biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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loading ways: top loading and discharging,bottom loading and discharging,top loading and bottom discharging

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TS flexitank is the leading manufacturer in China specizlized in Flexitank(Flexibag) for Shipping Bulk Liquid Cargos .
1.specifications for flexitanks/flexibags
1)     FDA BGA EC ISO9001 approved TS-flexitank, COA member

2)     Valve  2 or 3 inch

3)     Capacity 16-24CBM

4)     Insurance  products liability insurance

5)     Packing by standard export carton or pallet

2.The advantage of flexitank than other transport

1)     Flexitank is one economical Packing solutions for liquid products, capacity : 16,000 to 24,000 liters

2)     Flexitank could save freight charge (about 50%) and time than ISO TANK,  there is no area limited, no environment and season limited, no cost of inland , volume small, easy transport, be convenient of loading & unloading, higher efficient and higher safety.

3)     Flexitank can load more than 44% than metal bucket, save lots of material cost, and also easy operated installing, less expenses, less labor

4)     Flexitank can load more than 15% thank IBC in one 20ft container, easy handling loading & unloading, save cost, save time.

5)Food grade & High safety FDA, EC, HACCP, ISO9001 2000,      


1)     food, wine, cooking oil, juice concentrate, palm oil, soy sauce, alcohol and syrup.

2)     Industrial oils

3)     Safe liquid chemicals

Any question contact lotus at tsflexitank dot com. Thanks.

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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Q:Biodiesel can be used directly on the diesel car, or to be used in combination with petrochemical diesel?
As biodiesel, which itself has many advantages such as better than fossil diesel renewable and high antiknock combustion exhaust gas less, but it is undeniable that the calorific value of pure biodiesel is lower than diesel, if excessive amount or used alone, will cause the engine power is obviously insufficient, if according to the proportion of 5%-20% added to the petrochemical diesel oil
Q:Why waste oil can be used to produce biodiesel after processing?
Drainage oil is a kind of organic matter is very complex, which contains various hydrocarbon derivatives, the vast majority is combustible, after processing, improve combustion efficiency on the calorific value and can be used as fuel, at present, the use is very popular in Germany, Germany, most of the garbage truck, sprinkler etc. are used in biological diesel engineSeeking adoption
Q:What are the benefits of using biogas
Two, improve rural health conditionsWith the development of animal husbandry to intensive breeding, waste matter, livestock and poultry carcasses, feather and slaughter water increased year by year, plus home toilet stool, crop to skewer, organic wastes, traditional composting, landfill, incineration, washing and other measures are not effective, especially in pigs and chickens, the mosquitoes a large number of flies, one summer, not only caused serious pollution of groundwater, soil, rivers, and with a large number of pathogens, endanger human and animal disease and animal health and quality. If they are closed by biogas fermentation, can effectively kill various bacteria of eggs, so as to effectively deal with these waste, maintain the environmental sanitation in rural areas clean, reduce air pollution and diseases.
Q:How to build biogas digesters in the NorthMy home is not a place to build biogas digesters?
This site has a very detailed introduction, as well as the construction of biogas digesters drawings, paste it, open it! Http:// technology of biogas digester2.1 basic knowledge of Biogas2.1.1 and the biogas production process
Q:What are the raw materials for biodiesel production?
Renewable diesel fuel, which is made up of oil plants, wild oil plants, engineering microalgae and other aquatic vegetable oils and fats, animal fats and oils, food waste oil, etc., which can be used as raw materials to replace petroleum diesel oil by transesterification process
Q:Who knows all the advantages of Biogas
(three) the establishment of biogas is beneficial to the development of animal husbandry, which is helpful to solve the contradiction between "three materials" (fuel, feed and fertilizer) and promote the development of animal husbandry(four) the establishment of biogas is conducive to improving the health conditions. Who built a biogas digesters farmers realize, using biogas as fuel, smokeless clean, clean and convenient. Some feces, garbage and sewage are good raw materials for biogas fermentation, with these raw materials into the digester of bacteria, parasite eggs, in biogas the pool closed fermentation and were killed. In order to improve the environmental health conditions in rural areas, are beneficial to human and animal health.
Q:I have a bio diesel in 8 degrees or so, the crystallization phenomenon, how to solve it
However, you can also add a distillation process, which can reduce the freezing point of a certain role, and the color of the oil is pale yellow, the price can be high
Q:How much a cubic of methane
Methane is a mixture of gases, the main component is methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (C02). Methane accounted for 60% of the total carbon dioxide accounted for about 30% of a total of 40%, there are a small amount of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and nitrogen gas
Q:How much can one cubic meter of 5oo cubic digesters produce a day?
500 cubic meters of methane can provide 10000~12500MJ of the heat value, 100 percent of the generator into electricity, about 2777.8~3472 degrees. Multiplied by the efficiency, the actual power can be issued to 972 degrees ~~1215.2 degrees. This is in the state of full load generator, most of the state, can not be used. Dude, you say the kilowatt is power, this depends on the power of the generator you choose
Q:Biodiesel can be used directly as fuel for diesel engines
But the ratio is not too high, Europe is currently 7%, the study shows that the maximum should not exceed 20%

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