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Tyre Flap features: high quality flap, various sizes, timely delivery will satisfy you

Tyre Flap

We are one of the biggest and professional tyre manufacturers in China, manufacturing nearly one thousand sizes of tyres with high-quality and competitive prices

1. Tenslile strength: 7mpa, 8mpa, 10mpa, 13mpa, 14.7mpa

2. Elongation rate: 380% 400% 450% 500%

3. Packing: Weaving bags and cartons

4. Material: Butyl and natutal rubber


26.5-25 23.5-25 20.5-25 17.5-25 1400-24 1600-24 1300-24 1200-24 1100-20 1200-20

900-20 1000-20 900-16 700-16 750-16 825-16 700-15 750-15

Pls check the technical data FOR FLAP

1. Tensile strength: 5MPA, 7MPA, 10MPA

2. Packing: Weaving bag and carton

3. Material: Natural rubber

We can also add an iron piece.

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Q:Tires For Aircraft Descriptions?
Most airplane tires are not rated for mud snow.
Q:Tire Workouts?!?
Flip the tire the length of a football field and have your buddy flip it back. Repeat until one of you can't make it. Get on your knees, with the tire between you and your buddy. Push the tire over onto him, he has to catch it and push it back onto you. Repeat until one of you is killed by the tire. Stand inside tire, lift tire until it is over your head. If you can't get all the way up, person who gets it the highest, wins. Throw tire off a cliff. Get tire back to top of cliff. Throw self off of cliff in tire. Survive. That last one was funny to me anyway. Hope it helped.
Q:What is the role of car tires?
1 to provide driving force, 2 to provide braking force, 3 buffer impact force
Q:How do car tires stop using scrapped?
Tire life is generally 2-3 years or driving 6-10 million km or so. Tape depth should be changed at 1.6mm (minimum wear). More than the shelf life of the tires (especially spare tire, spare tire life is roughly 3 years), the overall performance has declined
Q:Tire Fitting Question?
The tires will fit your rims, but will be a little taller. if you want to know what those #'s and letters mean, the P indicates the tire is meant for normal passenger car or truck use. The 235 is the width of the tire, in mm, measured from one bead to the other at the point where the tire meets the rim. The 75 (or 70) is the height of the sidewall, expressed as a percentage of the tires width (235/75 means the height of the sidewall is 176.25mm) The R indicates that the tire is a radial, and the 15 means a 15 inch wheel. So go ahead and try the tires, just make sure to turn the wheels all the way in both directions to see if the tires hit anything BEFORE driving the car.
Q:What is the difference between a car tire and an ordinary car tire model?
LT is a light truck-type tires are also good yo thickening is the level of increase are generally 6-8 level for 185 / 65R14 also depends on the level of yo there is the carrying level, such as the number is 84T-90H number more The higher carrying capacity (500-600kg) T and H are the speed level on the line (190-210km / h)
Q:New Car Tires?
aH..... Thinking of going over to the Dark Side you are. Automobile tires are made with a much stiffer rubber. They have a flatter profile. If you ride mostly upright and put 20,000 miles or so a year on your motorcycle you may consider crossing over to the Dark Side. With an automobile tire you will get many more miles out of the tire. The cost, there is *always* a cost, is that you will have relatively pitiful handling. A motorcycle tire, in a turn, keeps a large contact on the road. A car tire, in a turn, will lift most of the tread off the road and you will be riding on just the edge corner of the tire. You lose a lot of cornering traction. But if you don't push it, don't lean far in the wet, you will most likely be OK. If I had a touring bike that spent 99% of it's time upright on the Interstate I would likely be on car tires. Instead, I ride city, regularly scrape pegs, ride in wet, over painted lines and steel manhole covers. I don't give up my safety to save a few bucks on a tire. I run Metzelers.
Q:Is the car tires easy to ignite?
Relatively easy to be lit, and now most of the main components of automotive tire materials is natural rubber or synthetic rubber, natural rubber, superior performance than synthetic rubber, so the use of high-grade tires natural rubber. In order for the rubber to have the required properties for the manufacture of the tire, it is necessary to penetrate the different chemical materials, namely chemical additives, in the rubber. One of the most important additives added is carbon black, because carbon has a special adsorption, carbon particles and rubber molecules are very good adhesion, making the rubber to enhance the hardness, strength and wear resistance. As the carbon black and rubber are essentially the same, the main material from the car tires is actually a composite of rubber and carbon black.
Q:Tire Pressure?
Wow, That guy claims to be ASE Master Certified for 16 years, but doesn't even know how to set tire pressure properly?!? ALWAYS set to the manufacturer recommended tire pressures with the tires cold. Best is in the morning before you have driven the vehicle. You should not drive the vehicle before setting the tire pressure to the manufacturer recommended setting! Check the tires cold, not hot. Set them to the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures that are posted on the tire information sticker on the door jamb. Igonore the tire's markings for pressures, those are for the tire only, and not for the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturer spent loads of money to test the vehicle and figure out what the best tire pressure would be for vehicle stability, fuel mileage, tire wear, and ride comfort. Changing from the recommended pressure can result in decreasing the stability of the vehicle, and increased tire wear. Sure, you can get a better ride by lowering the pressure, or increased fuel mileage by increasing the pressure, but is it worth risking losing control of the vehicle and getting into an accident for a lttle extra comfort, or a little bit of extra fuel mileage? Tires are a MAJOR safety component of the vehicle as they're the only thing that keeps the vehicle on the road! DO NOT MESS WITH CHANGING IT! Your life could depend on it! (Not to mention other people's lives!)
Q:Tyres Technical construction?

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