Best Sale 7800mAh High Quality Portable Power Bank

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Product Description:

Product Description

Best Sale 7800mAh High Quality Portable Power Bank For iPhone/HTC/Samsung

Basic Info

Model No.:FSX-1257
Power Source:Electric
Battery Type:Lithium Polymer
Color:Black, White
Charging Time:2 Hours

Export Markets:Global

Best Sale 7800mAh High Quality Portable Power Bank (FSX-1257)


1. High capatibility with electronic devices
2. IMD craft for the shell, innovative, avoid scratching, beautiful and luxury
3. Built-in proprietary soft ware to control and regulate temperature, voltage and current
4. One control, simple operation
5. High efficiency, and lower static power
6. Long time standby, over 500 circles at least
7. International warranty period: 12 months
This is high capacity power bank with LED light function

Optional accessories

*1X Power Bank
*1X Cable
*1X User Manual
*1X Warranty Card.

Warrantee & After-sale service

1.all of our products give 1 year warranty destroy will be exception
3.after the warrantee time, if we still in cooperation, we will give cost repairment if still can repair.
4.for reducing the cost of our customers, we can supply the materials or tech support to them, help them  fix the problems in their hands.

why choose us

1,We are factory , we can offer you the reasonable price with high quality of product.

2,we committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service

3,We are professional,have AP test device which most factory do not have.

4,Quick communication ,all information would be reply in 24 hours

5,Technology support,we have our own delevoping department

6,Fast delivery

7,We use our private model,if you place order from us ,you have advantage of product design.

8,You'll get the most up-to-date product information available

capacity 7800mah
input 5V/1A
output 5V/2A
size 80*75*22mm
weight 195g
color black,white
standard CE,FCC,RoHS

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