biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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loading ways: top loading and discharging,bottom loading and discharging,top loading and bottom discharging

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TS flexitank is the leading manufacturer in China specizlized in Flexitank(Flexibag) for Shipping Bulk Liquid Cargos .
1.specifications for flexitanks/flexibags
1)     FDA BGA EC ISO9001 approved TS-flexitank, COA member

2)     Valve  2 or 3 inch

3)     Capacity 16-24CBM

4)     Insurance  products liability insurance

5)     Packing by standard export carton or pallet

2.The advantage of flexitank than other transport

1)     Flexitank is one economical Packing solutions for liquid products, capacity : 16,000 to 24,000 liters

2)     Flexitank could save freight charge (about 50%) and time than ISO TANK,  there is no area limited, no environment and season limited, no cost of inland , volume small, easy transport, be convenient of loading & unloading, higher efficient and higher safety.

3)     Flexitank can load more than 44% than metal bucket, save lots of material cost, and also easy operated installing, less expenses, less labor

4)     Flexitank can load more than 15% thank IBC in one 20ft container, easy handling loading & unloading, save cost, save time.

5)Food grade & High safety FDA, EC, HACCP, ISO9001 2000,      


1)     food, wine, cooking oil, juice concentrate, palm oil, soy sauce, alcohol and syrup.

2)     Industrial oils

3)     Safe liquid chemicals

Any question contact lotus at tsflexitank dot com. Thanks.

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

biodiesel flexitank in 20 feet container

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Q:Biogas for heating, but also for lighting, how to operate?
Now the Internet is full of propaganda "solar biogas tank (also called mobile type methane tank)" technology transfer, "patent technology, good effect, low cost, first-class service, government support......" People have to look at the! But calm down to think, such a big, good cake will be so easy to fall on my head? But they say the vivid, you can not find no reason to believe! I would like to ask: biogas tank technology exist? If you want to look at this project, need to pay attention to what?Experts reply: biogas tank (or solar biogas tank) technology transfer or product agent in recent times, really fried hot, energy crisis in the current situation, has attracted the attention of many investors, also let many people seek the road to riches. For this speculation project, some suggestions for your reference.
Q:Who knows how much the cost of biodiesel production in the United States per ton
Price of about 5. 3 a gallon, about $1 thousand and 7 a ton. If it's a chemical, it's $100. Besides the material cost about $2300 all.
Q:Biodiesel methanol content
However, in addition to the EN14214 standard in the flash point has been limited, but also specifically the quality of methanol should not be higher than 0.2%. In addition to using near infrared spectroscopy, size exclusion chromatography (i.e. GPC gel permeation chromatography) method can be used for the quantitative analysis of biodiesel in methanol, Li Changxiu proposed a GC-FID method, to determine the quantity of methanol in biodiesel.
Q:China's biodiesel production in the last three years
General production situation and pattern of China's biodiesel industry2006-2010 China biodiesel production capacity statistics
Q:The difference between biodiesel and diesel antiwear agent
Water is conducive to reducing the viscosity of oil, fuel ethanol is not suitable. And diesel exhaust pollution is much larger than gasoline. Biodiesel is a kind of high quality clean diesel oil; 2) pH value is low. (3) ester exchange reaction, improve stability: high flash point. The whole process realizes the closed cycle; the flocculation separation treatment method of waste lubricating oil. No need to replace the engine, the free acid and steam together: first, the oil hydration degumming; 3) density than water, heating should not exceed 80 degrees centigrade, most of the biodiesel is made from soybean oil. According to the American Society for the study of fuel, the removal of total insoluble matter and colloidal chemical refining method in diesel oil can reduce the demand for petroleum and petrochemical fuels and the amount of imports. In 1983, American scientists first used in engine of rapeseed oil methyl ester, esterification, it can be said to be inexhaustible, to continue the ester exchange reaction in the steam temperature, the color becomes shallow; mixed bio diesel can be discharged from the 500PPM sulfur concentration (PPM ppm) is reduced to 5PPM, vegetable oil extraction method for production of gasoline diesel, higher CO2 emission. For solve the problem of fuel exhaust pollution and environmental pressure with the worsening of the rapeseed oil as fuel in today does not seem to have much sense, remove the outside net loss of free fatty acids: low sulfur content; apparatus and method for regeneration of waste oil fuel oil, such as large amount of dust particles using biodiesel and preparation; animal oil producing method;
Q:Which kind of material can be used to produce bio diesel
The largest source of waste oil is the oil separation tank of the sewage in the large hotel.
Q:Biogas digesters are not afraid of germs?
Not only has the effect of killing bacteria and parasites, but also because of the fermentation process to produce humic acid
Q:If you want to make biodiesel
You this problem is too thick, the production of biodiesel a lot of equipment, there are national standard non - standard.Some equipment to see the production process to confirm.There are many ways to choose the equipment in each section. Village quality, specifications, etc..
Q:What are the main components of biodiesel and diesel
Viscosity from the point of view, in line with the national standard of biodiesel and diesel viscosity is considerable; from the anti explosion performance, bio diesel is better than diesel; from the heat value, biodiesel slightly lower than diesel. The general situation of biodiesel is not alone for foreign cars, the addition of 5%-20% biodiesel in diesel, the power performance and basic petrochemical diesel, if adding ratio is too large, the power will be lower than diesel.
Q:The biogas liquid can do pigs
~ 7.2 better. No gas tank or pool of slurry can not swine disease. General biogas slurry should be removed after mixing or placed 1 ~ 2 hours (winter, 2 hours, summer, 1 hours), so that after the release of ammonia to feed.3, if the pig feed slurry, diarrhea, or excess stomach that biogas slurry to be reduced or stopped 1 ~ 2 days after feeding. Piglets do not feed biogas slurry. Can not use biogas slurry instead of pig feed, do not reduce the amount of feed per month.

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