Best Safety 360 Degree Tempered Glass Cat Eyes

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Product Description:

Glass road stud introduction

Our 360 degree glass reflective spike has great crushing resistance,

fuel-efficient, heat-resisting and low temperature resisting advantages.

The steady good quality has won us great reputation.


Glass road stud specification:

Glass road stud size: Diameter 100mm*Height 50mm

Bead : diameter60mm*Height20mm

Other size is available with new mold.

Material: Tempered crystalline silicon glass( Reverse reflection coefficient is

                more than80mcd/LX)

Color: white, blue, green, yellow, red,yellow,brown

Reflective material: silver plated.

Protection material: metal compounds.

Net weight: 500 g ±10

Reflective Angle: 360 ° reflection

Hardness: 170 ±5

Impact resistance: 20 tons -50 tons (as require, and this decides the price mainly)

Weather resistance: > 16280 h

Carton size: 320 mm * 230 mm * 230 mm

Quantity: 24 PCS each carton

Gross/net weight: 13KG/12KG per carton

Glass road stud advantages:

   1.  No dead angle. 360 degree reflecting is good for critical section or complex road warning.

   2.High energy.High visibility even in foggy and misty weather, dark tunnel or black out place.

   3. Special sections.Rough weather resistance, long life, good abrasive resistance. Also can bear the

       rotten of solvent, oil, acid rain or salt fog.




*Could you give me a brief introduction of your company and products?

CNBM Group Company is one of the largest state-owned company in China, established in 1984, headquarter in Beijing, CNBM International is highly recognized by its business partners and clients all over the world and has established good business relationship with the customers in over 160 countries and regions all over the world.

*What is the application of your product?

The applicances are mark corners, off ramps, diversion marking, road narrowing, dangerous sections of road obstacles.

*If I purchase a lot, can you give me a discount ?

Of course,we will make a reasonable  price for you according to your needs.

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Q:What are the eight evils spike
3.: back along the rail direction visually, spike cap is tilted backwards.4.: the vertical crooked rail direction visual spike, the nail rod is tilted to the left direction.5. oblique: the nail bar has only one edge and the rail bottom edge is attached.
Q:What position spike is usually installed in the garage
There's not much notice,Mainly: 1, depending on the size of the garage, to see if you can put in the car.2, depends on whether the developers have the ownership of the garage, which relates to whether you will have the ownership after the purchase.
Q:What is the difference between solar lights and solar spike spike
The difference is that solar spike light more out for environmental considerations, using solar panels to provide stable power self-sufficiency, does not depend on the city cable, suitable for promotion in remote rural areas, solar road stud common monocrystalline silicon solar panel, photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 14%, much higher than the market some inferior by spike polycrystalline silicon solar panel
Q:The road is a few meters distance spike installation a
1.5 meters to 5 meters distance can be accepted, according to their actual point of view. If there is a design unit indicators, according to the design plan to do! We are also selling this piece, not listening to engineering units have this question
Q:LED spike is what it looks like, what's the use of,
Spike size is usually 100mm*100mm*20mm, the highest height of not more than 25mm. There are many reflectors, reflectors, reflective beads, LED light, reflective film and so on. Spike installation General epoxy resin installation. There are a lot of spike classification. According to the material can be divided into: two, aluminum spike, spike; plastic; three, ceramic spike;
Q:(1) Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the use of spike prizing, please draw the diagram in the figure of the labor force, and make the corresponding arm.
(2) focus objects A along the vertical direction to draw a line with an arrow, and is represented by F B; key objects in contact with the ground along the downward direction perpendicular to the ground to draw a line with an arrow, with F said. As shown below:
Q:Screw spike anchorage with sulphur level how much?
In the coarse, diameter less than 2 mm; mud content not greater than 5, sieve, cleaning and drying before preparation. 4, paraffin paraffin wax for general industrial use, before preparation of playing pieces. 5, all kinds of materials shall not be mixed with debris.
Q:The garage with a rectangular outline mark or reflective spike good
Contour standard spike installation installed on the facade to the ground, two combined with the best
Q:To pry pry) with spikes of railroad track spike, O is the fulcrum, make power arm and a resistance arm in a map of it.
(3) starting from the current flowing through the power of the cathode, C to A, so as to make the current flowing through the light bulb, L2 L1 respectively then BD, together, this current will converge at another point, and finally back to the cathode of the power supply, so as to make the L1 and L2 in parallel.
Q:What are the solar spike quality problem?
Solar spike mainly refers to the road without compression by rolling solar spike probability is too high, the cause is 1, solar spike structure is compressive,

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