Biomass Pellet Hot Blast Stove Commercial&Risidental

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Product Description:


3.Can be customized 
4.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
5.Apply to dry and heat for greenhouse,industry 


The released CO2 gas when boiler combusting can not only get rid of excess moisture inside the greenhouse, but also help plants for photosynthesis.


Key Features

  • Energy saving: in the first minute after power on, complete the process from ignition to combustion, heating rapidly.

  • Intelligent effort: microcomputer control system to control the automatic ignition, feeding and thermostat, just 1-2 times a day to refuel, almost no need of manual work.

  • Friendly to environment: completely full fuel combustion can achieve the effect of smokeless, dust-free and odorless.

  • Particularly apply to dry and heat for greenhouses, industries, enterprises.

Application Range

Widely used to heating in greenhouses, heating projects, industrial plants and civil buildings; preparation and drying for chemical and pharmaceutical industries; drying for sand and sand core in foundry industries, drying for abrasives tools, gauze and grinding wheel in abrasive industries; Baking paint and powder curing for automobile, motorcycle, container, appliance, tinplate printing and other industrial products in coating industries; heat setting, hot melts dyeing, baking, drying for wood.



Rated heating valueKcal1-3×10410×10420×10445×104
Working pressureMPaordinary pressure
Thermal efficiency%85919192
Induced draft fanKW/0.751.13
Circulating fanKW0.32.227.5
Flue duct hole diametermmΦ108Φ165Φ165Φ220
Fir outletmm465x410300x300300x300400x400
Fir inletmm465x410dia300300x240dia350
Boiler weightkg906509102080
Fuel consumption ratekg/h2.2-5.313.939.988.9
Heating aream2100-300700-9201400-18002700-4500
Air velocitym³/h230126427003166
Boiler size: lengthmm920207523953130
Boiler size: widthmm4506809301000
Boiler size: heightmm890120018501720
Silo size:
length x width x height
cmSilo internal50x40x6050x40x6060x60x80

Biomass Pellet Hot Blast Stove Commercial&Risidental


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Q:What is biodiesel refining
In 1983 Quick named it biodiesel (Biodiesel) its chemical structure: RCOOCH3.Made by China Petroleum Chemical Co, Research Institute of petroleum and chemical industry in May 2007 the National Standardization Committee announced and recommended implementation of the "diesel fuel with biodiesel blend (BD100) standard" (GB-T 20828-2007) clearly states: bio diesel, biodiesel, is composed of animal and vegetable oil and alcohol (such as methanol or ethanol) by transesterification of alkyl fatty acid ester was prepared, the most typical is the fatty acid methyl ester, BD100 said.
Q:What's the difference between biodiesel and diesel?
Without changing the diesel engine, can be directly added with special technical training without adding other refueling equipment, storage equipment and personnel. By using the method of synthesis of biodiesel oil; using biodiesel and preparation of animal oil to produce biodiesel and additives; fuel oil; waste animal and vegetable oil production of light diesel oil emulsifier and its application; liquefaction technology and equipment of biomass low cost and no pollution; low energy consumption technology and equipment of biomass pyrolysis; preparation method the use of microalgae biodiesel fast pyrolysis; waste plastics, waste oil and waste vegetable oil for extracting gasoline and diesel depolymerization kettle method for biomass gasification to produce fuel gas and gasification reaction; extraction method of petroleum products with vegetable oil foot; using the method of plasma pyrolysis and gasification of biomass syngas. With the starch culture method of heterotrophic algae biodiesel; for the production of liquid fuels from biomass; with vegetable oil leftover fuel production Process oil, preparation method of bio oil from biomass hydrolysis residue preparation, production method of vegetable oil extraction of gasoline and diesel oil; fuel oil waste oil regeneration device and method; method of degumming in FCC diesel; waste rubber (waste plastics, waste oil) new environment-friendly process of oil refining, chemical refining method the total oxidation insoluble and colloid removal from diesel fuel, gasoline and diesel; prevent discoloration of gelling agent; flocculation of waste lubricating oil separation method.
Q:Why in the preparation of biodiesel
Acid catalyzed transesterification is suitable for the preparation of biodiesel with high content of fatty acid and water (mainly waste), which has high yield, slow reaction rate, high acid consumption, difficult separation, and easy corrosion of equipment. The method can obtain high yield at low temperature, and the reaction rate is fast, but it has a higher requirement on the content of free fatty acid and water in the raw material.
Q:What are the benefits of using biogas
Three, promote the development of aquacultureThe construction of biogas digesters can not only effectively solve the sewage problem of livestock and livestock manure into the pond after fermentation produces biogas slurry and a small amount of Potassium Permanganate, is the finest pig fodder. Because of containing a variety of trace elements in biogas slurry, especially the amino acid content is very rich, and are soluble nutrients, easy digestion and absorption. Biogas per head pig, annual savings of 40 kg of refined buffeting, shorten feeding period of 15 - 25 days, thereby reducing the cost.
Q:What is the combustion value of biodiesel
Characteristic:1) the water content is high, the maximum moisture content of 30%-45%. is helpful to reduce the viscosity and improve the stability of the oil, but reduce the heat value of the oil;2) the pH value is low, so the storage device is the best anti acid corrosion material;3) density than water, the ratio of water to about 1.2;4) with the "aging" tendency, heating should not exceed 80 degrees, should avoid light, avoid contact with air preservation;5) good lubrication performance6) excellent environmental protection characteristic: low sulfur content, biodegradability, low sulfur dioxide and sulfur emissions of biodiesel reached 98%, the degradation rate is 2 times that of ordinary diesel, can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment when the leakage accident;7 good low temperature engine starting performance;8) good safety performance: high flash point, transportation, storage, use safety;
Q:The difference and relationship between biodiesel and bio fuel oil
Biodiesel refers to [1] by animal fats (triglycerides) and alcohol (methanol or ethanol) by transesterification of mono alkyl esters of fatty acids were obtained, the most typical is the fatty acid methyl ester. Compared with the traditional fossil energy, the sulfur and low aromatics content, high flash point, high cetane number, with sixteen good lubrication, can be added to the part of petroleum diesel.
Q:How much does it cost to build a biogas digester?
(2) proposed the construction scheme, construction drawings; (3) to build a pool of materials; (4) line; (5) excavation; (6) the formwork (external mold and an internal mold); (7) concrete, or brick, or precast concrete plate assembly (8); maintenance; (9) removal; (10) backfill; (11) sealing layer construction; (12) gas distribution pipe fittings, lamps, stoves installed; (13) pressure test and acceptance. All localities should according to local conditions, local materials, not force all. 2, the construction of large quantities of biogas digesters suitable? The biogas pool volume size (generally refers to the effective volume, the net volume of the main tank), should according to the daily number of varieties of raw materials, fermentation, gas production and gas production rate is determined, taking into account the quantity and use of biogas fertilizer. In rural areas, according to the average daily gas consumption per person 0.3 ~ 0.4 cubic meters, a family of 4 people, every day cooking, lighting need about 1.5 cubic meters of methane. If the use of good quality biogas lamps and biogas stoves, gas consumption can also be reduced. According to the practice of science and practice around the general requirements of an average amount of pig manure (about 5 kg) into the pool fermentation, that is, the planning of the construction of an effective volume of 1 cubic meters. Pool volume can be based on the local temperature, fermentation raw materials and other sources of specific planning.
Q:Why waste oil can be used to produce biodiesel after processing?
Biodiesel is a kind of biomass energy, which is a kind of long chain fatty acid mono alkyl ester obtained by pyrolysis technology. Biodiesel is a mixture of complex organic compounds containing oxygen high, the mixture is mainly organic matter in some large molecular weight, including almost all kinds of organic compounds containing oxygen, such as ether, aldehyde, ketone, phenol, organic acid, alcohol, etc.. The compound bio diesel is made from waste animal and vegetable oil, waste oil and by-product of oil refinery.
Q:People say that pig manure is treated with biogas digesters
After the household biogas digester is completed, the fermentation start and daily management work is good or bad, which has great influence on the gas production rate. "Three points to build, in charge of the seven" is the vast number of biogas technology workers summed up the valuable experience in practice. It has been proved that the biogas digester with the same structure is scientific, reasonable and meticulous. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the biogas digesters start fermentation and daily management of technical essentials, so that its premature gas, gas production, gas production.The first section of the rapid start of biogas digestersWhether it is the newly built biogas digesters or reloading after restarting, input from the fermentation of raw materials and inoculum to the digester, biogas digesters to produce biogas can stably, this process is known as biogas fermentation start. The structure of the same biogas digesters, fermentation start each link to deal with properly, its gas production and the use of different results. For example, in the summer, start the digester smoothly, seal tank after 3 ~ 5 days to start the ignition; biogas pool is not smooth, a pool after 10 days or even longer time can use the ignition, some even have to start fermentation, ingredients. Therefore, it is very important to have a good grasp of every link in the fermentation of biogas digester.
Q:How to remove glycerol from biodiesel by ion exchange resin
In this paper, biodiesel was prepared from soybean oil and methanol by alkali catalyzed method. The biodiesel was prepared as raw materialThe IR spectra of the soybean oil and the transesterification products were characterized to determine the fatty acid methyl ester reaction products, and GC-MS was used on the composition of fatty acid methyl esters were analyzed, its main components are palmitic acid methyl ester, 10,13- twenty carbon two acid methyl ester, methyl oleate, 11- twenty carbon 19- methyl methacrylate, methyl nineteen alkyl acid and behenic acid methyl ester.

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