first unplug the battery and be very care full with orange and pink wires, try to solder the new wires the factory amplifier is in the trunk left side good luck new wiring is $700 from the dealer and the only place to buy it new good luck
Q:Quick question about electrical wires.?
What it sounds like is happening there is that the switch box is the main feed for the room. You have a set from the panel, a set for the light fixture, and a set that are downstream, such as for an outlet. You need to determine which set is which. Then cut a piece of black wire and a bare copper about 8 long. This is how the connections are made: TURN THE POWER OFF. Then connect all of the whites together with a wire nut. Connect the new bare copper to the other grounds with another wire nut. Then connect the black from the panel, the downstream black, and the short black together with another wire nut. The black to the light fixture and the black pigtail (short wire) connect to the 2 brass terminals on the switch. The bare copper pigtail goes on the green screw on the switch. Reinstall the switch in the box, turn the power on, and check your work. If the light stays on at all times, but the outlets only work when the switch is on, those 2 wires are reversed. Turn the power off, switch the wires, and you should be good to go. Hope this helps.
Q:120/240 30 amp.wiring for generator to home?
8 copper 3 conductor plus the ground in a portable power cord. Consult the local electrical code for what type and how they will allow it to be installed. This goes from the generator to the transfer switch. Each circuit that will operate from the generator is then wired to the transfer switch. Some AHJ require conduit for the cable. Also in many jurisdictions you must report to the utility that you have a generator wired to the home wiring. It is much easier and cheaper to run extension cords to the 3 or 4 vital places in a home. Refrigerator, freezer, microwave and a couple of lights.
Q:Who invented the hot-wire anemometer?
Sir Charles Wheatstone in 1843 modern anemometer use ultrasound hot wire sensors are used as mass air flow but did not find original usage! Guru
Q:Using solid-copper HOUSE WIRE (of the proper guage) TO WIRE A CAR amp/subwoofer system?
Yes there is a difference because a amp needs a certian amount of amps to work. You can use any kind of wire, hell u can even use a coat hanger, what happens when you use the worng guage wire is you put a strain on the device. That is why amps run hot, or pop fuses, and you wont get the full potential of the amp, shorten its life etc.
Q:Wire transfers?
A wire transfer is the electronic transfer of funds from one financial institution (i.e. bank) to another financial institution (i.e. another bank).
Q:how to cut electrical wire?
Use a utility knife and cut around the casing then strip it off. Or run out to Home Depot and get yourself a wire cutter stripper tool.
Q:What are good speaker wire??
the thicker or lower the number the better electrical transfer. 16-20 gauge is ok for close speaker mounting, 12-14 gauge is better etc. if running a high output system go with lower numbers.

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