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100% viscose
Cut Pile
Machine Made
Size:75x150/200/300/400,115x170,150x230,200x290,230x340,385x400cmPlace of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
cotton backing
blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown;
Rectangle, round, oval or octangle, etc;

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:40HQ loading 9800sqm; 40GP loading 8000sqm; 20GP loading 4000sqm;
Delivery Detail:30-45 Days


Commercial Luxury Persian Design Viscose Carpet
Material: 100% viscose
500X1000 etc

Detail Description:

nameVicose Carpet
ConstructionHand  turfted arpet/rugs


Pile Height6mm
Pile Weight1750 g/sqm
BackingCotton cloth
Color(aviliable)according to customer's request
Payment Terms30%T/T in advance + 70% B/L at sight or 100% B/L at sight.
PackingIn Rolls + Polybag, your specific packing is available
Designcartoon, flowers , animals ,building and solid color
Transportationby sea

Packing & Delivery:

Packing: rolled into two layers plastic bag;
MOQ: 500sqm;
Loading Quantity: 40HQ loading 9800sqm;

                              40GP loading 8000sqm;

                              20GP loading 4000sqm;
Delivery Time: 30-60days.


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Q:How can I keep my carpet clean?
This is easy, no food in your room. Nothing other than water to drink. No painting of nails or painting in that room. Vacuum twice a week and it will stay stain free.
Q:Question about hardwoods under our carpet?
After having just removed the carpeting in my house, I can tell you this: if they put a subfloor on top of hardwood, there was something wrong with the hardwood. It is not necessary in order to lay carpet. Padding and tack boards are all that are needed--which really don't ruin the hardwood. (You may want to fill a few nail holes from the tack strips.) Lots of houses have hardwood that is only finished around the edges--if you pull up the subfloor and find unfinished board flooring, that's one reason they laid the subfloor. Another reason might be that there was bad damage to the hardwood which made it uneven. A finished hardwood floor rarely needs subfloor for carpeting unless it is damaged or otherwise totally unusable as hardwood flooring. Since your house was built in 1955, it could have very badly damaged floors. There is only one way to check that--pull up the carpet in a corner, and the subfloor under that--and check. If the floors are not damaged, then the only damage will be from nail holes--which can be filled, sanded and revarnished.
Q:what can i use to clean a wool rug by hand? (its new, but smells like formaldehyde)?
Check the backside of the wool rug for instructions, you'll find them on a sticky tag in the corner. Here you should be able to locate an 800 phone number. Call this number and ask for advice. For your own information, wool is cleaned with lukewarm water and a very gentle low PH soap. One of my customers brought me a $500.00 dollar wool area rug that smelled like burnt plastic. I cleaned it and aired it out for several weeks. It still smells. The 800 number in this case was of no use, as the manufacturer had no idea what was going on. If your rug still smells after a couple of weeks, take it back to the store and ask for a refund. Should let you know, in case you have a dog in the house, that they sometimes sense a competitive situation and mark the rug with urine. They will do this numerous times, not realizing the animal was a sheep. Keep it clean if you want to return it.
Hopefully you aren't rubbing at it as this will further get the pigment into the carpet fibers. Try letting the carpet cleaner set on the stain for a little while and then blot it up with paper towels. If the color is transferring to the towels, it's working. Repeat until it is gone. If it still won't come up, tell your mom what happened when she gets home and explain you've tried cleaning and it won't work. She's a mom, so hopefully she'll know what to do. And of course, if you don't like honesty, you could always rearrange your room to cover the stain.
Q:Candle wax out of carpet?
Pick off as much wax as possible. Use a knife if it helps. Chill the wax with ice to remove more of the excess. Move on to the next step once you can't get any more wax off without damaging the carpet. Lay a paper bag or piece of newspaper over the carpet. Use an iron on the lowest setting to heat the wax. If you don't have an iron you can use a hair dryer. When it melts, the wax will seep into the paper and away from the carpet. Change the paper as needed until all of the wax is absorbed. Apply rubbing alcohol to any areas that are stained with dye from the wax. Use a clean paper towel to wipe off the dye and wax until the towel comes off clean. Rinse the area with clean water. You can use a clean, wet rag or a spray bottle. Dry the carpet immediately to decrease the risk of staining. Use a fan to help speed up the process.
Q:Should I rug a New Forest pony?
Keep her the way she is for now until you start to do more than gentle hacking. But ask the previous owners about how much work she's been doing and whether they have clipped her in the past. I kept a NF unclipped throughout her life and always let her coat get reasonably thick before rugging her up for the rest of the winter. However, she was only ever in light work and did not sweat much. Cold is rarely a problem, only rain AND cold will bother her, so she will not need a very thick rug. I would say 9 or 12 rating is more than enough. I'm jealous - you're going to have SO MUCH FUN! :D
Q:I have dark purple carpet?
This Site Might Help You. RE: I have dark purple carpet? I put dark purple carpet in my room and painted my walls light purple. What color scheme can i change my room too. Im sick of it.
Q:How do I keep my area rug from damaging my hardwood floors?
The rug is supposed to be protecting the floor. The exception is when you have cherry floors which darken from the sunlight. Then when you move a rug you have a much lighter area of wood where the rug was. Sometimes the backing from the rug may dull the floor but a quick clean up with soapy water will restore the finish shine. Good luck---
Q:Old apartment, old carpet, help?
Q:what is the best way to hang a rug?
There are many ways to go about hanging a rug. I will mention my 3 favorite ways: 1. Sew a long and narrow piece of cloth along the top of the rug (sew along the long edges, leaving a pocket that is open on both sides in order to insert a dowel that will keep the rug straight across the top) You could do this to the bottom as well in order to weigh the rug down, making it hang flat against the wall. 2. Sew double-sided velcro along the top of the rug and on the two bottom corners of the rug. Some velcro comes with an adhesive which you would paste onto the wall (or could be attached to a piece of wood that would then be mounted on the wall if the rug is too heavy). 3. Simply sew loops at even distances along the top of the rug which would then be hooked to hooks/nails/etc, attaching the rug to the wall.

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