BFL-Micro Grain Rough End Mill Coated Flute Rough CNC Milling End Mill Cuter

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YG10X YL10.2 &WF25 Germany K44 &K40Sandvik H10F
Grain size 0.7um, Co10%, , Flexural strength 3320N/mm2Grain size 0.6um, Co10%,  Flexural strength 4000N/mm2Grain size 0.5um, Co12%, Flexural strength 4300N/mm2Grain size 0.5um, Co10%,   Flexural strength 4300N/mm2

Specification of milling cutter

- Milling tool 
- Material:High Quality Carbide 
- Profiling, Center Cutting 
- Higher Wear Resistance

Milling Cutting tool

- Application: suitable for processing various materials.

- Best material: we use the import material, AF,SANDVIK,KENNAMETAL,CB,etc.    

- Quality:all our manufactured end mills are inspected by advanced zoller mearsurement.

- Facility:we have the world lastest 5-axis tools grinding machines.

- Flexbility:non-standard sizes are accepted.








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Q:The choice of the threading tool and the residual choice of the turning process
A kind of cutting tool, a kind of cutting tool used to cut the thread on the lathe. Threading tool divided into two major categories of threading tool within and outside the threading tool, from the early stages of mechanical manufacturing use requires manual grinding welding head of threading tool grinding, high speed steel material into the threading tool, thread turning tool of high speed steel comb blade and machine clip-on threading tool, such as machine clip-on threading tool is currently widely used machine clip-on threading tool, machine clip-on threading tool divided into two parts, tool holder and the blade, blade mounted on the cutter bar mat, compaction with bolt, blade mounted on the mat, the blade is divided into carbide not coating blade, blade used for processing non-ferrous metal, such as: aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloys and other materials), carbide blade coating (used for machining steel, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy, etc.).
Q:How to wear a car knife
Control the edge of the blade according to the material. The right choice to overshoot... Buddy doesn't even give a penny.
Q:To design the tool manual for the shape of the rib body
So there was a rapid development. The cutting part of the lathe is composed of main cutting edge, cutting edge, front, rear and rear. Its geometry by former Angle Angle alpha after gamma o, o, Lord Angle kappa r, blade Angle gamma S predominate, deputy Angle kappa 惤 predominate and point is determined by the arc radius r epsilon. The choice of the geometrical parameter of the lathe is influenced by a variety of factors, which must be selected according to the specific situation. The anterior Angle gammao is selected based on the composition and strength of the material of the workpiece, and the smaller value should be taken when the material of higher intensity is higher. For example, cemented carbide cutting tool in cutting of ordinary carbon steel before take 10 ° ~ 15 ° Angle; When cutting chromium manganese steel and hardened steel take - 2 ° ~ 10 °. After generally take 6 ° ~ 10 ° Angle. Main Angle kappa r predominate, according to the rigid conditions of the process system generally take 30 ° ~ 75 °, poor rigidity when take larger value, in the car when the ladder shaft, due to the need of cutting way is greater than or equal to 90 °. Tip arc radius r epsilon and deputy Angle kappa 惤 generally predominate and selection according to the requirement of the processing surface roughness. The blade Angle gamma S is determined according to the direction of the drainage and the strength of the blade. The pattern in front of the lathe (figure 2) is based on the material of the workpiece and the material of the tool. The simplest is the flat type, the flat type of the front Angle
Q:How to use a lathe tool
Actually with the high speed won't be able to rest itself, gao not artifacts jilt fly is the center plane fly, you can try using HSS tool cutting, should pay attention to add coolant can solve, if it is just a rough machining is solved, you only need to add coolant finishing if it is necessary to choose high speed steel grinding inner hole tool, also can use first alloy tool first rough car, abort the burr and crusty, then white steel knife to fine cars, coolant must be added, this is the key. Cutting tool choice is quenching material can choose white steel lathe tool, quenching material alloy tool. And since it is welding, sure material welding surface has dipped far is already in the process of welding surface hardening, so need to use alloy made rough car off hardening layer and burr, then white steel knife finishing, a little, white steel knife must be sharpened
Q:How to use a car knife properly in machine processing?
Using a lathe tool, it is to determine the amount of cutting, you can use the Internet, or you can check the general machine manual
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of turning a turning tool
The numerical control tool must be a direction of development, and when your tool is selected, your benefit will multiply. But welding knives will not disappear as well, because of the need to deal with a few tests and repairs
Q:How to make the workpiece smooth
What material? How big is the diameter? Lathe model? The specific situation? What number of knives are you currently using? It's all important! Then I can answer the question specifically
Q:What's the effect of the 90's exterior planer?
The function is to prevent premature collapse of the tip, help the surface smoothness of the workpiece, improve the service life of the tool. A lathe tool is used for turning the cutting part of a cutting tool. A lathe tool is one of the most widely used knives in machining. Working part of the lathe tool is a portion of production and the processing chip, including the blade, the structure of the chip broken broken or volume approach, chip removal, or should the storage space of the chip, cutting fluid channels such as structural elements.
Q:There are several kinds of lathe knives for regular lathes
Clamp machine tool The machine tool is used for the use of the common blade, and the blade is held in a mechanical clamping method. Such knives have the following characteristics: (1) the blade does not pass through the high temperature welding, avoiding the defects of the blade hardness caused by welding, the production of cracks, etc., which increases the durability of the tool. Because the tool is durable, the time is longer, the time of change is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved. (3) the tool holder can be repeated use, save steel and improve the utilization rate of the blade, blade by manufacturers recycling system, improve the economic efficiency, reduce the tool cost. (4) the blade after resharpening, size will gradually become smaller, in order to restore the working position of the blade, often on the tool structure is equipped with blade adjustment, in order to increase the blade grinding.
Q:Make a simple stationary lathe tool for diy lathe
The guideway is the track that is used to support and guide the parts of the machine on a certain trajectory. The accuracy of the track and the accuracy of the movement directly affect the machining accuracy of the machine. There are slide guide, roller guide and static pressure guide. The shape of the guideway is mainly V, rectangle, dovetail, cylindrical and planar

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