Bi-color 1*1 LED video light panel

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with DMX512

button adjust color and dimmer

color Tem 5600K/3200K
Power 50W  with digital show
Voltage 16V DC
lamp 1200 pic

Beijing HDY Technology Development Co.,Ltd, is a manufacturer specializing in LED video light, LED camera light and camera battery, with advantages of high quality and competitive price.

Key Features:

 - light output 3200K mode: 1m = 2600lx | 2m = 700lx | 3m = 350lx

 - light output 5600K mode: 1m = 2800lx | 2m = 800lx | 3m = 400lx

 - photometrics: 1m = F11 | 2m = F5.6  - T500 @24fps

 - lightweight (2.5 kg) and slim design (4.5 cm)

 - strong metal housing

 - dial-up, variable color from 3150°K to 5700°K

 - dial-up brightness

 - 1156 LED's ( 578 in 3150K and 578 in 5700K)

 - ultra-efficient LED technology with high CRI level (>85RA) for broadcast.

 - flood led's (60 degree beam angle)

 - 50'000h LED's life

 - heat & flicker free

 - ballast free and silent operation

 - dimming from 100% to 10% with no color shift

 - universal power input (AC 100-250V / 50-60Hz; DC 12-17V)

 - runs from AC or batteries

 - XLR 4P DC input socket

 - built-in V-Lock battery plate

 - modular design for multipanel configuration

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Q:Kim 400W photographic lamp, one cannot flash 10
The problem of a light tube or capacitor circuit board.Suggest that you can buy a tube first, try it on (if you use a multimeter, measure it, no resistance is broken)If it is not the problem of lights, it is recommended to go back to the factory to repair the best.Suddenly, such a bad case is likely to be a circuit problem.
Q:How much W do I need to take a picture lamp for jewelry?
It is not important that the number of tiles is large. The key is the color temperature. If the color temperature does not reach the color range. It is recommended to use a large circle lens, or stand three legs to extend the exposure time, so as to avoid the color difference caused by light.
Q:What are the requirements for the bulb of the photographic lamp?
Useful for energy-saving lampsBut the question is, what kind of lights are you talking about?There are many kinds of photographic lights. See which one you mean
Q:Bought a set of U2-FLASH200 camera lights (three lights),
Very normal ah, I work in the studio base, bought more than 100 table lamps, when installed, have tried, very good, but it did not take long to break a lot.
Q:Clothing and other shooting suits:
Step back and hit the top of the flash to the ceiling, too, to improve the light ratio, but the light is not in good control.
Q:With the camera light, why does the LCD screen of the camera flash?
Do you want to refine your questions?Now again, I don't see your problem. Oh, flash? Or shake?Could it be that something is wrong with your machine?You can have a tryFlash LCD flashes or shake with a flashYou can shoot it with natural light so you can tell if it's a machine problemI guess it's a problem with the machine because the flash doesn't affect the LCDIt's mostly your machine that is out of order. Check the machine well
Q:What camera lights are used for photographing furniture?
My shooting experience if not shoot advertising films just for e-commerce use 400W-600W lights 5 OK 8-10 lamp. Take the words of confession best power above 1000W lighting in the negative side, or from the top down so easily hit the lights better texture.
Q:Excuse me, how many lamp bases do you need to use the camera lamp in general online shop?
Look at your level of a lamp, a plurality of reflectors, can simulate the effect can also be two lights, a light reflecting plate part, fill more words, you are not open shop, open studio you can't grasp, buy buy white
Q:The problem of the photographic lamp, the difference between the three stand reflector umbrella and the wide mouth photography lamp 40
The three - foot reflex umbrella is the light facing the umbrella and reflects the light to the object by the umbrella.Wide mouth photography lamp, is the light gathered directly after the object, light more.
Q:How do you synchronize SLR cameras with photographic lights?
You go to buy a flash device about 150 yuan or so, while loading in the camera above, while loading flash, the shutter is not higher than 160/1s

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