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Product Description: The use of PVC coated wire processing, where the line is arranged tightly, or produce according to customer requirements. The products are mainly used in the binding and manor garden ornaments, the finished product is very beautiful and neat, the product is easy to use,the price is very cheap. It is the product of choice for most people, the wire diameter size in the range 0.30mm-6.0mm.

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Q:What do i do with unused wires on radio wiring harness?
Suzuki Wiring Harness
Q:Wiring questions for a 2000 chevy cavalier starter?
all wiring with large eyelet end,s go to main solenoid terminal...the large brass/copper post in the center/top. the small wire/wire,s attach to the terminal marked with a S for solenoid. the small terminal to the side. do not place any ground wire,s to either of luck.
Q:how do i wire a l6-30 plug with 10-3 wire?
There is a 3 wire plug used for 208 or 240v (there is no 220v in the US). It has two hots (gold screws) and a ground (green screw). A typical 10-3 cord has a black white and green white, connect the green wire to the green screw and the black and white wires to the gold screws. An L6-30 is not compatible with devices that have a 240/120v configuration that use both 240v and for 120v and need a neutral connection, for this you would need to use a 4 wire L14-30. Also be aware there are some special rules about ranges and clothes dryers, please update you question if that's what you are dealing with.
Q:What does because I had a wire from (random person ) mean?
That's from the day of telegraph messages; it was the urgent medium.
Q:Need help wiring ceiling fan?
always look at youtube for advise on home projects they have videos you can watch over and over if needed. it saved me many times. good luck!
Q:How should I wire my subwoofers?
wire the voice coils to series on each sub and then wire the subs in parallel to the amp and voila.
Q:Is it possible to transfer electric power using only one wire?
It would depend on the type of power. Three phase AC which is commonly used to transmit power cannot be transmitted in one wire. Single phase ungrounded AC could be transmitted in one wire. DC can also be transmitted in one wire.
Q:immersion heater wiring diagram??
Immersion Heater Thermostat Wiring Diagram
Q:Question anout tubeless wire?
It is a wire without a tube. It works properly, it has a larger section than the usual wires, but is cheaper (Al is cheaper than Cu).
Q:wired connection with xbox 360?
Connect the ethernet cable (the wire included with the 360) to your wireless router, and then connect the other end to your Xbox 360.

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