Binary alloys of silicon and calcium

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  Calcium and silicon and oxygen has a strong affinity.Especially calcium, not only with strong affinity, oxygen and sulfur, nitrogen has a strong affinity.So the calcium silicon alloy is a kind of ideal compound deoxidizer, desulfurization agent.Silicon alloy not only deoxidization ability strong, deoxidizing products tend to rise, easy to discharge, but also can improve the performance of the steel, plasticity, impact toughness of steel and liquidity.Currently the calcium silicon alloy can be final deoxidization instead of aluminium.Be applied to the high quality steel.In the production of special steel and special alloys.Such as rail steel, mild steel, stainless steel, steel and nickel base alloy, titanium alloy, and other special alloy are available the calcium silicon alloy as deoxidizer.The calcium silicon alloy also for practice of converter steel workshop with increasing agent, the calcium silicon alloy can also be used for cast iron inoculant and additives in nodular iron production.

 Binary alloys of silicon and calcium, belongs to the category of ferroalloys.Its main ingredients for silicon and calcium, but also contain different amounts of iron, aluminum, carbon, sulfur and phosphorus and other impurities.Iron and steel industry as a calcium additive, deoxidizer, desulfurization agent and nonmetal inclusions denaturant.Used as a nucleating agent and denaturant cast iron industry.The calcium silicon alloy by calcium and silicon content of different is divided into:




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Q:What is the hardness of YG8 cemented carbide?
The hardness of YG8 cemented carbide produced by Zhuzhou fine drill is 89.5, all of which are made of cemented carbide raw material
Q:What is the relation between the number of teeth of carbide saw blades?
4 saw blade body hardness, flatness, end jump requirements are also different. In addition, there are some requirements for the speed of the machine and the feeding speed of the wood. 6, to do the saw blade equipment precision also has the very big relations. 7 'chopping waist' is the most difficult thing to do right now. Another: alloy blade why open? Prevent saw blades; increase friction. For example: 3: multi tooth and Small Tooth cut wood saw blade, what's the difference? The number of teeth of the toothed, generally more number of teeth, more cutting edge in unit time, the cutting performance is better, but the cutting teeth with hard alloy saw blade number, the price is high, but the serrated teeth too close, chip quantity is small, easy to cause the blade fever; the other saw too much when the amount of feed, with improper words cut per tooth little friction will increase the cutting edge and the workpiece, the influence of blade service life. Usually, the pitch of teeth is 15-25mm, and the reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the cutting material.
Q:Hard alloy and cast iron join together, what glue is good?
High temperature resistant high strength metal and carbide inorganic adhesive YL04-3. For the structure of all kinds of cutting tools such as bonded &def hard alloy cutter and lengthened drill, geological drill; casting airhole crack repair; use temperature of -196 DEG ~800 DEG
Q:What kinds of carbide cutting tools are used in the 16 and 20 manganese grinding of the lathe?
YW2 super easy to use, not YG, easy to jump knife
Q:What is the hardness of cemented carbide?
Different grades, different hardness, usually (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC);
Q:Why is carbide cutting tools less standard than high speed steel cutting tools?
Because carbide cutting tools wear better than high speed steel cutting tools.
Q:K carbide carbide cutting tools, mainly used for turning what materials?
K class brand is the international standard ISO code, equivalent to China's class YG carbide brand, suitable for processing stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys, as well as non-metallic materials, cast iron and other materials.
Q:How to detect carbide material is raw material or recycled material, what is the difference?
High priceGenerally, the size of recycled materials is poor, and the finished products are not stable. The price is relatively cheapIn general, carbide factories have specialized testing equipment
Q:Carbide blade domestic that tricky point?
Chengdu, Dalian Fuji, Chengdu Sentai eng, Qianmu NC tool and so on quantity.
Q:What does carbide wet grinding mean?
Wet grinding of cemented carbide is an important process in the production process, and its efficiency has a direct bearing on the quality of cemented carbide products. The main factors affecting the wet grinding efficiency of cemented carbide are as follows:1. ball mill speedThe mixing and grinding of cemented carbide powder in a ball mill barrel is achieved by the motion of the ball when the ball mill rotates. The movement of the ball in the tube depends on the speed of the ball mill. If the speed is too fast, from the heart, the ball will be posted on the wall and rotate together, the ball in the same cylinder wall relative static state, which is equal to the elimination of the ball should play a role, if the speed is too low, only along the bottom of the cylinder sliding ball, small mixture of crushing and grinding effect.

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