BFL-Micro Grain Rough End Mill Coated Flute Rough CNC Milling End Mill Cuter

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YG10X YL10.2 &WF25 Germany K44 &K40Sandvik H10F
Grain size 0.7um, Co10%, , Flexural strength 3320N/mm2Grain size 0.6um, Co10%,  Flexural strength 4000N/mm2Grain size 0.5um, Co12%, Flexural strength 4300N/mm2Grain size 0.5um, Co10%,   Flexural strength 4300N/mm2

Specification of milling cutter

- Milling tool 
- Material:High Quality Carbide 
- Profiling, Center Cutting 
- Higher Wear Resistance

Milling Cutting tool

- Application: suitable for processing various materials.

- Best material: we use the import material, AF,SANDVIK,KENNAMETAL,CB,etc.    

- Quality:all our manufactured end mills are inspected by advanced zoller mearsurement.

- Facility:we have the world lastest 5-axis tools grinding machines.

- Flexbility:non-standard sizes are accepted.








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Q:What are the advantages of welding knives
For welding, it is best to control the temperature of the welding, reduce the stress, and the flux is also important.
Q:How to grind a common lathe tool
A knife grinding old? You're wearing a big Angle, right? You take a car knife that other people grind to compare a number to follow the gourd, this actually still need to practice more. If broken cutting groove is 90 ° 45 # steel tool commonly 4 to 6 mm wide, length should be throughout the cutting head, the cutting edge of about 1-2 mm distance. A depth of 5mm is a good look. If the blade width is slightly wider but no more than 8mm open slot, the blade is facing up, pointing at the grinding wheel and grinding at a little bit. This is also a lot of practice
Q:What kind of alloy is the car knife used?
Cobalt tungsten titanium tantalum class (WC + TiC TaC + + Co)) in YT cemented carbide (YW) class carbide added TaC (NbC), on the basis of improving the bending strength, impact toughness and wear resistance, high temperature hardness, antioxidant capacity. It can process steel and process cast iron and non-ferrous metals. This is often called the universal hard alloy (also known as the universal carbide). It is mainly used to process refractory materials such as heat resistant steel, high manganese steel and stainless steel.
Q:How to weld a tool
Requirement of welding welding material In order to guarantee the welding strength, should choose the right solder. In the process of welding, shall ensure that the good wettability and liquidity, and to eliminate air bubbles, make a good contact with welding and alloy welding surface, shape welding phenomenon.
Q:What is different about the shape of the external turning tool and the inner circle tool?
Of course, the external turning tool is not the same as the inside. I have this "mechanical manufacturing process basic textbook" friend if need, add my QQ: 769940117: machine manufacturing process basic textbook
Q:What is the function of the side angles of the lathe? How to choose
The surface roughness is affected by the Angle between the subcutting plane and the assumed direction of the motion. According to the roughness requirement and tool strength of the machined surface. Reducing the subangle can improve the strength of the tool and improve the cooling condition, but may increase the friction and cause the vibration.
Q:How to weld a car knife with copper
It's best to have the first one, plus borax, and then put in the head of the knife, which is very strong
Q:What are the independent basic angles of the cutting part?
(2) the Angle between the posterior Angle alpha o and the cutting plane is measured in the orthogonal plane. The rear Angle indicates the degree of tilt behind the tool. (3) the main Angle kappa r main cutting plane is measured in the base plane with the Angle between the assumed working plane
Q:The difference between the Angle of the blade and the Angle of the blade
The front Angle of the vehicle knife is the Angle of the surface of the cutter's contact with the cutting when the base and the cutting are out. The blade Angle is the Angle between the main blade and the base of the cutting plane, which affects the direction of the cutting and the strength of the tip. In other words, the front corner of the car knife is usually a front Angle, but the front corner has a tilted Angle; When the tip of the blade is at the lowest point on the cutting edge, the blade Angle lambda is positive, using lambda > 0, and the chip is in the direction of the processed surface. The tip of the blade is at the highest point of the blade, the tip of the blade is negative and lambda < 0 means that the chip is left in the direction of the processing surface. When the tip of the blade is zero, the chip will flow in the direction perpendicular to the cutting edge and turn directly into a roll. When the blade tip lambda > 0, when the tool cuts through the workpiece, the first contact with the workpiece is the blade instead of the tip, which protects the tip from shock or shock.
Q:The tip of the tip of the car in a circular search outside 90 degrees
The following situation is the situation of uneven face to center Large machine tools (lathe turning diameter greater than 2 m), with 90 degrees outside circle cutter, generally center high no strict requirement, if point higher than the center, so the tip wear is quite fast, especially the front, given the large lathe feeding time longer, easy after a blunt knife knife, and the point is not easy to collapse, can consider to high point slightly higher than the center; About 1-2mm; Small lathe (generally common etc) point proposal is to center, gao will cut ceng live easy vibration knife, the blade, the advantages of high surface finish; The tip of the knife is low, the tip of the blade is strong, and it is easy to break the tip of the blade. If the outside circle is too small, it may collapse directly.

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