Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood

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Specifications of the Best Quality  Deep Carbonized Birch Wood





Be customized as per request


Deep carbonized

Moisture content



 most outdoor using


A Grade


Standard exporting package



Features and Advantages of the Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


1. Deep Carbonized Birch is very suitable for outdoor using

2. Waterproof, Sun-proof, Rot-proof, Fungi-proof

3. The size and the color can be customized according to your request

4. Treated by deep carbonized

5. Eco-friendly, no harm to the air, the plants, the humans

6. Are able to make the timber from the damage of the insects

7. Advanced flame retardent techinics



High quality and great service of the Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


Our company is professtional in this products, we have professional team to ensure the quality of

 the products and the exact shipping date of the order.



The usage and characteristics  of the Best Quality Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


The deep carbonized birch is the good materials to make outdoor flooring,  fence, wood

house, outdoor furniture ,sauna room and bathroom etc.   At present, it's the most enviromental

antiseptic lotion in the world.  The wood products treated with deep carbonized is durable and

prolonging the life of usage. Carbonized wood is with  the deep wood grain, dark  color and

wood fragrance.



Packing and Delivery of the Best Quality  Deep Carbonized Birch Wood


Packing : standard exporting packing

Delivery: standard shipping time based on the country



The following pictures are for reference.






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Q:Outdoor antiseptic wood floor installation process how to do ah? The
2, preservative wood, is the ordinary wood after adding chemical preservatives, so that it has anti-corrosion, moisture, anti-fungal, pest control, mildew and waterproof and other characteristics. Can be directly exposed to the soil and humid environment, often used in outdoor flooring, engineering, landscape, wood preserves, etc., for people to rest and enjoy the natural beauty, outdoor flooring, landscape, wooden swing, recreational facilities, , By the horticultural designers of all ages, but with the development of science and technology, anti-corrosion wood has been very environmentally friendly, it is also often used in interior decoration, flooring and furniture, interior decoration designers are also very fond of preservative wood.
Q:Balcony shop Taobao buy antiseptic wood floor
Antiseptic wood installed on the best brush on the wood so that the service life will increase; clean is convenient, but it is best not to rinse with water after brushing the oil directly with the mop can hope to help you
Q:Suspension Bridge above the shop's anti-corrosion wood Hanzhong where to sell?
Yes, to the stainless steel frame on the hole with the first anti-corrosion wood block fixed, above the shop anti-corrosion wood! Or anti-corrosion board with stainless steel frame connection is not strong! I wish you a happy life
Q:Antistatic wooden door should be how to install
The appearance of the glass curtain wall with the connection of the pawl is transparent, and the interior space and the outdoor environment are fused due to the lack of wall and good lighting.
Q:What is the effect of leaving a gap on the installation of antiseptic wood flooring?
And now for the interior design is unique, for the installation of indoor flooring the use of anti-wood flooring more and more. But whether it is anti-corrosion wood with the economy continues to improve, and now all walks of life are constantly developing innovation, especially for the construction industry, the development is very fast. And now for the interior design is unique, for the installation of indoor flooring the use of anti-wood flooring more and more.
Q:Antiseptic wood material wholesale price how much money cubic
This look at what you want the material hardwood antiseptic wood price 3000 + / cubic, pine, then a lot cheaper, about 1500 or so, Shanghai fine Luo industrial antiseptic wood manufacturers warm you!
Q:What is the size of the antiseptic pavilion?
The size of this pavilion can be made according to the needs of users; Anticorrosive wood pavilion is made of preservative wood, antiseptic wood is the wood after a special anti-corrosion treatment, with anti-rotten, anti-termite, anti-fungal effect. It is used for outdoor wood flooring, and can be used directly in contact with water and soil. It is outdoor wood flooring, landscaped floor, outdoor wood platform, terrace floor, outdoor plank road and other outdoor preservative Preferred material.
Q:How many years can antiseptic wood?
Afraid of wood spread out, before the soil can reinforce yourself. I feel as long as the screw no rust should be no problem.
Q:Antiseptic wood can generally be used for many years
And the quality of the relevant fake and anti-corrosion wood life can hardly play a preservative effect, its service life of two or three years, let alone environmental protection; regular anti-corrosion normal life of more than 30 years
Q:Pineapple grid antiseptic wood price is not expensive, how much money a cubic
Price in the 10000-18000 yuan per cubic, this depends on the material production and grade. Indonesia is better, followed by Africa, again Malaysia pay attention to the pineapple grid fake a lot, do not covet too cheap cheap ultra-low only the counterfeit or the company has problems (such as the collapse of ... ...)

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