Biomass Pellet Hot Blast Stove Commercial&Risidental

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3.Can be customized 
4.Biomass Pellet Fuel 
5.Apply to dry and heat for greenhouse,industry 


The released CO2 gas when boiler combusting can not only get rid of excess moisture inside the greenhouse, but also help plants for photosynthesis.


Key Features

  • Energy saving: in the first minute after power on, complete the process from ignition to combustion, heating rapidly.

  • Intelligent effort: microcomputer control system to control the automatic ignition, feeding and thermostat, just 1-2 times a day to refuel, almost no need of manual work.

  • Friendly to environment: completely full fuel combustion can achieve the effect of smokeless, dust-free and odorless.

  • Particularly apply to dry and heat for greenhouses, industries, enterprises.

Application Range

Widely used to heating in greenhouses, heating projects, industrial plants and civil buildings; preparation and drying for chemical and pharmaceutical industries; drying for sand and sand core in foundry industries, drying for abrasives tools, gauze and grinding wheel in abrasive industries; Baking paint and powder curing for automobile, motorcycle, container, appliance, tinplate printing and other industrial products in coating industries; heat setting, hot melts dyeing, baking, drying for wood.



Rated heating valueKcal1-3×10410×10420×10445×104
Working pressureMPaordinary pressure
Thermal efficiency%85919192
Induced draft fanKW/0.751.13
Circulating fanKW0.32.227.5
Flue duct hole diametermmΦ108Φ165Φ165Φ220
Fir outletmm465x410300x300300x300400x400
Fir inletmm465x410dia300300x240dia350
Boiler weightkg906509102080
Fuel consumption ratekg/h2.2-5.313.939.988.9
Heating aream2100-300700-9201400-18002700-4500
Air velocitym³/h230126427003166
Boiler size: lengthmm920207523953130
Boiler size: widthmm4506809301000
Boiler size: heightmm890120018501720
Silo size:
length x width x height
cmSilo internal50x40x6050x40x6060x60x80

Biomass Pellet Hot Blast Stove Commercial&Risidental


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Q:What are the main components of natural gas and methane?
In general biogas, methane accounted for 60%, carbon dioxide accounts for about 40%.
Q:Comprehensive utilization of biogas in rural areas
Incubation of chicken by marsh gas heating: a method for incubating a marsh chicken by burning methane as heat source. The utility model has the advantages of less investment, energy saving, labor saving, convenient management, high production rate and high health rate.The effect of biogas lamp illumination on the regulation function, foraging ability and adaptability to the natural environment of newborn chicks. Therefore, in order to raise chickens, we must first have a more appropriate temperature conditions, in order to facilitate the growth and development. The biogas lamp has the advantages of high brightness, good heating effect, simple control and low cost. The use of biogas lamp to warm up the chickens, can make the chicks grow well, the survival rate is high.
Q:Method for preparing biodiesel
Chemical production and a serious problem: the cost of the production process using alkaline catalyst for raw materials must be such as crude oil, crude rapeseed oil and soybean oil, raw material costs accounted for 75% of the total cost. Therefore the use of cheap raw materials and improve the conversion to reduce the cost of biodiesel is the key to practical, so the United States has begun through the genetic engineering method of high oil content of the plant (see "project microalgae" method), Japan uses industrial waste oil and waste frying oil, Europe is rich in oil is not suitable for planting food crops crops on the land. In order to solve the above problems, people began to study the synthesis of biodiesel by biological enzyme method, that is, the esterification of fatty acid methyl ester and ethyl ester was carried out by using animal oil and low carbon alcohol. Enzymatic synthesis of biodiesel has the advantages of mild condition, low alcohol consumption and no pollution emission. In 2001, the immobilized Rhizopus oryzae cells were used in the production of biodiesel, the conversion rate was about 80%, and the microbial cells could be used continuously for 430 hours.
Q:Bio oil is what to do
It is the production of diesel oil by bagasse fermentation; the three is the production of diesel oil by using engineering microalgae. Japan's annual consumption of edible oil is 2 million tons, the production of waste edible oil up to 400 thousand tons, for the production of biodiesel feedstock. The transesterification reaction was carried out by means of lipase, which had no effect on the catalytic activity of the enzyme. After the reaction liquid is put in place, the fatty acid methyl ester can be separated from the glycerol, thereby obtaining a relatively pure diesel oil.
Q:Biodiesel will cause harm to the car?
Biodiesel generally does not cause damage to the car. Hazards of biodiesel:1, biodiesel as a substitute for fossil diesel, calorific value is lower than the petrochemical diesel.2, due to the low pH value, so the storage needs acid corrosion of the material, otherwise it will affect the use of the car.3, with aging tendency, heating should not exceed 80 DEG C, should avoid light, avoid contact with air preservation.4, older vehicles if you do not upgrade the pipeline, the use may be unsafe.5, leading to increased nitrogen oxides or smoke emissions.
Q:What about the biodiesel industry?
After several years of development, with the support of policy has introduced, raw materials market has become increasingly standardized and standardized construction gradually perfect, the biodiesel industry step by step toward a healthy development track. The current domestic biodiesel capacity of about 3 million tons, output of about 800 thousand tons, compared with the previous two years has been hovering around 500 thousand tons, a substantial increase in the yield 60%.
Q:Why is there a marsh gas?How is biogas produced?
The explosion will produce high temperature and high pressure, shock wave, and emit toxic gases. There is methane sewer because the surrounding residents environmental awareness is not strong, let the original sewage pipeline flow there is too much garbage, blocked after it is easy to form methane
Q:Waste oil refining biodiesel is a lie is true
Technical content in general, mainly catalyst problems.Market prospects are good, but the development is not fast.
Q:Use and use of Biogas
After second days of feeding, the barometer can be observed, which indicates that the gas has been produced. Initially, the gas will be released (until the barometer down to zero), when the barometer rises again, the ignition on the stove, if ignited, indicating that the methane pool has been activated. If you can not ignite, according to the above method and then try again, but also not, it is necessary to check whether the methane liquid acidification or other reasons.
Q:What is the working principle of the tunnel methane tank
Compared with the circular methane tank, the material is increased, and the material is decomposed thoroughly

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