biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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loading ways: top loading and discharging,bottom loading and discharging,top loading and bottom discharging

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TS flexitank is the leading manufacturer in China specizlized in Flexitank(Flexibag) for Shipping Bulk Liquid Cargos .
1.specifications for flexitanks/flexibags
1)     FDA BGA EC ISO9001 approved TS-flexitank, COA member

2)     Valve  2 or 3 inch

3)     Capacity 16-24CBM

4)     Insurance  products liability insurance

5)     Packing by standard export carton or pallet

2.The advantage of flexitank than other transport

1)     Flexitank is one economical Packing solutions for liquid products, capacity : 16,000 to 24,000 liters

2)     Flexitank could save freight charge (about 50%) and time than ISO TANK,  there is no area limited, no environment and season limited, no cost of inland , volume small, easy transport, be convenient of loading & unloading, higher efficient and higher safety.

3)     Flexitank can load more than 44% than metal bucket, save lots of material cost, and also easy operated installing, less expenses, less labor

4)     Flexitank can load more than 15% thank IBC in one 20ft container, easy handling loading & unloading, save cost, save time.

5)Food grade & High safety FDA, EC, HACCP, ISO9001 2000,      


1)     food, wine, cooking oil, juice concentrate, palm oil, soy sauce, alcohol and syrup.

2)     Industrial oils

3)     Safe liquid chemicals

Any question contact lotus at tsflexitank dot com. Thanks.

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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Q:Biodiesel need to apply for a production license
Relevant regulations are as follows: "dangerous chemicals business license management approach"Fourth business license is divided into a, B two. The operating license of type A units can be engaged in sales of highly toxic chemicals and other hazardous chemicals; hazardous chemicals other than highly toxic chemicals operating license of type B units can only operate sales.
Q:Difference between biogas digester and septic tank
The difference is that the biogas digester is airtight. With a methane tank can not septic tank. However, the liquid can not be put into the biogas slurry tank, such as household disinfectant, washing powder water and so on. Some inconvenient. In addition, there is no increase in the north of the pool heat preservation may not be used.
Q:If you want to promote the use of biogas, what needs to be done
The lack of rural labor force, resulting in a biogas pool".With the rural urbanization, the majority of young adults in order to get more money, mostly in the city to work, leaving only the elderly and children in the village, they have no practical skills to use biogas, coupled with the low level of education, I do not know how to manage, lead to the digesters useless"
Q:What is biodiesel refining
In 1983 Quick named it biodiesel (Biodiesel) its chemical structure: RCOOCH3.Made by China Petroleum Chemical Co, Research Institute of petroleum and chemical industry in May 2007 the National Standardization Committee announced and recommended implementation of the "diesel fuel with biodiesel blend (BD100) standard" (GB-T 20828-2007) clearly states: bio diesel, biodiesel, is composed of animal and vegetable oil and alcohol (such as methanol or ethanol) by transesterification of alkyl fatty acid ester was prepared, the most typical is the fatty acid methyl ester, BD100 said.
Q:What is the principle of biodiesel production?
Physical production method of biodiesel:Physical methods include direct mixing method and microemulsion method. Its principle is to plant oil and petrochemical diesel oil and additives, such as the proportion of mixed, but long-term use will lead to carbon deposition and other undesirable effects, so the physical method of production of diesel can not be called qualified biodiesel.
Q:Which plants can be used as biodiesel feedstock
At present, the raw materials of biodiesel can be used to produce biodiesel in our country
Q:How much does it cost to build a biogas digester?
Build a 8 cubic meters of biogas digesters on the $1000 or so, the construction of biogas digesters, what are the steps of the 1? (1) look at the terrain to determine the location of the methane tank;
Q:Biodiesel is fatty acid methyl ester
Biodiesel, as its name implies, is similar to the physical and chemical properties of diesel oil, including viscosity, calorific value, flash point, acid value, sixteen alkanes, etc., the natural fatty acid methyl ester is not bio diesel,
Q:What about the biodiesel industry?
Still in the early stage of industrializationAccording to the national biodiesel industry cooperation group to provide information to the newspaper, as of the end of 2011, China has a certain production capacity of biodiesel production enterprises more than and 50, production capacity of about 3 million tons / yearBut most of these companies in the waste oil as raw material, the raw material source is not stable, operating profit or loss due to the vast majority of businesses in the production or semi shutdown state. Rough statistics, the average operating rate in 2011 the national biodiesel plant is only 20% - 25%, the actual production is about 500 thousand - 700 thousand tons, and most of the products did not enter sales of refined oil field, only to form chemical products sales to the market.
Q:How much is the calorific value of biodiesel and 0# diesel?
Biodiesel calorific value of 39MJ/KG, and 0 diesel is 42MJ/KG.Cost performance:Advantages of biodiesel1 the value of the sixteen alkane is higher than that of the petroleum diesel oil (45), and the antiknock performance is better than that of the petrochemical diesel oil.2 the content of biodiesel is higher than that of petroleum diesel, which can reach up to 11%. The amount of oxygen required in the combustion process is less than that of the diesel oil.3 non-toxic, renewable energy, and good biochemical decomposition, good health and environmental protection. In addition to alternative fuels such as buses, trucks and other diesel engines, but also for marine transport, water power equipment, underground mining equipment, fuel oil plants and other non road diesel engine alternative fuels.

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