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Tyre Flap features: high quality flap, various sizes, timely delivery will satisfy you

Tyre Flap

We are one of the biggest and professional tyre manufacturers in China, manufacturing nearly one thousand sizes of tyres with high-quality and competitive prices

1. Tenslile strength: 7mpa, 8mpa, 10mpa, 13mpa, 14.7mpa

2. Elongation rate: 380% 400% 450% 500%

3. Packing: Weaving bags and cartons

4. Material: Butyl and natutal rubber


26.5-25 23.5-25 20.5-25 17.5-25 1400-24 1600-24 1300-24 1200-24 1100-20 1200-20

900-20 1000-20 900-16 700-16 750-16 825-16 700-15 750-15

Pls check the technical data FOR FLAP

1. Tensile strength: 5MPA, 7MPA, 10MPA

2. Packing: Weaving bag and carton

3. Material: Natural rubber

We can also add an iron piece.

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Q:How long does the car tire need to cheer? Where should I play?
Friends, the general tire pressure is a week to check once the general method of checking the air pressure is to use barometer to measure the pressure, and now the tires are vacuum tires, the eyes are not easy to see.It is recommended that you go to Auto Parts City to buy a barometer, Also about 30 yuan. Need to add gas, then you can go to the car beauty shop and tire store, you can add air pressure.
Q:Will you master, car tires to add a few pressure is generally the best pressure
Hello tires are generally added 2.5
Q:Online shopping car tires how to identify good or bad
And try not to buy cheap tires that they think are good tires. Some businesses will sell those cut tires or refurbished tires, so do not buy every time when the tire where to say where the child is cheaper, in fact, many customers do not know in fact cheap people have cheap reasons. So you can not always lose money, would rather spend some time to buy a regular tire to use. That would be very practical.
Q:What is the meaning of the 91V above the car tires?
91v is the load factor and tire speed, indicating that the tire load 615 kg; speed of not more than 240 km per hour.
Q:How do car tires break?
Car tires meet one of the following conditions need to be replaced: 1, travel 3 years or 6-8 million km; 2, the tread below the life line 1.6 mm; 3, tires were tied more than 4 tires; 5, the tread is tied to the diameter of more than 4mm tires; 6, the shoulder was tied tires.
Q:Car tires no gas, but also open it?
For bicycles, electric cars and motorcycles, after the puncture can be slow forward or implementation. Because the tire is not gas, the tire deflated if the high-speed operation, then its action trajectory is not a straight line. It is difficult to grasp the direction, easy to accident. Car, then the same, after the puncture is difficult to stop the steering wheel. Especially in front of a tire burst.
Q:What tires for winter ?
sophisticated subject. look from the search engines. this will help!
Q:1999 Ford F150 super cab New Tires?
Some people's got no idea what they're saying.. At the tire shop they will be able to tell you how wide you can go.. 295 for sure.. maybe more.. A vehicle that's got wider tires it's got more surface on the road so it will waste more gas but nothing serious and let say you gonna go on a long trip you just rise the tire pressure and that's it, wider tires in a rear wheel drive truck like yours will give you more traction which is awesome and you should have not that wide tires in the front so you get better cornering and such, 255 front 295 rear.. following the tire size from factory it's only for people that's got no idea what's going on and also the factory it's always looking to minimize expenses when making a car unless it's a performance vehicle.. now related to snow or rain well.. as long as u have 65% thread on it you will be fine.
Q:How to tie a car tire?
The side of the tires is the thinnest and the bad can not be repaired with the knife on the side of the tires.
Q:Car tires have no inner tube in the appearance of how to distinguish?
You can look at the sideways of the specifications.

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