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Name95% ZrO2 yttria stabilized zirconia ball,zirconia bead,ceramic ball
ApplicationStructure Ceramic,pigment,brick  etc.
MaterialZrO2 94.5% Y2O3 5.25%
Finishedmachine made




Compressive strength>=2250
Hardness mohs>=9
Volume density>=3.60g/cm3
Specific density>=6.02g/cm3
Water absorptivity<=0.01%
Equivalent abrasion<=0.01%
Color of productwhite

Compared with the traditional grinding media,

the zirconia ball has high density,hardness,

which provide it higher grinding efficiency than

the traditional grinding medium.High-wearing

zirconia grinding medium can protect materials

from pollution and guard against chemical corrosion

to shorten the useful time of grinding medium.




Electronic Industry: piezo ceramics, inductor materials, capacitor ceramics 

and semiconductor ceramics, etc.

Battery Industry: LiCoO2 materials, etc.

Chemical Industry: paint, printing ink, pigment and so on.

Ceramic Industry: refractory materials, glaze, zirconium silicate, structural ceramics, etc.

Others: food, medicine, cosmetics, etc.






CertificateISO9001:2008, WIFFA
Production capacityfactory, 10000ton/year
Export qualificationyes
Main export area

Europe,Southeast Asia,Japan,Korea,

Middle East,North Africa and etc.

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Q:What is the difference between forging parts and casting parts?
The forging can guarantee the continuity of the metal fiber tissue, make the fiber structure of the forging keep the same shape as the forging, the metal streamline is complete, the tissue is compact, and the mechanical property is good. To ensure that the object has good mechanical properties and long service life, the processing of objects sharp, durable, high strength, first-class quality.
Q:How to judge whether the casting is qualified?
For example, the castings shall be in accordance with the requirements of the second types of castings in the technical requirements for aluminum alloy castings of GB/T9438-1999;
Q:What do you mean by "proofing" in the casting? Do you charge for the proofing?
Proofing refers to making the first sample to confirm to the customer
Q:Casting parts in rocker arm drilling, reaming, roughness, block.
The finish of reaming depends on the material and the sharpness of the reamer, as well as the speed and speed of the top and bottom. Marine machine tool
Q:Where is the precision casting factory?
Shandong, DongyingThe birthplace of precision casting
Q:How to collect exothermic process of casting blank?
General Casting Factory Casting Division will be in your chart marked on shrinkage and processing margin figure (usually with red and green pen) to the patternmaker production of wood or other material mould diagram.
Q:What is the casting material?
Kdl1588n said in detail, casting a lot of material, steel, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, etc. can be, valuable, as well as gold and silver, the most common on cast steel and cast iron, cast aluminum and so on.
Q:How can the casting be free of trachoma?
Measures for the prevention of trachoma in castings:1, sand compaction to high, paint two times;
Q:Casting parts by shot blasting, spray painting, baking after the formation of very small rust spots, how to solve ah?
The first process is very important. Shot blasting must be thorough. The solution is to wipe the surface of the paint with a release. Re shot
Q:What are the casting parts processing engineering?
According to the classification of process methods, sand casting and special casting.

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