Biomass Residential & Commercial Wood Pellet Boiler

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Biomass residential & commercial wood pellet boiler


3.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
4.Boiler size, power can be customized


Reasonable boiler structure and special combustion method make automatic biomass gasification water boiler solved the deflagration and coking phenomenon from the source. Reasonable boiler structure and special combustion method make automatic biomass gasification water boiler solved the deflagration and coking phenomenon from the source.


There are two types of biomass hot water boiler: Type M and Type J.

Type M uses φ6-10mm un-salad pellets (like wood pellets or shell pellets) as fuel. Type J uses solid fuel which size is within 35×35mm.


We use the horizontal structure which makes it easier to maintain and longer life time. The unique unload feeding system make the boiler free from the back fire no matter any situation. All-automatic control system, high thermal efficiency and low running cost make the boiler a perfect product.


TypeType MGSL-0.0175GSL-0.041GSL-0.088GSL-0.24GSL-0.35GSL-0.7GSL-1.4
Type J
Working pressure-Atmosphere pressure
Thermal efficiency-93%
Rated capacity104Kcal1.53.57.5203060120
Heating sizem2150350750200030001000020000
Rated voltageV220380
ID fan powerW6090250370150022005000
Blower powerW608512012030090370+90
Diameter of chimneymm140165165220220325375
Water yieldT0.3750.8751.87557.51530
Diameter of inlet/outlet water pipedn1.31"1.31"1.965"2.62"3.93"5.24"5.24"
Dust removal-
Fuel consumptionkg/h2.866.6914.33857.3114.6229.4
Electricity consumptionkwh0.
Furnace sizeL: mm1000100014001600188022802680
W: mm48048068278088510801280
H: mm750110011001800185022502400
Silo sizemm700x500x1370600x850x15301010x680x1710
Transport weightkg92156305910128025004750

 Biomass Residential & Commercial Wood Pellet Boiler



Q:What's my consideration when i choose a gas stove?

A:  -The style and size of your kitchen.

     -The food or cooking style you prefer.

Q:Can i be a distributor of CNBM?

A: Of course you can.

Q:What are the benefits of being your gas stove distributor?

A: - Special discount .

     - Marketing protection.

     - Priority of launching new design.

     - Point to point technical supports and after sales services.

Q: How can i become a distributor of CNBM stoves?

A:  Contact us immediately for further details by sending us an inquiry.


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Q:Biogas production and use
Initially, the gas will be released (until the barometer down to zero), when the barometer rises again, the ignition on the stove, if ignited, indicating that the methane pool has been activated. If you can not ignite, according to the above method and then try again, but also not, it is necessary to check whether the methane liquid acidification or other reasons. After checking the sealing performance of the methane tank can meet the requirements can be fed. The methane tank feeding, first should be required according to the calculated concentration of water, water quantitative injection to the pool, will prepare the raw material first pour half, stir, then pour half of the inoculum and the raw materials are mixed evenly, according to this method, the raw material and the strain in the pool to fully mix, net biogas tank seal
Q:Biogas can be used in the Northeast
However, in the medium temperature fermentation, the optimal temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius, at 40~45 DEG C, gas production will decline.
Q:Biodiesel is how to produce?
Method for preparing biological diesel oil:By using the method of synthesis of biodiesel oil; using biodiesel and preparation of animal oil to produce biodiesel and additives; fuel oil; waste animal and vegetable oil production of light diesel oil emulsifier and its application; liquefaction technology and equipment of biomass low cost and no pollution; low energy consumption technology and equipment of biomass pyrolysis; preparation method the use of microalgae biodiesel fast pyrolysis; waste plastics, waste oil and waste vegetable oil for extracting gasoline and diesel depolymerization kettle method for biomass gasification to produce fuel gas and gasification reaction; extraction method of petroleum products with vegetable oil foot; using the method of plasma pyrolysis and gasification of biomass syngas. With the starch culture method of heterotrophic algae biodiesel; for the production of liquid fuels from biomass; with vegetable oil leftover fuel production Process oil, preparation method of bio oil from biomass hydrolysis residue preparation, production method of vegetable oil extraction of gasoline and diesel oil; fuel oil waste oil regeneration device and method; method of degumming in FCC diesel; waste rubber (waste plastics, waste oil) new environment-friendly process of oil refining, chemical refining method the total oxidation insoluble and colloid removal from diesel fuel, gasoline and diesel; prevent discoloration of gelling agent; flocculation of waste lubricating oil separation method.
Q:Biogas digesters are not afraid of germs?
Not only has the effect of killing bacteria and parasites, but also because of the fermentation process to produce humic acid
Q:Bio diesel is a chemical product
Biodiesel is the main result of fatty acid methyl ester, the current domestic main raw materials are waste oil, vegetable oil refining residue, animal fats and oils.
Q:Fuel ethanol and biodiesel are used in which vehicles
Methanol GB 99.9% best! [M100] - water fuel, also called biological; alcohol; hydrocarbon; methanol gasoline, fuel / oil burner.Burning fuel: pure burning best; or (whether it is called biological, alcohol based fuel or oil; methanol) blending blending with water and water 10~20%Vehicle fuel: pure burning best (dual fuel tank, the most stable fuel economy); or blending gasoline blending gasoline 10%~20%.
Q:People say that pig manure is treated with biogas digesters
A selection of high quality raw materials, and composting treatmentBiogas fermentation raw material is not only the material basis of biogas production, but also the source of nutrients for microbial survival. In order to ensure the biogas fermentation and start fermentation of raw materials sufficient and stable, so that the tank fermentation material is not easy in the crust, and easy to achieve, easy management, high gas production rate to the need to carefully select the good start of the first fermentation pool of raw materials.All kinds of organic substances, such as wastewater and animal manure, crop straw, agricultural and sideline products processing residua and sewage etc. can biogas fermentation raw material. Biogas fermentation microorganisms mainly from the fermentation of carbon and nitrogen elements, as well as hydrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and other nutrients. Carbon can provide energy for biogas microbes, nitrogen constitutes cells, and the appropriate ratio of carbon to nitrogen is 25:1 ~ 30:1. If the carbon is too much, it is easy to cause the acidification of the fermentation liquid, such as too much nitrogen, which is easy to cause the fermentation liquid to ferment (partial alkali).
Q:What are the main components of biodiesel and diesel?
6) excellent environmental protection characteristic: low sulfur content, biodegradability, low sulfur dioxide and sulfur emissions of biodiesel reached 98%, the degradation rate is 2 times that of ordinary diesel, can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment when the leakage accident;7 good low temperature engine starting performance;8) good safety performance: high flash point, transportation, storage, use safety;9) the value of sixteen is higher than that of diesel10) without changing the diesel engine, can be directly added with special technical training, at the same time without adding other gas equipment, storage equipment and personnel.
Q:How to build and use biogas digesters
The fuel cell is not limited by the circulation of Kano, the energy conversion efficiency is high, and the utility model has the advantages of cleanness, no pollution, low noise, modular structure, strong building blocks and high specific power. Fuel cell power generation in twenty-first Century will be the most competitive and efficient, it will be in clean coal fuel power plants, electric cars, mobile power supply, uninterruptible power supply, submarines and space power, has a wide application prospect and huge potential market
Q:Bio oil and bio diesel
4>. algae;5>. China: Hainan's oil tree, each tree can produce 10 - 15 kg of oil per day;6>. oil agriculture: the United States, three rubber trees, 1 hectares of annual output of 120 - 140 kg of oil.

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