Beverage Cylinders(CO2) Materia l: Aluminium

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  • Material:              Aluminium

  • Use:                     Industrial Gas

  • Pressure:             High

  • Place of Origin:    Liaoning, China (Mainland)


1.40%weight reduction than steel cylinders
2.clean and smelless cylinders                            

Beverage cylinders are made by aluminum 6061,with 40% weight reduction  than steel cylinders unique interal and external treatments provide a superrior corrsion resistance assuring gases clean and smelless cylinders and made strictly to safety standardas all over the world,assuring acosistent and stable performance.High standard quality and detailed instruction for use and maintenance make sure safety operation and pertormance.

Beverage Cylinders(CO2)  Materia l: Aluminium

TypeWaterCapacity(L)OursideDiameter(mm)Length(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)Net Weight(Kg)ServicePressure(Mpa)
LWH75-0.7 -150.7752954.10.8515
LWH82-0.7 -150.7822354.20.915
LWH89-0.5 -150.5891874.50.5615
LWH89- 0.7 -150.7892274.50.715
LWH89- 1.0 -151.0892874.50.9115
LWH89- 1.4 -151.4893674.51.1815
LWH108-0.7 -150.71081695.51.115
LWH108-1.0 -151.01082105.51.315
LWH108- 1.4 -151.41082645.51.615
LWH108-2.0 -152.01083655.62.215
LWH108- 2.5 -152.51084335.62.615
LWH120-2.8 -152.81203986.13.115
LWH120-3.2 -153.21204376.13.515
LWH140-4.0 -154.01404307.14.315
LWH140-5.0 -155.01405077.15.115
LWH140-6.0 -156.01405907.16.015
LWH140-8.0 -158.01407457.17.715
LWH159-10 -15101597358.18.815
LWH180-10 -15101806059.110.115
LWH203-12 -151220358710.312.915
LWH203-13.4 -1513.420364010.313.815
LWH203-20 -152020390010.318.115
LWH232-30 -1530232109011.730.815
LWH232-40 -1540232134011.736.515

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Q:Are the sensors used on different cylinders and hydraulic cylinders the same?
Are you talking about the magnetic induction switch, only the cylinder with magnetic band can be used?
Q:Design a horizontal multi shaft drilling hydraulic system on cylinder processing line 10
To the bookstore to buy a "modular machine tool design manual" second volumes, above all.
Q:Urgent, how, on the mechanical hydraulic buffer for a large amount? What mechanical pneumatic elements are used?
The question is too general.Look for the same industry, large enterprises, in their website will be classified according to industry applications, check will be more convincing.
Q:What kind of material is the hydraulic cylinder of loader?
2, the cause of the wear and tear is mainly caused by insufficient lubrication. The piston and piston ring move at high speed in the cylinder mirror. Under lubrication. Between the working face can not form the oil film, both friction surface has extremely small part, the metal direct contact, because the friction formation partial high heat dissipation does not walk, but when accumulates to a certain extent, will cause two people to melt the adhesion. At this time, if the oil film can be timely recovery, cleaning and cooling, so that these tiny weld parts fall off without expansion; if the oil film recovery slow, weld expansion, resulting in abnormal melting wear occurred in a large area, which is usually called cylinder. Melting wear generally occurs on the upper part of the cylinder mirror, near the first ring at the top dead point, where localized metal melting is stuck and uneven uneven edges of groove marks and folds. Cylinderscoring phenomenon is easy to happen in production without running internal combustion engine immediately load working conditions. Because the internal combustion engine cylinder is not thicker, the oil film is not easy to form, and the cylinder mirror surface and the piston surface convex place often have tiny metal contact, thus causing melting wear and even killing phenomenon.
Q:What are the conditions in the hydraulic system with the imported throttle valve? What is the difference between the throttle valve and the outlet valve?
3, import throttle speed regulation, unlike the export throttle speed control, can bear negative load, so the movement is less smooth. Can be added by back pressure valve to solveNeed to speed sensitive, quick response, with import throttle. If the action is smooth, shock resistance load, with oil return throttling
Q:What are the differences and characteristics between punching machine and hydraulic press?
Punching machine classification:Press the driving force of the slider, mechanical punching machine, hydraulic pressAccording to the movement of the slider, single movement, re movement, hyperactivityAccording to the structure of the crankshaft drive slider type punch crankless press, toggle press, friction type punching machine, screw press, pinion press, connecting rod type punch cam punchClassification of hydraulic pressHydraulic press can be divided into hot forging hydraulic press, four column hydraulic press, single arm hydraulic press, Longmen hydraulic press, double column hydraulic press
Q:Computer automatic packing machine, cylinder voice suddenly become larger, how to solve?
The reason why the hydraulic cylinder does not move is possible:1 hydraulic cylinder seal is not strict with hydraulic oil leakage will cause the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder is not enough to overcome the pressure of the plunger cylinder without action;
Q:What is the difference between the cylinder seal and the cylinder seal?
The medium of bees is different. One is gas sealed, and the other is liquid sealed.
Q:How do you adjust the timing of the car's cylinder?
If there is a distributor. You can rotate around to make time earlier or later. If not, start with the timing belt, one earlier or later! To adjust the time!
Q:How much money machine hele ah, pneumatic hele surface machine, hydraulic machine hele surface what is the difference between ah
the user can use the back to add hydraulic oil, pneumatic delivery manufacturers generally do not take the pump, because the pump volume, will increase the cost of logistics,

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