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        Best  quality usb multi charge cable  

This USB Multi charge cable is a USB data cable and charger, that comes with 7 mobile phones convertors. This 16 Connector USB Multi Charge Cable Travel Charger allows you to recharge all portable gaming and music devices as well as most mobile phones. Further more, allows you to downloading movies, music and all your favorite photos from your computer to devices such as iPod 'Sony PSP' as well as most digital cameras and MP3/MP4 players. Compact and light in weight, with so many kinds of charges for daily life, it's really very convenient for you when you're travelling.


Allows you to recharge all portable gaming and music devices as well as most mobile phones
Allows you to downloading movies, music and all your favorite photos from your computer to devices such as iPod, Sony PSP as well as most digital cameras and MP3/MP4 Players
Data and recharge cable for HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Palm and other phones that use mini USB
Data and recharge cable for iPod and iPhone
Recharge cable for GBA SP or NDS
Recharge cable for Nintendo DS Lite
Recharge cable for Sony PSP
Mobile Phone Link


The following connectors are included:
   1. Micro-USB,
   2. Samsung,
   3. LG-1,
   4. Sony Ericsson,
   5. Nokia 1,
   6. Nokia 2,
   7. Motorola 1,
   8. Motorola 2,
   9. mini USB for HTC/Blackberry/Palm & other devices that use this connector,
  10. iPod/iPhone 3G 3GS,  This connector can be used for synchronising the iphone with itunes.
  11. GBA SP or NDS
  12. Nintendo DSi (NEw)
  13. Nintendo DS Lite
  14. Sony PSP
  15. USB2.0
  16. Mobile Phone


Mobile Phones Compatible list:

Compatible with:


NK01-Nokia mobile phones with 2mm Round-pin:




NK02 cable-Nokia moblie phones with 3.5mm round:





SE01-Sony Ericsson mobile phones with wide connector




SA02-Samsung: SGH-F250,F488,G609,G808,i458,i909,Omnia,L768.

MT01(Min-USB)-HTC: Touch Diamond, Touch Pro. Touch Cruise, Touch Dual, Touch Viva.

Asus: M530w,P320,P528,P526,P535,P550,P750.

Motorola mobile phone:


K1,L7,L72,maxx K3,max V3,U6,Ug,V3.

Blackberry: 300,8310,8320,8708g,870v,8800,8820,Pearl 8100Pearl 8120,Bold 900.

Golfish: M500,M700,M800,XS00,X600,X800.

Gsmart: i-series,MW998,t600,MS-series.

Sony Ericsson: x1xPeria.

HP: lpaq512,612,912,rw682,802.

Atom: Atom Pure, Xsa Atom, Xda AtomLife, Xda Flame, Xda Stealth, Xda Zinc.

MT02(Micro- USB)-Nokia:8600Luna,8800Arte,Carbone Arte, Sapphire Arte,8800Sirocco,Sirocco Gold,

Prism-series,6500 Classic

Motorola: Voyager 855 stereo bluetooth  Headset

LG01-LG: KF700,KM380T,KM501,KM710,KS20,KT520,KU250,KU380,KU970Shine,KU990 Viewty,


SA01-Samsung: SCH-F609,SCH-F639,SCH-S209,SCH-S209,SCH-S299,SCH-S399,SGH-B289,SGH-


E958,Z368,Z728,X838.psp-Sony PSP, Kodak camera.IPSG-ipod/iphone series.




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Q:HIS RADEON 3850? Power Cable?
There If your PSU has a 6-pin PCIe power plug, you plug that in there. If your PSU does not have a 6-pin PCIe power plug, use the 4-molex adapter that came with your HD3850. And I disagree with the post above-- You DO NOT need a 500W PSU to run the HD3850. The HD3850 draws a paltry 75 watts maximum. As long as you have a typical dual-core system with 1 HDD + 1 ODD, you can run that HD3850 with just a 300W PSU. I'm running the more powerful 3870 (faster-clocked version of the 3850) on just a Seasonic S12-360W PSU and it works flawlessly.
Q:can you use a standard molex power cable on a SATA HD or do you have to use a SATA power cable to power it?
depends on the drive.. sometimes a drive will have a 4 pin molex and a SATA power plug.. most newer drives will be SATA only though
Q:I have a sony laptop #4-636-689-01 model PCG-179 but it doesn't have power cables. where do I buy it?
Q:How do I repair a Ribbon Power Cable for a Playstation 2 Power/Eject Ribbon Cable?
Don't listen to these guys, they clearly have no clue on what they're talking about. I am a developer at Microsoft so I know a thing or two about computers. Install it, hit run and problem solved. It shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes.
Electrocution is created by the passage of electric current through living organs. A bird sitting on a 400 KV power line is charged at 400 KV but it takes a *potential difference* to cause current to flow. As the bird is only touching one side of the 400 KV line there is no potential difference across the bird therefore no current flows thru it. Hence bird isn't electrocuted.
Q:Where can I find a power cable for an Ultra monitor? 8 pin round?
Sounds like you need a standard S-Video Cable, available just about anywhere. We can get them locally at the 99cent only store, walmart, target, ect
Q:Does all the power supply has the pci-e cable?
No, lower wattage PSU (typically less than 400 watts) generally do not ace PCI-E power cables as PSU's with that low a wattage typically aren't used in gaming PCs. The Vostro 260 came with a 300 watt PSU and almost certainly does not have a PCI-E power cable. Contrary to what Peter suggests. That computer does have a PCI-E slot. If you have a the mini-tower case you can fit a full sized discrete video card. If you have the SFF case then you're limited to low profile cards, and the PSU is a non-standard sized 250 watt unit. You're probably going to have to upgrade the PSU if you want to get new video card. Also, at best this computer has a Sandy Bridge i5 CPU, with the Pentium and i3 being more common. If you have the Pentium or i3 CPU, then you're only going to want mid-range or cheaper video card, as anything faster than say a GTX 1050 / GTX 960 or Radeon RX 470 or R9 380 will be bottlenecked by the older CPU.
Q:Aqaurium filter, power cable submerged?
Yes you can submerge it and it's safe. On a side note, those filters are very weak, if you have it on a tank of the size it's intended for, it's probably inadequate.
Q:Computer Power Supply?
It is actually cheaper to buy a new pc than upgrade a lot of parts. One problem is that a lot of new pcs come with only 300 or 350w power supplies. You can order a good pc at Cyberpower, Inc. and choose your parts, then they will build it. I have 2 of their pcs and like them both a lot.
Q:What kind of material should be selected for the fixing bracket of the cable trunking
2.5 square copper (green, with the threading tube) theory will be able to withstand about 20A current, consider the pipe, temperature and other factors, so according to the actual can withstand about 3 kilowatts of power. In fact the 2.5MM2 copper wire is generally open 16A can withstand about 3.4 kilowatts of power.

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