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Product Description:

1. Structure of Black Annealed Iron Wire Description:
Black Annealed Iron usually comes in the form of coil wire or cut wire, and is used in construction or daily use as binding material, or material for weaving wire mesh.It is very useful and inexpensive, practical for construction.Anneal is to low the tensile strength of wire. The stove is solid and built with red bricks. The architecture of anneal stove is cuboid. Different thickness of wire require different temperature. Range is from 700°C to 900°C. Output of the anneal stove, the tensile strength is 400N~600N. Standard coil  10kg,25kg,50kg and so on .we can coiled with customer’s order.

Black Annealed Iron Wire widely used in weaving wire mesh, binding wire ,loop wire and cut wire,etc.Black annealed wire is mainly used in buiding and construction as binding wire, tie wire and baling wire; also can be make for wire mesh.

2. Main Features of Black Annealed Iron Wire:

1). Material: high quality low carbon steel wire Q 195,Q235

2). Diameter: BWG35-BWG6(0.2mm-5.0mm)

3). Weight: 0.1-800kg/coil  

4). Tensile strength: 35-70kg/mm2

5). Elongation rate: 10%-25%

6). Usege: Mostly used in construction and daily use as binding wire,tie wire and baling wire.Twisted wire is widely exported to Israel,Turkey and Brazil.


3. Black Annealed Iron Wire Images

Black Annealed Tie Wire/ Binding Wire Good Quality Lower Price

Black Annealed Tie Wire/ Binding Wire Good Quality Lower Price

4.Black Annealed Iron Wire Specification

Black Annealed Wire

Wire Gauge

































































5. FAQ

We have organized several common questions for our clientsmay help you sincerely

①How about your black annealed wire?

Our company isa professional manufacturer and exporter of metal products. We have  20 years of production experience and our product category has expanded to galvanized wire, black annealed wire, welded wire mesh, welding rod, hexagonal wire netting, chain link fence, barbed wire, stainless steel wire, dutch wire mesh, perforated metal mesh, loop wire, etc

②What is the Produce process?

Mechanical scaling --Dry drawing -- First anneanlled -- Wet drawing  -- Take up Or Spooling -- Packing -- Storage --Shipping

③Can We get Samples?

Yes, we will offer you some free sample for your test. Welcome to inquiry.

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I would use simple 12-18 Volt (low voltage) garden path lighting with a focused beam spotlight. You won't need to protect the wiring if you do that. If you use 110-120 Volt wiring, you're going to need to bury conduit to protect the wiring. The low voltage stuff is alot easier.
Q:question about sub wiring?
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Q:Differentiating two low voltage wires?
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Q:what is the resistance OF A wire?
It Good luck in your studies, ~ Mitch ~
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Q:Wire an outside light?
In a normal 120V system you will have Black(hot) White( neutral) Green or bare copper(ground). So the green wire are wired together with a pig tail to the ground on the switch (if grounded) the white wire, if neutral, should be wired together also and no connection to the switch. The black wire should be wired to the switch and the other black wire to the other side or pole of the switch. But I think you are wiring to an existing switch, meaning it controls another light already. In that case the three wires will be White(hot) Black(to the existing light) green or bare copper (ground). To find out check the switch wires white to ground If you get 120V on the white that means you do not have a neutral at the switch, or what is commonly called light wiring. With out a neutral the out side light will not work. So you have to pull wire to the switch to get a neutral. Good Luck.
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Q:Hidden Electrical Wires?
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Q:Air conditioning wiring problem - help!?
I suggest having a tech. wire it in for you, but your new motor should be wired this way, the black and white are your hot and common, so 208v unit, hook black wire to L1, white wire to L2, green is a ground, ground it to cabinet somewhere, brown goes to one side of run cap, brown/white goes to other side of run cap. if you are unsure about how to swap it out then seek someone with some electrical background or an hvac tech., dont hurt yourself or your equipment by doing it improperly, good luck with it!
Q:What / Where are spark plugs and wires?
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