Best Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion Line

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Product Description:

Product Description

This production line is mainly used for the production of sorts of PVC flooring leather and PVC waterproof rolls. 


Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:The machine and spare parts will be packed with wooden boxes
Delivery Detail:75 days after receiving the buyer's downpayment or L/C



1.PE/PVC/TPO geomembrane waterproof sheet extrusion line 

2.CE certificate 
3.Siemense PLC controller,ABB inverter 


PVC flooring leather products have features such as wear-resistance, erosion-proof, skid resistance, seepage-proofing, antiflaming, etc. It is widely used for haulage motor, hotel, restaurant, amusing hall, exhibition hall, houses, etc. 


PVC water proof rolls can be applied well for water proof of various roofing in industry and construction, etc; and construction water proof project in basement, reservoir, waste water treatment, etc.



Equipment list



Conical twin screw extruder 

1 set


Conical twin screw extruder 

1 set


Co-extrusion T type mold and distributor

1 set


Three roller calendaring machine

1 set


Roller temperature controller

1 set


Cooling conveying bridge with trimming device

1 set


Rubber rollers haul off machine and automatic cutter

1 set


Automatic winder

1 set


Electrical control system

1 set


high speed cooling mixer

1 set


high speed cooling mixer

1 set


Depicting roller ( shall be ordered separately)


 product show

Best Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion LineBest Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion LineBest Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion LineBest Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion LineBest Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion LineBest Quality Three-layer PVC Waterproof Extrusion Line





*Q: What’s the price of this machine please?

*A: Dear customer, for each kind of our machines, we have lots of models.

Generally speaking, we design the production lines according to 

different requirements of different machines from different customers. 

Therefore, the prices are different. So please kindly inform us your requirements. 

For example, the raw material, the output product size, capacity and etc. 

The more detailed, the better. Our Engineers will design a suitable production line for you. 

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