Big PVC material steel frame tilted wall single layer event tent

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High quality pagoda tent 5*5m 

I.Recycle use with long time 

II. Easy to install&dismantle 

Main frame Profile


Eave Connection

Hot-dip Galvanized Twin Steel Plate

Roof Fixing

Bar Tension

Frame Material

Hard Pressed Extruded Aluminum 6061/T6

Cover Material

Double PVC coated Polyester textile, flame retardant which UV protection,waterproof 


Packing bag,pegs and ropes,pegs bags,sand bags .

Logo Print:

Artwork, logo, graphics are available to be printed on roof,sidewalls, carry bags with dye-sublimation printing or screen   printing

All these products are widely used in agriculture and construction. We have perfect technical inspection facilities, advanced quality-control system and great production capacity, all which ensure good quality as well as timely delivery. 


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Q:Are the tent floors and walls sealed?
The tent is the bottom face of the bottom surface, and the walls are sealedThe bottom is the same as the wall materialBecause the underside is thin and the moisture can not stand, the mat is blocked
Q:What's the difference between a double deck and a single deck?
The design of the three floor tent is a hanging cotton curtain inside the inner basket, which further improves the heat preservation effect. Even if the outdoor environment is at about 10 degrees below zero, because of the protection of the cotton account, the temperature in the account can be kept at about zero, so that the temperature in the tent will not be too low.
Q:How can I get a camel brand tent?
The folding of the curtain rod is taken out, a good docking, is straightened, connected into a long rod
Q:What should I pay attention to when I am going to take a tent and go out with my girlfriend?
If you put up a tent in the forest area, you can cut a rough branch with local conditions to make a beam, and use a thick branch as a support. If the ski tourism tents can make full use of skis, ski poles do pillar;Attention should be paid to the top of the rain cloth can not be wrinkled, the end surface can not be loose, the ground can not be uneven. If the mosquito, often do not account, it is best not to light in the account, can burn some AI and dispel mosquito.After setting up the tent, covered with plastic blankets or inflatable mattress, cushion when pine grass. The night when the back loaded soft pillows, toiletries, tableware with custom shoes at the door side, gold. Candles are used for lighting, kerosene lamps, paraffin wax, vegetable oil lamps, etc..
Q:What are the poles of the automatic tent? Which pole is the lightest? How about the general hardware store?
Glass fiber stent. These kinds of stents are mostly used in middle and low grade tents. Glass fiber reinforced plastics are polymers of glass fiber and macromolecule resin. They are light, strong, well formed and have certain bending property. They are the common materials for tent support.
Q:How to choose a professional tent?
So the smart thing is to decide which factors are important to you first, then narrow down your options and pick out the right tent for you. Let us synthesize a lot of players actual combat experience, I hope you can help when you buy tents.
Q:Mobigarden outdoor tent and snow wolf which is cost-effective, moisture-proof and waterproof function?
The 08 year the company launched a new type of more snow wolf brand tent, same price and fabric products innovation has made many adjustments, snow wolf is actually talking about your tent Lingyun the 08 new year, a lot of network design for hot gauze products in many permeability increases. The product price is still very high, because the product completely and the past is not the same, the key is the price index and the waterproof material from the manufacturers point of view, is the same as the price of the product is higher than any.
Q:Where would it be best to set up a tent in the wild?
The highest level of flood discharge on the river bank should be found - the mountain stream can become a turbulent jet within minutes of the storm, and the water level can rise by five meters in an hour! In the flat, even beyond the river flood. The rainstorm near the mountains and rivers is easy to turn into flood water without any warning. Choose such a site - flat, without too many stones, so that you have enough space to send distress signals that are easily detected by rescuers.
Q:Is tent air cushion important?
The air cushion is not important to the tent, it is important for you to sleep. I don't know. What do you mean by ordinary cushions?.Important for the tent is ground cloth, laid on the ground, tents on the ground cloth. Used to protect the underside of a tent. Mainly to prevent the bottom of the tent cut or tick. Extend tent life.Attention: the damp mat and the ground cloth are 2 things.Silk bag and fleece sleeping bag does not exist the problem well. Cashmere is mainly used for summer, summer, mountain, night temperature, sleep, or something to cover, or else cold. The most suitable thing for this time is to grab the sleeping bag. Cotton bag is mainly used in winter, minus the time.
Q:What's the difference between an advanced tent and an ordinary one?
Ordinary camping tents are mostly made of Mongolia bag, and 2-3 carbon fiber curtain rods provide better rainproof performance and certain windproof performance, and the air permeability is better. Four seasons account or senior account for more tunnel type, more than 3 aluminum alloy account rod, there are a lot of land nails, wind rope and other auxiliary design, selection of more solid and durable. Premium tickets are not rainproof and are usually heavy and are not suitable for outdoor weekend trips (except for extreme winter conditions).

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