Bi-color 1*1 LED video light panel

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with DMX512

button adjust color and dimmer

color Tem 5600K/3200K
Power 50W  with digital show
Voltage 16V DC
lamp 1200 pic

Beijing HDY Technology Development Co.,Ltd, is a manufacturer specializing in LED video light, LED camera light and camera battery, with advantages of high quality and competitive price.

Key Features:

 - light output 3200K mode: 1m = 2600lx | 2m = 700lx | 3m = 350lx

 - light output 5600K mode: 1m = 2800lx | 2m = 800lx | 3m = 400lx

 - photometrics: 1m = F11 | 2m = F5.6  - T500 @24fps

 - lightweight (2.5 kg) and slim design (4.5 cm)

 - strong metal housing

 - dial-up, variable color from 3150°K to 5700°K

 - dial-up brightness

 - 1156 LED's ( 578 in 3150K and 578 in 5700K)

 - ultra-efficient LED technology with high CRI level (>85RA) for broadcast.

 - flood led's (60 degree beam angle)

 - 50'000h LED's life

 - heat & flicker free

 - ballast free and silent operation

 - dimming from 100% to 10% with no color shift

 - universal power input (AC 100-250V / 50-60Hz; DC 12-17V)

 - runs from AC or batteries

 - XLR 4P DC input socket

 - built-in V-Lock battery plate

 - modular design for multipanel configuration

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Q:I'd like to know what the camera set and the shooting set are
The box set of four refers to the assembly box? The flash refers to the flash connection The camera set is drunk.
Q:What's the principle of photography light for children's photography? Where can I sell them?
The sale of photographic equipment. Or buy online, do not buy what three primary colors, brightness is not enough.
Q:Jin Bei, that's a good model
18-105 good points, domestic lights are almost, look at accessories and technology
Q:Why do you get red when you take pictures with camera lights?
Studio lights your temperature is low, so the picture is red, the solution is the color of your camera settings in the user defined: set the color temperature by 4000K based on floating color value of each to take a picture, you have to find the color, then the color temperature can be set in each. The.
Q:I want to buy an ordinary energy-saving lamp instead of photography special lamp
Not recommended to use energy-saving lamps, in fact, you can go to buy or do their own LED photography lights, power saving, money saving, color temperature is relatively stable, sold on Taobao.When in use, you must pay attention to adjust the white balance, otherwise it will be very troublesome
Q:Which brand of photography lamp is better?
I spent three years with buy two sets of "Edison" brand of M-300 and a M-400, not out of trouble, quality is really good, recommend it to everyone.
Q:What kind of camera lights are needed to capture the characters?
Do you need shadows in your background? If you don't need shadow, leave the model far away from the wall, put 2 lights on the background, light the two lights in front, and light up.
Q:How much W do I need to take a picture lamp for jewelry?
It is not important that the number of tiles is large. The key is the color temperature. If the color temperature does not reach the color range.
Q:What does the "sync" on the camera light mean?
SYNC Chinese means "synchronous", now SYNC technology is widely used in music, video and other multimedia and text content synchronization between, for example: MP3 when playing at the same time display lyrics (Cara OK) or movie subtitles and so on, the use of SYNC technology MP3 lyrics display more accurate. MediaSync technology developed by DIGITALFlow, Inc., is a model of this, and most of the major music sites seen on the Internet are using this technology. Such as lyrics, heaven, SYNCPOWER and so on. The use of MediaSync technology to display music lyrics lyrics is more accurate than Lrc, and the MediaSync technology can be embedded into the lyrics perfect all kinds of music files, so enjoy the music, do not need to find two files at the same time (traditional Lrc music player, must also have music files and Lrc files to achieve the song lyrics. And the lyrics play, and lyrics display speed and music is not exactly the same).
Q:Jin Bei, the LED light is out of water. What should I do?
Fish up, open, use electric hair dryer, dry, and then put the machine in the ventilated place, hang around for a day and night, look at slightly. No, I'll go and get an electrician to help you with the measurements.

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